So, 2012 so far is a decent year. Some amazing comebacks already, with quite a few more coming our way. However, with our favorite stars going through their busy schedules, it seems like there really isn’t any time for scandals to happen (you’d think the companies won’t want their idols to be doing messed up stuff at this point of time), but they have. So here are 7 Major KPOP Scandals of 2012…So Far.

1. Go Young Wook: Sexual Relations with a Minor

Singer and former Roo’ra member Go Young Wook had in May, admitted to have sexual relations with a minor, and from what the police sees, he might very possibly be facing rape charges. Bottom line, having sexual relations with a minor probably wasn’t the best thing to do either, since regardless of whether she actually asked him first, he would be the more troubled one at the end.

That’s why this dog food packaging he endorsed covered his face with a sticker.

2. Ivy: Sex Tape

Also in May, Ivy’s sex tape rumor scandal has resurfaced after a sex video of an Ivy-resembling woman spread through the public through messenger services. Of course, this video was proven (or at least claimed) to be fake by both Ivy and her entertainment company, but even that, it is still hurtful for a woman to need to receive such a label, not to mention a celebrity

3. Block B: Thailand Controversy

Block B’s Thailand trip might seem to be a long time ago, but the Block B scandal happened in just February. In an interview regarding the flood that caused much damage in Thailand, Zico, P.O., and other members’ playful manner angered many Thai Netizens since it wasn’t something to joke about. Even 2PM members Nichkhun, Junho and Chansung have responded towards the matter, showing their displeasure towards the Block B boys’ attitude.

Though, Block B had shown remorse over their behavior and sent their public apologies.

4. Song Ji Hyo: Mr. CEO Couple

Baek Chang Ju, that’s his name. Actress/Running Man’s Ace Song Ji Hyo had opened up her relationship with her CEO from C-JES Entertainment to the public, after a few lovey-dovey photos of the two were revealed.

Now that’s not exactly a scandal, but many are against our beloved Jihyo dating a guy with a bad reputation in the industry. But best wishes to the couple…and Gary.

5. Invincible Youth 2: Guest Maltreatment

Invincible Youth had been criticized for the treatment they give their guests more than once. When CN Blue’s Yonghwa and Jungshin guested on the show, the punishment was spraying water, red pepper power, or salt on their faces, while Narsha (that was because Taeyeon was luckier to have won) had to come face to face with a hungry cow, who ate grass off of her head. This caused a big fuss after broadcasts, and angered many netizens.

6. Open World Entertainment: CEO Jang Seok Woo

So we all know this guy has problems. Not only did he assulted his female employees and female trainees AND frequently went out for drinks, but he also forced male idols to assault the female trainees under his company. I didn’t understand his actual intentions…and I still don’t.

7. Ji Hyun Woo confesses to Yoo In Na

Now onto some happier stuff. So Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na going out may be some fan’s ultimate dream, especially after watching them in Queen In Hyun’s Man. But when Hyun Woo actually confessed to his co-star, it was a great shock to the public. Not only was he criticized for being inconsiderate for the girl’s career and image, but also the fact that he will be enlisting and leaving the whole mess to her.

But whatever, they’re dating now and are SUPER ADORABLEEEE!

And that would be the end for our major scandals for the first half of 2012! Did we miss out anything?

This blog post is part of the 2012: The Year So Far Special.

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I think the CEO was thinking if I go down or get caught someone will go down with me. That’s just horrible and disgusting, what he did

MYYY FAV is hyun woo and yoo in na ^^ <3

I feel bad for Block B. The issue has really made me think about them when I first heard of it. Especially that Thai citizens are involved,but anyway, they’re forgiven by many Thai and by me as well! ^_^

glad the last one turned out to be the beginning of a happy relationship <3

The Open World Entertainment scandal was just really bad! felt so bad for the trainees!

Some stuff was pretty shocking like the Open World Entertainment one.

still hate that CEO that raped the girls and forced guys to do so too
i’ve hated it since the whole thing started

Some of these were pretty shocking.
But it’s good that there was a happy one too. 

Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na are so cute

that BlockB case.... I hope ppl will stop blaming them and accept their sincere apology :((((

aaaawwww Ji Hyun and Yoo In Na are so cute! :’D

Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na LOVE

Pretty agree w the whole list.. got shocking and got happy too

Wow, some crazy stuff. Good to end it on a happier note!

The open world one was absolutely horrible and disgusting. I really hope that man stays behind bars.

Oh man. Some of those scandals are very horrible. But at least the last one was kinda cute and sweet.

I think it’s sad that most of the scandals are really bad, but the last one is so cute it almost makes up for it. 

Terrible things. :( poor bbys. ;-; block b. aiothaistr

There are so many scandals! I wish people forgive what Block B did! 

So many terrible things :(

Fingers crossed that the last couple doesn’t suffer too!

The last one is the cutest, i love that couple

I love the scandal number 7 :D

Yoo In Ah and Ji Hyun Woo!  I love that they’re together!!  SO CUTE!!!  I love how they played with Jihyo’s scandal on Running Man...Gary referring to him as “that man”. kekeke

That last one is really cute ^^

I love Yoo In Ah and Ji Hyun Woo couple! XD So cute!
I havent watched IY 2 not so sure.
Ji Hyo’s scandal shocked me a bit since im a small Monday couple fan! :D but they look sweet for each other too! 

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