It’s always amusing to see what our favorite idols looked like during their graduation photos as they always look quite different from their current looks.

The latest idol to catch hot attention for his graduation photo is none other than EXO-K’s Baekhyun. His graduation photo, along with a current photo, has been making rounds online under the title “Baekhyun’s past”.

His graduation photo was taken during his middle school days and he still shows the same facial features, his cute smile and eyes still present.

What really caught the eyes of fans and netizens was his mushroom bowl cut (it seems necessary for every male idol to go through this phase) and long sideburns, which led them to deem him ‘hun nam’, or ‘warm-hearted’ instead of the stereotypical handsome looks.

It is very much agreed that his hair looks better nowadays, no?


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He is still recognizable, but that haircut is amusing.

I think he looked cute in a bowl cut

hehe i love baekhyun no matter what <3

I hate the bowl cut -__-
but this is the first time I thought it looked cute on someone :o

bwahahahaha :’) It so cute - he looks like to different people! =D

His hairstyle now is so much better haha
But he was still cute ^^

>.< So much cute LOL
I just want to hug him in a cute cuddly way

Haha! Baekhyun’s sooo cute back then… haha!

I don’t think I would have recognized him, if you hadn’t said it was him in the first pic. And he definitely looks better now. So cute.
=) <3

Hardly recognizable!!! Very cute, though ^^

He looks so cute back then! HAHA

Lol he was so cute back then as well^^

Wow i don’t think i would have recognized him

Really different,, but still cute! ^^

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