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via Wirebot: Will All These Problems For the Xbox360 Version of Final Fantasy XIII Hinder Sales? Cmon people! Heavy Rain Messes With Your Mind

via Ziggytek: Sony Concedes PSPgo Is Confusing and Overpriced Open Source Restaurant: Like it? Make it yourself at home!

via HTCYou: SK Telecom SIM Card has 1 GB Memory, CPU, Android onboard

via Ningin: Random News of the Day: Girl shows off bigger breasts to ex-boyfriend via the internet T-ara tops charts, comes back strong on M.NET crazy because of you

via Rekuru: Sushi Booties

via Flaunt Me: YouTube Tutorial: Nail Designs by Konad

via GirlyBubble: Hello Kitty Party Magazine subcription gets you free Hello Kitty stuff

via BlitzNation: Where Have All The Feature Backs Gone?

via OMGHaute: Tim Gunn Speaks: Kardashians Have an ‘Absence of Taste’

via SwanDiary: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are official

via CrazySingleLifee: Lies and excuses More »

Our previous TVXQ giveaway was so popular, how could we not do it again? This time around, courtesy of YesAsia, we’re giving away one SS501 MBC Collection DVD + photobook set to one lucky winner! More »

A week ago we launched a giveaway of a TVXQ The 3rd Asia Tour Concert “Mirotic” in Seoul 3DVD + Photobook + Bookmark set, courtesy of YesAsia. The giveaway has since ended and it’s now time to announce the winner. Drum roll, please! More »

via Wirebot: Five Modded Xbox360’s You Wish You Had Bioshock 2: Big Daddy vs. Big Sister

via Ziggytek: iPad: Lenovo Says Businesses Don’t Want Slate Tablets Rumor: iPhone OS to appear on future devices

via HTCYou: Philips GoGear Connect: Android 2.1 Portable Media Player

via Ningin: 2PM, Big Bang, and 2NE1 speak English to on Youtube! BoA back in Korea and USA this year?

via Flaunt Me: Name Rihanna’s New Perfume

via GirlyBubble: Unique silhouette rings by jujulee

via BlitzNation: Eagles Make Shocking Move, Release Westbrook

via OMGHaute: Love for Diane von Furstenberg’s Fall 2010 Collection More »

via Wirebot: 5 original Modern Warfare maps we want to see in Modern Warfare 2 Video Game Releases: Week of February 23rd

via Ziggytek: Apple iPhone OS Coming to More Platforms Your Facebook page could cost you

via HTCYou: HTC Desire A&T, HTC Legend Sprint?

via Ningin: Winter Olympics Female Short Program Tonight Picture of the Day Special: The loving family of Autumn’s Concerto

via Flaunt Me: Nick Arrojo Will Film a Reality Show on NBC

via GirlyBubble: Behold: Heart & Star-Shaped Cucumbers

via BlitzNation: Countdown to the Combine: Myron Rolle

via OMGHaute: Jean Paul Gaultier for Target

via CrazySingleLife: I’m freakin’ out. Yep. More »

MLG Ladders has been brutally competitive so far. After 3 rounds of competition, 9 points separates first and second; 3 points between second and third. Unfortunately we also saw the elimination of BlitzKuTek. They dropped so far behind that it was mathematically improbable that they would come back. Mixr Users took first this week again, but only by a margin of 2 points. WireMe finished second ahead of Ningin this time by one point. The competition is only going to get fiercer now that we’re moving past the halfway point. Whatever team can stand the pressure the best is going to ultimately be the winner. Let’s see the game by game results: More »

via Wirebot: Good Old Jack Thompson At It Again! Attacks Kotick Activision CEO MotorStor 3 Website Registered by Sony EU

via Ziggytek: Apple App Store cleans up its act, leaves “sexy” developers to die Unique USB: FlexLight

via HTCYou: HTC Expects Strong Q2 Revenues and Shipments

via Ningin: Who st-st-stuttered better? BoA vs. Jessica 2NE1’s CL defines the difference between revealing and ‘unconventional’ outfits

via Flaunt Me: Three Step Natural

via GirlyBubble: Cute Creature Feature: Animals so cute you wish they were real

via BlitzNation: Julius Peppers’ Fate Likely To Be Decided On Thursday

via OMGHaute: Overheard at New York Fashion Week

via SwanDiary: Twihard accuses Universal of stealing Wolfman from The Twilight Saga More »

Miss something last week? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: More »

And here we are at the last week of the month of love. You might think falling in love with us was all too sudden, but I assure you that we’ll be loving you forever. How do I even start? Last week we launched a new weekly giveaway with a TVXQ The 3rd Asia Tour Concert “Mirotic” in Seoul 3DVD + Photobook + Bookmark set — courtesy of YesAsia. Not only do we love you so much, we promise to bring fun into your lives, constantly . Case-en-point? This weekend was the third round of the MLG ladder tournament. We’re also looking for volunteers for an upcoming Team Sowon vs. Team Wonderful match. Not only are we promising fun, we promise to keep you fashionable and chic with our new fashion site, OMGHaute. Also, manga lovers, you’re in for a treat with Manga Mania week coming up. Our love is true, my friends. More »

This week’s pin challenge is a little bloody and probably not for the weak-hearted. Those who have the guts to try (haha guts), this week’s challenge involves Paint Blood. Paint Blood is a game where you paint the walls of an invisible maze with the blood of your enemies to find an exit from the maze. Since this reminds us of the Saw movies, this week’s pin challenge is Saw-themed. More »

via Wirebot: Starcraft II Beta Keys Selling For 200-300 Dollars On Ebay! How to make a good Alien vs. Predator game: 3 Tips

via Ziggytek: Sony VAIO E Series: Stand-out style Unique USB: Mosquito Repeller

via HTCYou: OpenEclair 1.2.2: Android Eclair 2.1 ROM for HTC Phones

via Ningin: Check out SeungYeon’s new hairstyle! Winter Olympics: Men’s Figure Skating results

via Flaunt Me: LUSH Fresh Face Masks

via GirlyBubble: Nanami Cowdroy’s Intricate Art

via BlitzNation: Countdown to the Combine: Rob Gronkowski

via OMGHaute: New York Fashion Week: Naeem Khan

via CrazySingleLife: Craigslist Personals Ad Hall of Fame? More »

Last week your mission was to Escape the Red Giant. To escape, your challenge was to score 100K+ points to earn a Spock pin. In addition, those who scored in the top 3 earned a USS Enterprise pin. This particular challenged proved that a lot of you do indeed live long and prosper…when it comes to flash games. More »

If you want to see new video games, there’s E3. If you want to see new Apple products, there’s MacWorld. But do you know where to go if you want to see Asian Entertainment at its best, there’s Kollaboration! Yes, Kollaboration 10 is about to going down and it’s an event where you want to be! More »

Yoo Seung Chan, Kim Bum Soo, and K.Will are set to perform together on one stage in an event called “The Three Romanticists“. These three charming artists with three unique colors will create a love story on stage this March using their captivating voices. This concert will produce a variety of lovely ballads that is both soothing and familiar to listeners of Korean music. Yes, it’ll surely be breathtaking! More »

via Wirebot: The Five Best Video Games That Break The Fourth Wall Valve’s Gabe Newell may finally feel comfortable taking PS3 gamers money

via Ziggytek: Google gets CHARGED up Tengu: the USB Toy Companion

via HTCYou: Sprint 4G WiMax Smartphone by Summer: HTC Supersonic?

via Ningin: U-KISS’ Eli sets a new trend in piercing? Picture of the Day: Delicious looking ice cream tower

via Rekuru: How Much For Your Panda?

via Flaunt Me: Lauren Conrad Rocks a Hair Bow

via GirlyBubble: Sanrio Saturday: Ride the Hello Kitty Bus

via BlitzNation: Where Will Dansby Land?

via OMGHaute: New York Fashion Week: Thuy

via CrazySingleLife: Popular 50s Dating book to be given silver screen treatment

via SwanDiary: Vampire gathering sets Guinness World Record More »

via Wirebot: Starcraft II: A Dive into the New Protoss Star Wars, Indiana Jones, LocoRoco, and MotorStorm, oh my! Playstation Home explodes with content

via Ziggytek: Fujifilm 3D Camera Kiosk: Be Shot in 3-Dimensions Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D W1: 3D Digicam

via HTCYou: Saygus VPhone: First Two-Way Video Calling Android Phone

via Ningin: Random News of the Day: Girl has sex for homework Amerie’s new single “Heard’em all” features 4Minute & BEAST!

via Rekuru: Rekuru’s Fashion Find of the Day

via Flaunt Me: Liquid Liner – How to use it

via GirlyBubble: 70% off Fall Closeout sale at PlasticLand

via BlitzNation: Countdown to the Combine: Dez Bryant

via OMGHaute: New York Fashion Week: Twinkle by Wenlan More »

And now, one of the moments you’ve been waiting for all day! In all corners of the flash game ring are 4 of the Mixr League Gaming’s strongest teams made up of the best flash game players, this side of the Mixr River. It is with great pleasure that I announce to you, the official game match-up roster for round 2 of MLG Season I. More »

via Wirebot: Starcraft II: First Impressions The Geekiest Video Game Weddings

via Ziggytek: Steve Jobs Named “Mobile Industry Personality of the Year” Corsair Padlock 2 8Gb Flash Drive: Fort Knox of Flash Security

via HTCYou: Dell Mini 5 Smartphone: Headed for AT&T and T-Mobile at up to $1000?

via Ningin: Tuc’s Take: Big Bang’s Lollipop 2 C.N BLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa takes SNSD’s Seohyun on their first date!

via Rekuru: Japadog: The Japanese Hot Dog

via Flaunt Me: Luxury Meets Eco-Friendly Nail Polish

via GirlyBubble: Footloose: Adjustable High Heels

via BlitzNation: Wanted: Wide Receivers in Miami

via CrazySingleLife: Secret Admirer

via SwanDiary: Team Edward or Jacob: Twilight body pillows

via OMGHaute: New York Fashion Week: LORICK Fall 2010 More »

Now that we’ve got you under our lovespell of amazing February giveaways, we’ve made it so that you’ll be ours forever. As part of a new weekly giveaway, we’re giving away one TVXQ The 3rd Asia Tour Concert “Mirotic” in Seoul 3DVD + Photobook + Bookmark set, courtesy of YesAsia. More »

From Wirebot:

As many of you probably know, yesterday marked the start of an epic phase in the gaming world. Blizzard finally launched its Beta phase for the new Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty game. After having messed with the original Starcraft for THE LONGEST TIME (you know how long it’s been, with those outdated graphics and semi-awkward gameplay), having the chance to finally unveil this new horizon has been nothing but A+ for me so far. More »

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