f(x)’s Amber is known for being a tomboy and sporting her short do…, but have you ever wondered what Amber would look like with long hair? Well…here’s an idea!
On July 12th, Amber, who just recently opened a twitter account (@llama_ajol) tweeted the above photo and wrote, “Thanks for the make over u guys…” and tweeted the message to her friends including miss A’s Min, Fei, and Jia.

The photo shows Amber smiling and laughing with a side braid hair piece thrown over her shoulder and a baseball cap on her head.

She looks good with her braid, doesn’t she?

In other f(x) news, the girls will be wrapping up “Electric Shock” promotions this week to prepare for their Japanese debut.

Source @llama_ajol

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she looks pretty with long hair too smile but I prefer her in short hair raspberry

i always thought amber was gorgeous and this picture just supports that belief ^^<3

she should keep it like that! this style looks good on her too!

amazing songs and dance
love Amber unnie
adorable and dorky
so very cute
hwaiting unnie

She looks so pretty! I love how unique she is but think she should try having long hair for a while and switch back if she really doesn’t fancy it smile

She’s pretty!!^^ Its fresh to see her feminine side<3

She looks really cute :D

She looks really good with long hair smile

i think she would look beautiful with any hair style!!

I think she would look really pretty with long hair, but I don’t think it fits her tomboy style. I could see it as medium long in a ponytail (like Shinee’s Minho from juliette/ring ding dong days).

I think Amber is pretty enough to be a ‘regular’ kpop pretty girl, but I love and admire her so much because she doesn’t choose that image. smile

She looks so pretty with long hair! She should definitely show it off more often. :3 She’s awesome either way~

that long ‘do looks awesome on her.. kudos to her miss A friends for a job well done. lol.

she looks good with long hair!!!

She doesn’t look bad with long hair so she should try it lol

I wish I could really see what she looked like with long hair :o, I think it would be really pretty, but the picture is really cute!

Really hard to imagine her with long hair even when the braid is right there. o.o

Omo~ She is so beautiful with a long hair… ♥

Normally, girl idols who get pixie cuts are really surprising (Sunny), but Amber is the opposite. Can’t imagine her with long hair but it’s really cute.

I love her~ she is so cute~

She’s so pretty in a long a hair or short hair. smile

Aww, she looks so pretty! I mean, pretty in a different way, she’s pretty as is too.

Heh heh Amber is so pretty and cute:D Her charms are just endless~

she should try that style on stage~ for changes~ but i love the shorth hair better than this~~

Still diggin’ her short hair more though raspberry Still, looks good on herr! :D

omg. she looks.. pretty. OMG. :D
i’m not used to it though, but i love both styles. but her short tomboy hair.. seems more.. Amber. smile

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