Simon D recently sat down for Mnet’s “Vol. TEN” and on the show, the Supreme Team member revealed that his biggest regret of his 20s was turning down IU’s offer.

Apparently, IU had asked Simon D to be featured in one of her songs, but it was right after he released his track, “Nagging” and he turned it down. He explained, “I had to turn down the offer because I was so busy. Now I feel so bad that I can’t even talk to her.”

As a result Im Jin Mo and Jung In began nagging him. Im Jin Mo said, “rejecting a request from IU is worse than disobeying an order from your parents.”

Jung In then chimed in and said, “Simon D, You’re quite amazing to have rejected IU.”

Simon D then added, “I also think it is my biggest mistake in my 20s.”

Awww that’s too bad. I hope they will release something together at some point. I think they would release an amazing track!


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Aww, may be some time in the future he’ll get to work with her again smile

hope IU sees this and asks him again to work together that would be awesome, it’s understandable since he himself was busy!

Aww man! That would suck, I’m a girl and I would love to work with her. But I can understand where he is coming from.

“Now I’m so sorry that I can’t even talk to her.”
^^I find that really touching~
AWW, it would’ve been interesting to see Simon D and IU in a song! 

Aww, poor guy!  Who would reject IU?!  She’s too cute and sweet to not work with!

aw, simon XP
hopefully the chance will come again :<
that would be suuuch an awesome collab.
lol, jin mo & jung in.

awww don’t be too down, Simon-oppa!
IU won’t hold it against you; maybe you could try asking her to collaborate this time around? ^^

awww...... it would’ve been interesting yet fun
hwaiting… maybe in the future soon

I can’t really imagine IU and Simon D but it would have been nice to hear new things. I hope they can try to make a collab again smile

wow that would have been a great collab! too bad it didn’t happen ^^;;

Aww poor Simon ;( it’s not the end of the world, I’m sure IU will ask after this.

Awww… Poor Simon.

Haha poor Ssamdi lol hopefully he gets another offer soon

Poor Simon.... Hope IU knows this interview…
Simon D has reasonable excuse why he turn down the offer…

wow. that would have been awesome. too bad he rejected it.. 

awwww :( Maybe they can do a collab in the future! <3

haha. i still hope they’d do a collab son smile

Aw he must be sad , that was I guess the best offer !!

Aww poor Simon D. Maybe those two can release a track together sometime in the future

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