SS501 has not promoted together since 2010 as all of them have been busy with their individual activities; however, with the news of Kim Kyu Jong enlisting in July, ALL of the SS501 members flew to Japan to reunite on stage once more.

During the fan meeting, Triple S fans were very excited to hear these words come from the group’s leader, Kim Hyun Joong: “SS501 will never disband, so please wait for us.” Although…this does mean we will have to wait until Kyu Jong completes his military duties in 2014 at the earliest…it still gives a light of hope to Triple S fans all over the world.

Official pictures from the event have yet to be revealed from the event.


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yeah they together for once!

I missed having them together like that

waah so happy to see this!! really love ss501 first male korean group I liked :D happy to hear hyun joong saying they aren’t disbanded!! wish that Jung Min was also on the picture!

WOW!!! It’s good news! hope one day they will be together as SS501 again!!!

wow , they’ll be back soon , :D ~!

hope that SS501 will make a comeback… i miss them huhuhuh T_T

I’m so glad about this! grin

T________T It’s so sweet they came back together, even if only to say bye. I hope TVXQ can do this as well when Jae and Yoochun go to the military this year! ;____________;

I want to see them all dancing as a group on one stage again. I miss them!!

Yayy =)
It would’ve been better if they reunited in Korea haha xD

They look so good all together!

And if this is a promise for a comeback at some point, I will wait for them.
Love these guys! =)

aw, and here i was moping, but even if kyujong is going toenlist, it gave them a reason to get together again before he leaves. ^^

wow its great that they are reassuring the fans ^^! I’m sure the triple S’s will wait for all of them to come back again :D!

thats so sweet! xD Im so glad they said that! 

That’s exciting. A bit of a wait for fans, but that’s still great!

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