T-ara’s ninth and youngest member, Dani hasn’t officially debuted with the group yet; however, she is already receiving a number of love calls for advertisements!

On May 31st, Core Contents Media shared, “T-ara’s new member Dani has been receiving love calls from cosmetic companies that amount to an enormous sum of about 200 million won (around $170,000 USD).”

Dani was shocked by this and commented, “I was dazed and amazed as my name rose up in the online real-time search rankings, and I am even happier that I received love calls from cosmetic advertisers.”

However, she did decline the offers, stating, “Recently the T-ara unnies are working hard in learning the choreography. I politely declined the love call.”

T-ara’s eighth member will join T-ara in July for their new MV, however Dani will only appear in this MV as an actress. She will not officially make her debut until December.


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which part of her look like krystal? saying she look like krytal is an insult to krystal. krystal is 1000 times prettier than her and is a goddess. T-ara would do better without her. if she had join anohter group she would have fans but since she joins T-ara she has a lot of antis rite now. i would have been her fan but currently i think i m on the anti side. i m surprise some1 didnt make an anti fanclub for her yet. she has got to be the first to have so many antis b4 debut.

she is a mixture of SeungRi and Krystal ~!

She is younger than me. It is kinda scary that she is debuting at such a young age. I hope she will be successful when she enters T-ara.

wow, lucky -3-

Wow, this girl is pretty cool!!

She sounds like such a sweetie pie <3

wow...thats pretty amazing…
looking forward in seeing her perform with T-ara!

Sigh...I really love T-ara. If adding the new members ruins them I’m going to be pissed. T-ara is one of my favorite girl groups and I love them the way they are, so I really hope they just improve and gain more attention and fans instead of losing them.

Good for Dani though. She’s adorable. She’s so young though lol. That worries me, but I hope she does well without overworking herself! ^_^

December! wow thats sooo far away! 

She seems like such a humble and hardworking girl. She would have definitely been part of an idol group if she didn’t debut with T-ara.

I feel bad because I know logically she’d have to be a great singer to debut, and this turning down offers shows that she is hard working - but I still prefer to keep T-ara as they are.

If only Dani had debuted with another girl group, I’m sure she’d rack up fans in no time. 

That’s great for her!
I don’t have anything against her but still wish T-ara remain as seven-member group....

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