2PM’s Nickhun and Changsung showed a lot of love for their fellow member Junsu who performed a wonderful and heartbreaking song that he wrote for his father. In the sweetest of words, the two members wrote out their praise and support for Junsu.

With his father passing away in January, Junsu has been having a hard time, but during his solo he was able to express all his sorrows. Nickhun was very moved and commented through Twitter, “Today Junsu showed us what it’s like to be a ‘singer’, much to learn from him. Please give him love for today’s heart-felt performance!

The youngest, Changsung, also went to twitter to shower his member with praise,

Today was Junsu hyung’s day! A song which Junsu hyung wrote while thinking about his dad. We didn’t get to hear it during rehearsal so it was our first time hearing it on stage and I couldn’t control my feelings.

I’m so thankful and glad that Junsu who had gone through such hardships was able to express it through music. And that also makes me remember and think about my dad, mom, and my older brother, too again!! I love you Junsu hyung~!!

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Aww..That’s beautiful...We love you 2pm <3 ^^

WOW!!! This is really beautiful~~

wow, that was just beautiful, Junsu-oppa! <3
I hope you and your family are doing alright >.<
stay strong, oppa!

that is a REALLY nice song~~

Woot, this sounds really good:D

Sounds so beautiful~

such a breathtaking song~
that’s so sweet of nickhun to support how junsu would put his feelings into a song.. <3

Oh my gosh, it was such a short clip but I could hear the emotion in his voice! It was so powerful! It’s really beautiful!

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