BIG BANG is back and this time they’re swearing they’re not monsters in the MV for “Monster”.

The MV shows the guys running from an enemy as they seem to be someone’s targets even though they swear they’re not monsters. Of course, the fashion in this MV is absolutely incredible and the MV is certainly one to please VIPs!

So just check it out below.

“Still Alive” is available for download on itunes, and will release physically on June 5th.

Source BIGBANG Youtube

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I don’t know what’s the reason why GD compose this sooooo amazing song… I can’t myself to listen to this every night before I sleep.. smile

I listened to the song. It was so addictive, Listened to it everyday! 

This looks AWESOME! And the song is a masterpiece <3 GD is a GENIUS! 

I love this! GD’s look is awesome <3 (not so much the mushroom hair though xD)

THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME !!!  can’t say a thing .__. daebak !!

The song is AMAZING!!!! I really like it!!!
I needed a time to like MV! And now I love it!!! I didn’t see anything like this before!!!

Well,, I love the song.. Addictive.. But the MV.. I think I need time to start liking it… :/

All I had to say was woah. I mean, I like the song, but the MV was very...I don’t even know. It was odd to me.

dang i love this song
love the eyes
they look hot and stunning

i can’t decide how i feel about this..

Gosh do they look awesome in this.

DAEBAK<3 I love it<3 BIGBANGGGGG!! ^_^

I love it. As expected with big bang. So looking forward to ur live performances.big bang fighting.

omg what did they do with Taeyang’s hair o.o lol besides that I love the song! 

love this video ! it was great (:

Nothing like what I expected - it’s better! =)
Love the song, MV, everything! (except Taeyang’s hair - that double roll thing is weird)

Love this song. Every time I look at Seungri, it makes me want to get an industrial piercing. Wow, I don’t like Taeyang’s hair when there are like two rolls.

Big Bang is amazing :D TOP looks so cool

this is soo awesome I really love this, love the song and love the mv, once proven again how super amazing big bang is. happy VIP :D <3<3<3

loving the song! and the video is really well done
but i just can’t stand that weird hair of taeyangs in some shots…

its amazing!!! Just as expected from Big Bang!!

Big Bang really came back with a bang! -jaw drop- The concept all tied together is a tiny bit chilling to me, but I can’t keep my eyes away! ^__^

Ahhh it’s so good >3< Way to go Big Bang! 

as usual big bang’s amazing and seungri’s super hot but that doesn’t mean i’m in favor of gd’s crazy hair..

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