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From Flauntme: I am of the BB Cream philosophy that states that one shade does not fit all. Yet somehow, I was drawn to Holika Holika’s Baby Bloom Light BB Cream because of its super vague title. Is it light in color? Or does it feel light on your face? Does it emit a sort of light that gives you a ‘blooming’ glow? In hindsight, I probably should’ve just taken the time to translate the Korean product information into Korean, but you know how I am about that. (Not good.) More »

Designers at Hourglass Footwear put together this wacky pair of heels based off of the legendary hot sauce, Sriracha. These Sriracha Stilettos have a hand painted design, and you can get the design on basically any type of shoes you can think of. More »

From Ziggytek: Are you lonely or just in need of a eating buddy? MissoSoup Design has revealed a ramen bowl that can keep you company while you eat. Well, sort of. More »

From Flauntme: With my Korean skills being the equivalent of a 3rd grader, I had placed all my bets on the It’s Skin Color Play Black Jewel Lip Rouse to be the cheaper, Korean version of NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils. They look similar and if you read what English descriptions of the product are available, you wouldn’t blame me. My first stab at the It’s Skin Color Play Black Jewel Lip Rouse was with the Kiss Red. More »

From Omghaute: The New York Fashion Week can say hello to another cancellation as designer Peter Som has decided to not appear for his February 8 show at the event. More »

From Flauntme: There are all sorts of eyeliners out there, but I think have tried mostly all forms– minus the dot liner. In fact, I don’t even see those in stores (unless I was just totally oblivious). Liquid might be my enemy out of all of them, seeing as I tend to mess up my lines if my eye twitches or my hand just randomly spazzes. Yes, I clearly am not the best at eyeliner drawing. Let’s see if the Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Dot Liner in 01 Black worked any wonders for me. More »

4HIM Entertainment has been revealed that on January 22nd, actress Park Shin Hye signed to be the new endorsement model for ‘SONOVI‘. More »

From Ziggytek: Sony recently announced not too long ago about their latest update to its Walkman W series! Designed for sports addicts and swimmers, the NWD-W273 will come in the colors of black, blue and white! More »

From Flauntme: I may be 28, but I am not above beauty products endorsed by Hello Kitty, like say, Asia’s Maybelline Hello Kitty Hypercurl Volum Express Waterproof Mascara (black). My love for Hello Kitty will drive me to do crazy things. Things like wear mascara. Okay, fine. That’s not so crazy, but what’s crazy is…this is probably our first time reviewing a Maybelline mascara when Maybelline mascara is considered to be loved by many. More »

From Flauntme: On February 1st, Japan will be the ones who get the first look at Jill Stuart’s Valentine’s Day 2013 Collection. More »

On December 31st Lee Dong Wook left a message on his me2day to thank viewers and fans for the award he recently received. More »

From Ziggytek: Since just about everybody has a mobile phone nowadays, even youngsters are starting to feel the need to have one too. NTT DOCOMO has come to parents’ rescue and has created a phone specifically for pre-teens. More »

Rino, a 3 year old Japanese girl, has become a viral sensation due to the videos of her eating fancy international dishes made by her mom. While her cuteness when eating the food captures the viewers’ hearts, Emily Fleischaker of Buzzfeed points out some serious words of advice for parents. More »

Recently actress Lee Min Jung and her fan club ‘Yewon‘ participated in a ‘Make A Wish‘ charity event. More »

From Omghaute: Hello Kitty has collaborated with many different companies over the years, adding a hint of cuteness to each brands’ signature styles and products. Now, they’re working with Nooka to create high end watches with luxurious materials. More »

Now available from Taco Bell Korea - which opened in South Korea over two years ago - are the new Fiesta Bulgogi Tacos and Grilled Bulgogi Burritos, featuring what seem to be ground pieces of soy sauce-marinated beef topped with fiesta salsa, lettuce, shredded cheese and seasoned rice. More »

China has found a way to make beautiful flower-shaped cotton candy in under 4 minutes, and we’re not talking about the girl group. Find out how it’s done below! More »

Singer Han Geng has returned with a new song for the OST of movie Cloud Atlas. More »

Super Junior-M returned with 2nd album Break Down on January 7th and member Eunhyuk shared a group picture on his Twitter. More »

After testing their ‘Creamy Sriracha Sauce‘ at certain locations, Subway is now testing their ‘Sriracha Chicken Melt‘ for a limited time only. More »

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