On May 25th, SHINee celebrated their fourth anniversary since debut and in celebration, Minho snapped a picture of the members and left a message on the group’s me2day.

He wrote, “We turned four today.” He took a shot of himself holding up four fingers, and though Minho’s cute expression caught the eyes of netizens, his group members gained attention as well. After all, the group members are sitting in one line in the airplane (perhaps taken from their flight from Korea to Japan for their concert) and the members are busily minding their own business. Quite the fun shot!

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i hope they stay together forever <3

Minho’s so adorable and I love how everyone else is just doing their own thing and not paying attention!!! XD

I like Minho’s fingers in that picture.

Lol that sounded really weird

haha.... how cute ^_^

lol everyone is on their phones raspberry i bet u jong and key were texting each other LOL ;P

I don’t think any of the others noticed they were taking the picture, lol. It’s still really cute though <3

They are so cute!
Happy 4th Birthday SHINee!!! lol

oppa we are also happy

Happy 4th anniversary SHINee~! smile Aw. Their so cute even when their not trying. smile Minho~~!

Lol minho being cute, JongKey playing on their phones and OnTae staring into space… I love shinee and happy 4th to them!! <3

Wow can’t believe it’s been 4 years already!

QTs :3
Happy 4th anniversary guise ^^

4 already?! time has gone by! 

It’s so cute of Minho to be excited while all the others are all minding their own business. smile) I wonder what Taemin and Onew are looking at? 

Minho is so cute~~

Minho’s soooo cute!!

JongKey looked very serious… smile

JongKey so antisocial xP

Hehhe Cute Minho^^
JongKey busy with their phones! Hehehhe :D

hehehe Minho’s so cute :D
the other members look adorable immersed in their own business too XD <3
chukahahaeyo SHINee!! ^O^ cheers to many more years to come~

Aww Minho’s so adorable :D JongKey I command you to look at each other

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