BIG BANG has revealed the 2nd MV teaser for their “MONSTER” MV, and this time it’s G-Dragon’s turn to…turn into a blonde mushroom?

BIG BANG revealed the new teaser through their youtube channel showing their leader wandering through an underground tunnel, and going a bit crazy. This time with a blonde mushroom on top of his head though.

“Still Alive” will release on itunes on June 3rd along with the MV, and the album will hit stores on June 6th.

Source BIGBANG YouTube

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Haha, This hairstyle is so cute! Haha. x)

hahaha this style makes me laugh XD
even though it looks oddly good on him…
G-Dragon-oppa is the super-hairstyle king! ^^

I love how every hairstyle suits him! ^_^

Haha, I just wanna pick him xD = Pick the mushroom tee her

Ok, I ship. lol everything just seems to suit him smile

GD always surprise us witth his hairstyle~~

His mushroom hair and his pierced lips are definitely awesome!!
I actually expect the red hair.. But then, it’s GD...expect the unexpected..Haha!


GD and his crazy hairstyles <3

His hair is...something else!! Wasn’t expecting it at all, and I kinda hope he doesn’t keep it.

I wonder how he can see through that hair… But oh well! It’s G-Dragon. He always manages to pull off anything. ^^

lmaoo I never would of thought seeing GD with hair like this, but you can’t never be surprised of how many hairstyles he has had XD Truthfully, I don’t like it that much, but that’s what I thought at first with his ‘seaweed’ hair and it kind of grew on me (with those fun colors like pink at the tip or yellow)… so you never know.
Can’t wait to see the whole thing, though! 

woah.... haha… nice
taemin oppa is such a cute mushroom head

y does gd always have to make a comeback with weird hair style? it covers his good looks :(
though the mushroom kinda remind me of taemin

Ohmigosh you can’t even see his eyes!

OMG big mushroom!

OMG GD, ahhh love it still lol

reminded me of ren and taemin lol oh! and toad from mario kart lol

this whole 2012 year...i havent liked his hair at all :$

As much as I love GD, I don’t love his hair

i actually like his hair!

I am not sure what is going on with him mentally at this point.  The hair changes are becoming a bit much.  He is a modern day male version of Lady Gaga....**SHRUGS**

can’t wait to watch it, don’t know what to think about the hair hehe

I love the flow of it. It’s like a hair commercial.

I just hate mushroom/bowl cuts - sorry, not even GD can make it look good to me :( But I’m excited for Monster! xD

I will forever and always be amazed by his hairstyles!
(Though I should be use to them by now!

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