ELFs, get ready… Another Super Junior member will be enlisting soon… And that member is Yesung.

On March 24th, Yesung revealed to ELFs at Super Show 5 that he will be enlisting in the near future. At the show, Yesung told fans, “I spent five years as a trainee and with fans for with Super Junior. I want to thank you for all the love…”

He continued, “Even though I’m not there, please take care of the Super Junior members. Please remember me too.”

SM Entertainment revealed that Yesung’s exact date of enlistment isn’t determined yet, but he will be enlisting this year and will be serving as a public service worker. As for the rest of the Super Show 5 concerts, it has been made clear whether or not he will continue participate up until his enlistment.

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Yesung too? will miss him~

why can’t groups go to the army together? :(

aww not another one :(
at least heechul is coming back soon

No not Yesung too

I will miss his voice, dance and especially his personality so much (and his constant promotions on twitter).

A saddening reality for ELFs :(

It’s hard because you know it’s coming but when it does come it really makes you feel like you’ve lost something. I *really* don’t mean to be rude towards Korea at all or disrespect it or Yesung’s integrity in any way, but if Yesung can’t be an active soldier, what’s the point of sending him out as a civil servant? Why not just let him continue to promote?

All of our idols will have to enlist sooner or later. Good luck to him and the rest of the members!

WAh!  ONe of my three biases from SuJu is leaving for the army!

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