SHINee’s Jonghyun had quite the close call this weekend as he almost had to go to the airport shirtless.

Jonghyun left a series of tweets (that he has actually deleted since) that chronicled his mishap and his hilarious story.

“I’m going to Tokyo. I sent my luggage off to the airport first and the members are going right on time for the plane departure. I washed up and wore the pants and shoes I put out earlier. I held up my t-shirt to wear it, but the t-shirt turned out to be a towel. This is bad. I don’t have a shirt to wear. An airport fashion deserving of an award might be seen.”

“Do I have to go wearing the gown provided by the hotel?”

“Or should I wear this like a boss and go? My eyes are sweating.”

“The problem is that my eyes are bad. Ah, my god… It was definitely a t-shirt….”

“I, who have made people laugh through my tweet in this situation, am a true humanitarian.”

“A fan must have been worried about me at the airport and gave me a Chopper shirt as a present. ”

“I stole Taemin’s clothes. Ty Taemin”

“This is the shirt I was going to wear. It was stuffed inside my luggage.”

Just leave it to Jonghyun to amuse fans with his stories, eh? Good thing he found a shirt to wear, though!

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I wouldn’t have mind if he went shirtless to the airport XD

awww poor jonghyun XDD but i can tell you now, fans would not have been disappointed if he decided to go shirtless. 

hahaha this is hilarious XD
Jonghyun-oppa, don’t freak yourself out too quickly XD
the fan and Taemin are both so sweet ^^
this would have been a very funny scandal XD

aww taemin being a good dongsaeng lol oh jonghyun. that’s why whenever i absolutely need to set my clothes beforehand i hand it up so that i can be absolutely sure that i’ve got all the clothes i need lol

aw thats so funny..glad he got a shirt after to wear

aww poor Jonghyun haha he should have worn the robe and wen to the airport like a boss.

HAHAHA. What a great story. He should have gone shirtless. XD jkjk

LOL, aww, poor Jonghyun.  So lucky to have a fan who cared.

Hes so hilarious omg (’:

Taemin’s shirt?? :D I thought you’re just going to steal one of Kibum’s shirts :D

hahahahha only jjong.<3 XD

fans (&taemin;) to the rescue^^

hehe so adorable raspberry can he even get more awesome, jonghyun probably can raspberry

He’s getting funnier by the day :DD

hahahhaa, this guy is so funny

Ahahahaha aww Jjong!! xD

LOL Jonghyun, that would’ve been priceless to see. XD

LOL of all things. Only Jonghyun could forget a shirt and end up with two others XD

Hahaha!! It could have only happened to Jonghyun!! XD

I ccracked up when he said that he should wear the robe “LIKE A BOSS”!! =DDD
He can fit into Taemin’s clothes!! Which means they are around the same size~
Taemin’s shirt is nice~ The fan is so caring! <3

Pfff, that’s hilarious! He should’ve worn the robe like a boss!!!XD

omg. XD silly boy! <3

lmao Jonghyun is too cute <3

Hahaha you stole Taemin shirt !!

WOW nice Shirt ahaha Love Taemin’s shirt ahah


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