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via Wirebot: Pokemon Heart Gold: Final thoughts Review Roundup: Resonance of Fate. Is the JRPG Worth it?

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via Ningin: Chinese Farmer With The World’s Largest Set of Man Boobs Japan’s Mao Asada captures World Skating title

via Flaunt Me: Devirginizing my black Asian hair

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via SwanDiary: Official HBO True Blood Season 3 promo trailers released More »

Like the ninjas we are, we launched a giveaway of a Ninja Assassin Blu-ray. That giveaway has ended and now it’s time to announce the winner. Drum roll, please. More »

Last week we launched a giveaway of Final Fantasy XIII for a console of your choice. The giveaway has since ended and now it’s time to announce the winner. Drum roll, please. More »

Miss something last week? Don’t worry. We got you covered — here are last week’s top posts: More »

I think Ningin has a serious problem. Ningin is giving out way too many prizes each week! There’s just too many and it might be confusing for people to keep track of them all. Let’s break down all the different ways you can win stuff here on Ningin. More »

March Madness here at Ningin is winding down, but that’s not stopping the crazy. We introduced a new EXP scoring system which means, endless opportunities to earn points and win cool stuff. Speaking of cool, we wrapped up MLG Season I with Team Mixr taking the glory after a grueling 10 weeks of flash gaming. More »

via Wirebot: Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver: Trading 3 Kingdom Hearts games in the works

via Ziggytek: Mobinova Beam Smartbook: 8.9″ Android Netbook Blackberry Pearl 9100 Photos Leaked

via Ningin: Super Junior arrives in Vietnam; fans cry because of chaos Hyori’s H-LOGIC: The Queen, She Returns!

via Flaunt Me: Hello Kitty Beauty Bags

via GirlyBubble: 10 cute and sometimes disturbing images of Peeps

via BlitzNation: Under the Radar: Cory Greenwood

via Rekuru: McDonalds Training With Nintendo DS

via OMGHaute: Chef Jenni Kayne More »

This was one of the more intense matches in recent history. I think making it last one day adds an extra sense of urgency. When I created this Even vs Odd concept, I thought we would have a fairly balanced set of teams considering that mathematically speaking the chances of you being born in an even or odd year is 50/50. For this match the ratio was 1 even player for every 2 odd player. Being captain of the even team, I felt like King Leonidas leading his 300 men against the God-king Xerxes. Well, history has King Leonidas losing the battle, but Greece won the war! This match wasn’t quite like that, but Team Even did make an upset victory winning 6-3. Read on for the details: More »

When we think of Easter coming up, we think bunnies. When we think bunnies, we think of Playboy and Cadbury bunnies. One tastes good, the other we might get arrested for if we tried. Luckily for you, there’s no crime in accepting this week’s bunny-themed pin challenge. The game involved this week is Blockular 2. More »

Last week we held a 2PM-themed pin challenge in which we challenged you all to play Hexa Connect. Those who scored in 15K points earned an Wooyoung pin. Land yourself in the top 3, and you also got a Nichkhun pin. Just like me, these top 3 winners are all about Nichkhun: More »

Peter Ho-Sun Chan’s The Warlords is waging war (opening) in theaters this Friday, April 2. Ninginers, it’s up to you to aid The Warlords into victory, by playing The Warlords pin game. The Warlords stars Jet Li as General Pang, who barely survives a brutal massacre of his fellow soldiers by playing dead, and joins a band of bandits led by Er Hu (Andy Lau) and Wu Yang (Takeshi Kaneshiro). After fighting back attackers from an helpless village, the three men take an oath to become “blood brothers,” pledging loyalty to one another until death, but things quickly turn sour and the three men become embroiled in a web of political deceit, and a love triangle between Pang, Er Hu and a beautiful courtesan (Wu Jing-Lei). More »

via Wirebot: Pokemon Trainer Journal: The Pokeathlon Dome XIII Days of Final Fantasy XIII: Days 11- 13 - Questions Answered

via Ziggytek: Photo of the Day: Jobs and Schmidt Air It out over Coffee NVIDIA GTS 450, 440, 430: Fermi for the Rest of Us

via Ningin: MLG: Even Vs. Odd Match List Son Dam Bi Transforms from Seductive to Fierce in Elle!

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via SwanDiary: Ryan Gosling, the next American Vampire?

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via Wirebot: Bloons SuperMonkey Impression A New King of Kong Crowned

via Ziggytek: First 3D TV Broadcast of NHL Hockey Game Dell, GoDaddy to Follow Google Chinese Exodus?

via Ningin: Son Dam Bi or Rain: Who rocks eyelashes better? 2NE1 Official Blackjack Team T-shirt [Giveaways]

via Flaunt Me: 5 steps to prevent allergic reactions from beauty products

via GirlyBubble: Ultimate Cage Fighter wears Hello Kitty like a man

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via CrazySingleLife: Interesting facts and stats on online dating

via OMGHaute: Karl Lagerfeld Sighting in NYC! More »

I’m finding out some interesting things about Ninginers. A lot of you guys were born in 1993. Unfortunately that makes the teams a little bit unbalanced. It’s ok people of Team Even, it would make our win even more epic…should we win of course. Again, two very valuable pins at stake, the Sooyoung and the Taeyeon pin. Plus the winning team gets a big jump on next week’s prize, Run Devil Run posters. Remember this a one day match. Good luck to all! More »

Earlier this month we launched a giveaway of The Host 2-disc collector’s edition DVDs. The giveaway has since ended and now it’s time to announce our three lucky winners. Drum roll, please. More »

via Wirebot: Gaming Oracle: Game of the Year 2010 will be God of War III 5 Things Final Fantasy XIII Got Right

via Ziggytek: Dr. Phil Helps Police Arrest and Prosecute eBay Thieves Best Buy: 3D Geek Squad Scam

via Ningin: MLG - DBSK Decathlon [giveaways] Random News of the Day: Chinese teen stabbed in the head because of high score in a video game

via Flaunt Me: Michelle Bombshell McGee: Proof That Face Tattoos Don’t Age Well

via GirlyBubble: Lady Gaga receives a new cute teacup for her birthday

via BlitzNation: Under the Radar: Donald Jones

via Rekuru: Akihabara Retro Mac Computing

via SwanDiary: The new True Blood Season 3 promo poster does not help my caffeine addiction

via OMGHaute: Cheaper Clothing Prices = More Clothes! More »

We have about 40 entries so far in the DBSK Decathlon. I’m hoping for 125 entries! That’s because I have 5 very cool DBSK stuff to give out. Again, very big thanks to YesAsia! The start date will be Friday April 9th and ending on Sunday April 18th. Mark your calendars! If 125 people enter, these are the five prizes I would give out: More »

Listen up 2NE1 fans, here’s one giveaway prize you won’t want to wear to a game of strip poker: a 2NE1 Official Blackjack Team T-shirt. Especially if you’re like me and you like to lose. More »

From Wirebot:

If you enjoy flash games and haven’t heard the name Bloons then you must be living under a rock. The Bloons franchise has become synonymous with the word addictive. Bloons SuperMonkey is the newest flash game to embrace the addictiveness of the other Bloons titles. It’s like that Summertime hit song that you can’t stop listening to, except that it doesn’t fade into obscurity by seasons’ end, the fun is always there urging you to play. More »

via Wirebot: Final Fantasy XIII: Random Enemy Encounters vs. Visible Foes The flood gates open on The Secret World

via Ziggytek: Nintendo Announces 3DS, Successor to DS Dr. Phil Helps Police Arrest and Prosecute eBay Thieves

via Ningin: Kpop Theme Battle 7: Who did Crazy Better? MLG - DBSK Decathlon [giveaways]

via Flaunt Me: Beauty Tutorial – Hide Those Blemishes

via GirlyBubble: Urban Outfitter’s Lollipop Forest Jewelry Stand

via BlitzNation: Under the Radar: Andre Roberts

via Rekuru: More Giant Gundams in Japan

via CrazySingleLife: Jerry Springer, future dating game show host

via OMGHaute: Isabel Toledo for Payless More »

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