MYNAME, which debuted with the song “Message” in Korea last year, will be taking the song to Japan for their Japanese debut. Now you can check out the teaser for the song in Japanese!

MYNAME will be releasing their first Japanese single on July 25th, but is currently promoting their Korean song, “Hello & Goodbye”.

Check out the teaser for “Message” below.

What do you think of the song in Japanese so far?


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hope they do great on in japan :D

It looks good. It’s kinda opposite of the Korean one. This one is lighter instead of being all dark. I’m looking forward to their whole MV. Best luck to them for their Japanese debut.

sounds good. all the best for Japanese debut!! :D

It sounds good. Can’t wait to hear more.

it feels so different from the Korean one, this I feel is cuter and softer :D

i feel this version is better than the korean so upbeat and light! cant wait for the full mv smile

I think I prefer the korean one more. But my frst thought when I saw this? It’s soooo brght o.o Like compared to the korean one whch look kinda serious and the japanese one is pink and white(compared to a black and red)

Not bad! But i prefer the Korean version...Well good luck to MYNAME though! I’m sure a bunch will love it!

It looks really bright. I can never get used to listening to Korean songs turned Japanese. But good luck to MYNAME in Japan!

it sounds a bit weird listening to Message in japaense but the mv looks pretty good and fresh ^^

I like it~!
It’s much different from the Korean music video!
I can’t wait to see the full Japanese music video! smile

It looks different from their original MV~ it’s fresh and light!!

I like it , it sounds good smile.. are there any Korean artists who haven’t promoted in Japan yet ><

Sounds great! =D

I love this song than the one they made a comeback...can’t wait so hear the full japanesse version!

I really love this song! It’s number 2 on my playlist raspberry
The Japanese Version really sounds cool, can’t wait!

Sounds good!!
MYNAME, hwaiting!

It sounds awesome ^^ I love Message so much slkdjflksj

The set is cool:)
I actually got hooked onto this song a few weeks ago lol. I love the choreo!

it really sounds good… ^^

Omgosh!  awesome! Can’t wait. 

They sound good

the Japanese version sounds good smile

Hmm i think they debuted in Japan a lil bit too early for a rookie but Message a definitely a great song

It sounds really good in japanese and I love the set.

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