Well…she wasn’t supposed to be introduced until later but Star News kind of “let the cat out of the bag” last week. So Core Contents Media is introducing T-ara’s ninth member, Dani.

Dani, who turns 14 this year, has lived in the U.S. since she was 4. She is 167 cm (about 5′ 5″) and has been compared to Olivia Hussey in terms of looks. She will be joining T-ara in December while the eighth member will begin promoting with T-ara on July 7th. However, you’ll be able to see Dani in the girls’ upcoming MV.

According to Core Contents Media, Dani wants to practice more before joining the group so she doesn’t harm the group in any way.

Check out Dani’s photos below.

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she is so tall for her age...im only 5 feet and 15 years old

she’s pretty but too young
t-ara is good the way they are
y add two younger ones in the group
aww.... hwaiting

Wow, she’s really pretty! And she’s so young!!!! She must have a lot of talent!!!

Good luck to her; things are going to be so tough for the poor kid, what with joining an already-established group, not being very close to the older girls, and being so young. Hope things work out for her <3

T-ara are amazing as they are though T-T”
Well I hope she fits in well with them anyways ^^ Good luck to her ^^

psh, why cant i be in a girl group then ehhh? im obviously way older than her T_T

But people eventually came to appreciate Hwayoung and “accepted” her as a part of T-ara. I wish Dani the best in her training and I hope she won’t overshadow other members…

She is pretty, but she’s also pretty young!~
CCM should let her train for bout a year and let her debut with 5dolls; they’re more “age-appropriate” for her.
“Dani wants to practice more before joining the group so she doesn’t harm the group in any way.”
^^I’m glad she thinks in that sort of mind frame, but I don’t think many people will accept her in T-ara. Sorry, but that’s just my opinion~

She’s pretty! Despite people’s negative comments i will go for the positive!! i wanna see if she’s talented or not smile Can’t wait to see her!

turning 14, meaning shes only 13?
girl, go to school and get your qualifications!
she loooooks reallly young as well! 

Way too young! To me she looks like Seungri & Krystal. What is CCM thinking? T__T

omg see so young!!!

She kinda looks like a cross between female Seungri(from Big Bang!) and Krystal (f(x)) to me:D I mean this in the nicest way! It gives her a more mature look than a 14 year old.

I feel bad for her and T-ara. She probably would have had an easier time just waiting a year or so and debuting with a different group. She must be a phenomenal singer to be put into T-ara - either that or they just want the attention from her age and won’t give her any screen time. I think everyone is losing out with this new member additions. I hope that everyone comes out of this okay, both the new members and T-ara. I hope I can be proved wrong and that they will be welcomed but considering I think this is a horrible decision and I am not even a T-ara fan, how will the legitimate T-ara fans feel?

honestly, my thoughts after hearing this news was i don’t give a damn. seriously, they keep adding members together with the negative publicities, i WAS a fan but i’m kinda losing interest in them now.

she is really too young

She is kinda mature for her age because she think about doing more training before her debut.
I wish her best luck but I hope she will be last member to be added

Honestly why do they keep adding members to T-ara and 14? isn’t she a bit young for the group? They should debut her in another group that is around her age. 

I’m not even going to comment.

hope she’s gonna blend in fine with the rest of the group! and that the age difference won’t cause any problem, but I wish her the best of luck smile

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