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This week’s pin challenge should you choose to accept: Ninja Cubes! Ninja Cubes is a flash game that tests your ninja flash game skills. I am confident that Ninginers are in no shortage of ninja skills of any sort. The objective in Ninja Cubes is to collect as many ninja cubes as possible with your mouse cursor before time runs out. The pin challenge objective however, isn’t as easy. More »

Last week, in an effort to share the joy and the excitement of the MLG, we announced our very first weekly pin challenges. The Word Blix pin challenge, challenged everyone to score 1,000+ points while the Headspin Storybook book pin challenge challenged everyone to earn a score of 15,000+ points. Those who scored in the top 3 of each game, received special pins. More »

The official results of yesterday’s 1-day Battle of the Sexes match are in! To recap the event, the match pitted a team of 9 Mixr guys and a team 9 Mixr girls in competing against each other in a 1-day battle of…flash games. You better believe it was an intense match. For such an intense match, there’s only room for one (dominant) sex to take on the winning title. As team captain of the girl’s team I am proud to say, “We are women hear us roar!” More »

If Ningin was one big neighborhood, it seems most of us wouldn’t mind having spies as next door neighbors. Typically, it’s easy to assume that no sane person would want spies for neighbors, but I’m only making this assumption based on the results of The Spy Next Door pin game. Or, I could be totally wrong and it’s actually another movie we had all wished to do well but didn’t. More »

Can’t read my, can’t read my, no he can’t read my poker face, poker face! …but he can read The Daily Mixr:

via Wirebot: Syfy Prepping MMO/TV Hybrid “One Earth” Irrationality Returns to the Gaming World

via Ziggytek: HTC Special: Welcome to the Android Party - The Guest List WTF: The Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System

via HTCYou: Google Nexus One Disassembled

via Ningin: Wonder Girls kick off 2010 with Nobody dance contest Final Fantasy XIII….Sucks? What?!

via Flaunt Me Milani to Make Avatar-Inspired 3D Makeup

via GirlyBubble: Sanrio Saturday: Pimp your toilet, Hello Kitty style

via BlitzNation: A Peek at the 2010 NFL Draft

via SwanDiary: No True Bloodizzle for Snoop Dogg

via CrazySingleLife: Speed Dating #2 More »

This has been a long time coming (like months ago), however, we’ve been busy adding new websites to our network. We still have a few more sites to go including a fashion and movie site. That’s one fashion site and one movie site, not a site about fashion in movies. Anyway, some people felt that comments in certain areas like Blogs or Social News should be worth more than comments in forum games. That makes sense to me. Here’s a breakdown of the changes: More »

Want access to all the latest and greatest Mixr stories of the day? Use codename: The, password: Daily Mixr.

via Wirebot: Full Release: January Gaming Lineup After Action Report - Dragon Age: Origins

via Ziggytek: 50″ Samsung 1080p Plasma HDTV: Review Part 2 HTC Special: A Closer Look at the Xperia X10

via HTCYou: Google’s Nexus One: Top 10 Pluses and Minuses

via Ningin: HyunA’s Change MV is slapped with Adults-only rating Move over Mr. Scarecrow, meet the Japanese school girl scarecrow

via Rekuru: Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon

via Flaunt Me LaVaque Swarovski Crystal Tweezers

via GirlyBubble: Fashion Friday: Twitter as a fashion statement

via BlitzNation: Ochocinco Challenges Chris Johnson To A Race

via SwanDiary: Ashley Greene in bondage looks more convincing as a vampire

via CrazySingleLife: Pick-up Lines: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 1/15 More »

They say girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice and boys are made of snips, snails and puppy dog tails. In the world of Mixr League Gaming (MLG), such is not the case. MLG players are made of quick wits, intelligence and superior flash game playing skills. Some are made of these things more than others. This Saturday, Jan. 16, the MLG will host it’s first 1-day Battle of the Sexes Match to find out what our players are really made of. More »

The MLG Tournament II truly was a test of character and flash gaming spirit for a lot of MLG players. Despite a previous victory, one MLG team had to withstand harsh criticism and banter from all sides. Given today’s official results, that one team has again emerged unscathed and without major finger bruises to prove themselves winners of MLG Tournament II. That team is Team Ningin. More »

Only one month until Valentine’s Day. The Daily Mixr wants to be your Valentine. It promises to get fresh with you — as in all the top stories of the day:

via Wirebot: 10 Useless Videogame Facts (Mind = Blown) Dante’s Inferno Developer Diaries

via Ziggytek: HTC Special: HTC’s 8 Upcoming Smartphones America’s “Gadget Pulse”

via Ningin: Wonder Girls to open for Justin Bieber Lee Min Ho poses as a gay man to win over girl in new drama

via Rekuru: A Rekuru Review of The Men Who Tread on the Tiger’s Tail via Flaunt Me White Eyeliner - How To Use It

via GirlyBubble: Top 10 Cutest Websites

via BlitzNation: Previewing the Matchups: Chargers vs. Jets

via SwanDiary: 5 ways vampires could screw over the health care debate

via HTCYou: HTC Android Roster More »

From Htcyou: HTCYou is a website for you, whether you’re a big HTC fan or you’re just plain curious about the HTC world. We believe that the Google Android operating system will set standards for smartphones and will revolutionize the way that people communicate, play and organize their lives. This belief fuels HTCYou’s existence and is our reason for reaching out to you. Just as you’d use your phone to connect to friends, HTCYou is your means of connecting with people who are just like you. More »

Well everyone, the final day of the MLG Tournament II has come and gone. Unofficially, it looks like Ningin is going to dominate this tournament against BlitzKuTek again with a score of 5-2. Read on for a recap of all the happenings of day 3 of the MLG Tournament II. More »

What’s white, black and red all over? A newspaper. What’s many different colors and read all over? The Daily Mixr.

via Wirebot: Porn Legend Ron Jeremy Claims Video Games Are More Harmful Than Pornography Mass Effect 2: Alien Love Confirmed?

via Ziggytek: iPhone 4G Rumored to Launch in April Sony Introduces Eco-Friendly VAIO W Series

via Ningin: Chinese celebs before they were famous FFIX Hilda Garde vs. Neverending Story Bastian’s flight theme

via Rekuru: Stranded on Vampire Island: Higanjima live-action

via Flaunt Me The Perfect Bronzer Within Your Budget

via GirlyBubble: Now you can dress like Karen O, too!

via BlitzNation: Akers Named to Sporting News’ All-Pro Team

via SwanDiary: Vampires cover February issue of Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Male Issue

via CrazySingleLife: A way to figure out if you’re dating or hanging out? More »

Again I blog before you in pure amazement of the success Ningin is enjoying so far against BlitzKuTek in MLG Tournament II. As a quick recap of all that is happening in the MLG for this week, Ningin is playing against BlitzKuTek, a team of allied bloggers from football site, J-entertainment site and gadget site Currently Ningin is holding down 5 points vs. BlitzKuTek’s 2. More »

To Daily Mixr or not Daily Mixr, that is the question. Here are today’s top answers (stories):

via Wirebot: New Year’s Resolutions For The Gaming World at Large Rental Impressions: Left 4 Dead 2

via Ziggytek: New Year’s Resolution: Google’s Path to World Domination Tablets Steal the Show at CES

via Ningin: New fruity crab species discovered New Year’s Resolution proposal: No Autotune in 2010

via Rekuru: The Return of Plusle and Minun Reviews: Kurosawa Edition - Seven Samurai 20XX

via Flaunt Me Hair Trends to Try Off Runway Spring 2010

via GirlyBubble: Brighten up your rainy day

via BlitzNation: Andre and Chris a Part of Johnson and Johnson’s New Ad Campaign

via CrazySingleLife: The Age-Old Question: Who should pay on a date?

via SwanDiary: Yet another Kpop boy group transforms themselves into vampires More »

Last month Ningin, Wirebot and Rekuru held aNinja Assassin poster giveaway that caught the attention of many ninjas. That giveaway has recently ended and as part of my head ninja duties, I must honor the lucky ninjas that have entered and won this giveaway with great stealth. More »

Given all the excitement surrounding the MLG and new games feature on Ningin, we’ve decided to continue the excitement with a ladder. Not the kind that’ll give you bad luck if you walk under it — we mean ladder as in, a gaming ladder. The MLG Ladder Tournament, if you will. Starting Weds., Jan. 20, we’ll be kicking off a series of games to be played by four teams of both Mixr staff and users like yourself! More »

Welcome my friends to the exciting first day of MLG Tournament II. This week Ningin is playing against BlitzKuTek, a team of allied bloggers from football site, J-entertainment site and gadget site Ningin currently has the lead with 4 points to BlitzKuTek’s 2. Here’s a breakdown of what’s going on so far: More »

May The Daily Mixr be with you!

via Wirebot: Darksiders Might Be Made Into a Movie and Comic Series Project Natal: Something For Everyone?

via Ziggytek: New Year’s Resolution Special: Top 5 Suggested Google Wave Improvements Book Bytes: Third Generation E-Readers

via Ningin: Younha is human after all Ke$ha vs. 2PM: Which Tik Tok song is hotter?

via Rekuru: In the Year 3000: A Look at Japan in the Future

via Flaunt Me Maintaining Your Eyebrows… Ouch?

via GirlyBubble: Cute Creature Feature: 38 animals, 1 phone

via BlitzNation: LT Does the Electric Glide

via CrazySingleLife: The top 11 most sought after people to date according to Google More »

There’s no hope for me whatsoever. This Awesome Blog Post Overload Syndrome (ABPOS) is deeming itself to be a chronic condition. I’m having a really hard time keeping in awesome blog posts — they just keep coming out. I tried herbal tea and it still doesn’t help my situation. My doctor says that the only relief I can receive right now is if you take a moment to read the awesome blog posts that came out last week. More »

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