Soloist IU has been busy preparing for her first solo concert Real Fantasy, which is set to kick off on June 2nd, and she recently appeared on the May 25th episode of Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.

Those present were in for a real treat as IU showed off her adorable swag as she danced to Rain’s Rainism. This short cover was actually a preview for her upcoming concert as she hinted that she would unveiling her dance skills that haven’t been seen before.

Isn’t she just adorable? IU just looks so embarrassed at the end!

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Aww, she looked so embarrassed at the end and she looked like she wanted to burst out laughing when she was dancing xDD

IU is forever so cute :D

love how she cutely smiles the whole way through!!~~~ sssssooooo sweet!
she is adorkable i like her <3

haha… IU unnie is adorable

LOL! XD She looks so cute! ^_^

OMG. She did it.

tat is such an adorable swag

haha thats so cute

lol so cute n she’s embarrassed xD

Haha, that was adorable!!! She couldn’t keep a straight face through out it!!

No matter what she does, it’s still cute in my eyes ;A;
I wanna see her dance more~

hehehehe she can’t stop smiling!  It’s so cute!!!!

She got some moves! SWAGGG~ =DD
Her cuteness is stil seeping through! <3

LOL she is still so cute ~!

this is super cute, love the way she shyly laughs through the dance, very adorable :D

i love the way she laughs.. LOL!
she’s soooo cute!

ahh, she’s adorable <3

She is so adorable, I think she is preparing some dance for her concert.

IU, why are you so cute?

It’s funny cz she keeps laughing haha xD

lol, she’s too cute for this. XD

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