It’s that time of the year! Chuseok is around the corner! This year the 3-day holiday begins on September 30th. For you KPOP fans, you’ve mostly likely heard of Chuseok, if you don’t already know what it is. Chuseok is a traditional Korean holiday, and some call it the “Korean Thanksgiving”. Every year it begins near the Autumn equinox, and everyone returns to their hometowns to celebrate a good harvest. There’s always a major harvest festival, and people visit their ancestors’ tombs to pay respect and perform rituals, to thank their blessings.

Oftentimes, it’s the only time of year where our idols truly get a break from their busy schedules. Well, for us jolly KPOP fans, of course we have to celebrate! Ningin will lead the early celebration with some traditional eye candy: Idols in hanboks! (It’s a traditional clothing that Koreans dress in for this holiday.)

Big Bang

So I thought, what’s better than to start off with the fashionista in our hearts, G-Dragon? He poses adorably in a vibrant, red hanbok. Sorry that there’s no group photo of Big Bang in hanboks, but I’ve found them separately!

Hmm, T.O.P sports this traditional outfit, does it classify as a hanbok, Ningin-ers?

I really love the soft colors that Seungri and Daesung wear here. Out of Big Bang, my favorite is probably Seungri’s pink one, it’s such a delicate pink, it’s very pretty to look at.

I couldn’t find a picture of Taeyang wearing a hanbok. Taeyang, where is your hanbok love?


The girls of SNSD dress adorably in traditional wear. Out of the members, I feel that Seohyun always gives off a elegant and soft image, and that gets accentuated through a hanbok.


Gosh, look at Mir’s adorable smile! However, sorry Mir, my favorite in this picture goes to Joon! I like how his hanbok doesn’t have a pattern, it gives the detail on the belt more attention, and the collar seems clean and crisp.


IU wears two different hanboks here, though I prefer the first one on her. The soft colors match well and the cutting seems more flowy.

miss A’s Suzy

miss A’s Suzy looks cute in this selca! I normally wouldn’t like this shade of yellow, but on a hanbok, and because Suzy is the one wearing it, it’s actually very charming. (There seems to be no group picture of miss A in hanboks either.)


Hmm…I don’t particularly like any of their hanboks, but I pick Jokwon as my favorite. Why? Look at the following picture.



My favorite color is navy/royal blue, however, I must admit that Chunji looks great in the purple hanbok! It matches really well with his reddish hair.


The traditional bowing makes this group photo so cute! I can’t really decide on my favorite hanbok here…ZE:A’s, which one do you like best?

2NE1’s Dara

If I were to pick, Dara would claim the number one spot for the female idol that looks best in a hanbok. Dara is so beautiful in traditional clothing! She has the maturity and elegance, paired with a youthful smile. She looks perfect!

F.T. Island

F.T Island poses together in hanboks, but I think I prefer the second set much better, with bolder colors and interesting designs. Though, why are there only three members in the second photo? The whole group would’ve looked great in those hanboks!


This whole set looks pretty good, though I still prefer Kikwang’s pink one. There’s just something about guys wearing soft pink…


Now these hanboks are special! I haven’t seen many hanboks with such metallic colors, and KARA rocks it! Hara’s is my favorite for this picture. However, I found the picture below and it is too pretty for me not to share it!

It was really difficult deciding between Hara’s and Nicole’s, but in the end, Nicole’s definitely claimed my favorite. The green and purple shades work so well together, and her slightly more modern hair looks great with it!


G.NA is always gorgeous, but her red, white, and purple combination, along with her hair accessory, brings out a different side to her beauty!

Super Junior

Super Junior poses happily together in their traditional clothing! This was taken a fairly long time ago, when they were still promoting as 12 members while Kibum worked on his acting. Sungmin looks really happy to be in his favorite color!


The ladies of 4Minute look like princesses in this photo. I really like the vibrant red in Sohyun’s outfit, along with her hair accessory, which I would’ve missed if not for the selca below! The gold flower detailing on her straps add a little sophisticated twist to the outfit.


As my favorite idol group, SHINee was the first I thought of when writing this post. The episode in Hello Baby, where they dressed in hanboks in celebration of new year’s, was very memorable. They even did a mini fashion show showcasing their traditional clothes, with hilarious descriptions of each person! Since I love each member so much, the favorite hanbok wearer would be…


Bonus - Jokwon’s Dog

His name is Lucky, and he’s rocking that puppy hanbok!

So, that concludes our list for idols sporting hanboks for Chuseok! There are so many pictures of idol groups out there wearing traditional clothing, and these are only some of them. If we happen to miss your favorite idol group, do search it yourself! Idols all look so attractive in traditional clothing, and I love how they strongly embrace their culture. Happy Chuseok, everyone!

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they’re all looking so cute! and LOL jokwon and gain =P

they’re sooooo cute! :D
and Lucky also,, how can Jo Kwon thought to dress his dog in hanbok,, hhaha

Why so serious Ricky? I like all of them but Lucky looks best. Just saying

I love KARA’s hanboks the most but my heart is stolen by Yoogeun <3

shinee <3
Daesung is sooo cute !!!!

i really wanna try wearing one of those ^.^

Jokwon’s Dog xD hahaha that’s cute, Lucky <3

GD and TOP look so cute xD

ASDFGHJKL;’ <33 THEY’RE SO CUTEEEEE! :3 ESPECIALLY YOOGEUN! :3 I really like SHINee’s and Big Bang’s! :D

This really is adorable!

SHINee and Big Bang look so cute! Everyone looks really adorable :D

lolol jokwons dog ahahahah XD but ahhh SHINee and yooguennnn i remeber that ep so clearly jjong conned the kid with the lucky money hahaha XD

So many idols wearing hanboks! I love all of them! :D And Yoogeun! XD

They all look great!

Every looks so attractive!  I wish I had a hanbok!

ahh!!! adam couple, fti, shinee (OMG YOOGEUN!!), suju, and jokwon’s doggie XD

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