On June 9th, TEEN TOP unleashed the standing version of their “To You” MV for their fans to see them dancing in the parking garage.

The video is basically the unedited version of the footage filmed in the parking garage and its funny to see the random person’s head that pops in from the corner every so often. Even so, still loving all of the Teen Top body waves. :)

Check out the video below.

Source Teen Top Official Channel

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I like it~~~

BODDDDYYY ROOOLLLL~ Oh yeah, I’m going to learn how to dance their choreography.

Nice! I like it!

It sounds better and better!

omg the body rolls *O*

sdfsdjf Love it <3
Omg that move 0:52 x)

Awesome song and awesome dance! They are really good. So much footwork!

really love this song!! and the dance!! <3<3

Fighting Teen Top! =D

OMG o//////o Teen Top is so manly~

haha i like it
L.JOE is cute KEKE

I really love this dance <3<3!

I want to learn this! LOL. Oh boy… Sighh.. I can’t pull off those sexy moves ;A;

Oh man. This looks too hard for me to learn. They make it look so easy.. And sexy ^^

The choreography is amazing! ^^

ENVY! Lol They dance really well..Wish I could learn but to much jumping xD
Love the Song too, made me fall in love the first time I heard it smile
Teen Top Fighting!

They are great dancers :D

The boys dance so well >3<

“Standing version”?? LOL. they’re great as usual! :D

I’m loving their body waves too :3
Loving it!!

they look so cool!

Lol, “standing version”? Is it the same as dance version?
Love the choreography for this song. smile

Really love this!! Teen Top… Fighting! smile

Love it!! <33

The dance is just adsdsfsgs!! Lol

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