Get ready, Brazil and Peru! BIG BANG has announced that they will be headed your way with the Alive Tour 2012!!!

The announcement comes after BIG BANG announced concerts in LA and NYC. Although the exact locations have not been revealed, it is exciting to know that they will be making stops in the two countries and VIPs in those countries can definitely start saving money now!

Source Big Bang Facebook

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I’m satisfied at how Big Bang is really going everywhere for a tour. My country is in it as well. I will try my very best to make it! Now waiting for the tickets <3

I’m excited that they are coming to NY! I’m already saving up money ^^
And that’s gotta be exciting for VIPs in Peru and Brazil! Let’s go, BIGBANG is going around the world~

Still excited that they’re coming to LA ^^ Have fun South America :D

That’s so super cool! It’s amazing to see Hallyu expand to South America! =D

Great! I hope they add more for North and South America so fans around the world can see them ^^

so excited they are coming to NY :D!
I’m sure the Brazil and Peru is fans are very happy ^^

Just waiting for Europe -cough- London -cough- now x3 -crosses fingers-

Patiently waiting if they’ll announce concerts in Europe =D

I wish I had money and I wish they came to SF T^T Oh wells, I hope everyone has lots of fun!!! <3

wow, this really is a WORLD tour. VIPs around the world must be thrilled. smile

I’d attend the brazil one if I had the time and money;A; Brazill<3 luckily I have family there

That is so cool:D Fans in Brazil and Peru must be super excited!!!!

Nice to know they’re making stops in SA! Get saving friends smile
I want to see Canada on that list!!

omg i hope they add the UK soon

this is so exciting seeing them add all the tour locations haha~ peru and Brazilian VIPs must be super happy! I wish I lived close to any one of their stops ;__;

Lucky fans from Brazil and Peru! XD

OMG, this time for sure, I’m going to concert in new York!!

Ahhh they’re going to Peru!! My cousins are lucky, they might get to see them!!

tsk. wish i have the money to watch them. i think they’ll be having their concert in the philippines also.

Wow lucky fans. I hope they will visit more countries.

So lucky, really hope they come close to somewhere I live!!!

congratulations to Brazil and Peru!!!
Wait for Europe~~

congratulations to Brazil and Peru! smile

What about Hawaii??pls

wow. they’ve announced so many locations now… i bet VIPs all over the world can’t help but be super excited!!! 

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