A while back it was revealed that BEAST’s Junhyung and KARA’s Hara were in a relationship but after that we didn’t hear much from the couple. But at the Google Wave Concert in California, hawk eyed fans noticed that the two discreetly moved closer to each other during the closing performance of all the groups.

As Wonder Girls came onto the stage to say goodbye, BEAST had to move and stand next to KARA. Junhyung moved directly behind his girlfriend Hara and the two were spotted having eye contact and probably conversing when they could.

We haven’t seen much Junara action (do they have a couple name?), but they look really cute, no? I wish they could be more open about their relationship though.

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Aww they look cute! But wow, those fans have those eyes....

Cute coupleā€¦

Junhyun is so cute when he moved behind Hara XD

Wow netizens have super sharp eyes :O The second to last picture looked like Hara was leaning up for a kiss ;D I love real life celeb couples!

HAWK EYES. Hahahaha i see i see what’s going on there <3 <3 Must have missed each other a lot

it wou.ld be awsoem if they could be of a PDA couple. Sharing their relationship with their fans would be more cute :D

uh eye-contact...is quite...normal...especially for a couple still together after a year and still going strong…

I like the couple name, Junara!! because it’s sort of a real girl name, in my home country!

Lol not finding it cute since they only made eye contact but it’s good to see some interaction between them

Awww.. Cute couple… ^^

Don’t know much about them, but they look cute smile

lol at this. they’re so not in the news and i kind of forgotten they’re still dating.. oh well, i’m super happy for them.. 

They are cute ! :O

haha! Lateeee!
But still cute^^

Aww.. they’re so cute together. Hope they can find more time to spend together.

Yess, really cute wink
They need more time together!

I love this couple! They’re able to talk about it publicly, but they’re still so discreet. It’s really cute <3

awww cute couple!

I forgot they were a couple since I haven’t seen any interactions between them haha but that’s so cute! 

Awwww so cute ^^

what a cute couple ~ love them <3 .. glad to see them together again ^^

they’re so cute^^
but yeah, i haven’t seen anything about them since the first paparazzi pictures were released - hope they can still keep their relationship^^

love this couple, they are sooo cute!! Happy to see them still being together!

So cute !! Oh my gosh!! We need to see more of their couple moments :D

Wow, this is almost like the first time we see Junra action in public place! 

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