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From Girlybubble: Japan, you’ve done it again. The Strapya Itazura Coin Bank has got to be the cutest piggy bank I’ve ever seen. Although, given that it’s just a box with a kitty or puppy that pops out to take your money, I don’t think it’d be fair to call it a piggy bank. Perhaps, a kitty or puppy bank? Another question I’ve got in mind is…why stop at kitty banks? Why not ATM machines? More »

I’ve been sitting here for the past five minutes trying to think of some funny or sarcastic thing to write about this, but honestly, I have nothing new to add. The gross horror that is a Japanese School Girl robot more or less speaks for itself. More »

Bubble wrap not doing it for you? Your OCD is driving you insane? You already shave your cat twice today? Then maybe you should try the Mugen Tokoroten. It simulates squeezing sea algae. More »

Taiwanese drama Autumn’s Concerto has been garnering much attention for its interesting plot and charming characters. Add Xiao Xiao Bin to the cast and you get the most charming of them all: little Xiao Le who is looking for his “alien” dad. More »

December 10th is Apology Day in Japan. No, you don’t get a day off of work for it, nor are the stores filled with fun filled “I’m sorry I stole your soba” cards. But its a holiday none the less. More »

Did you know that not all Asian look alike? Frightening. For instance only 50% of East Asian have double eyelids. What are double eyelids? Well it’s where it looks like you have two eyelids. Duh. As you can see in the picture to the left, having a double eyelid makes a massive difference in the way you look. If you don’t have double eyelids you might as well just resign yourself to a life of living alone with 50 cats in your parents basement. In fact that makes perfect sense… single eyelids… single for life… hmm… More »

From Swandiary: It’s quite possible that the latest addition to The Vampire Diaries cast, Kelly Hu, might just be the first Asian vampire on the small screen. According to E! Online, she’ll make her debut on Jan. 28 as an apothecary named Pearl. Apothecaries can be vampires, right? The kind that sell vervain on the black market, perhaps? While it’s not clear if she’ll be among the living dead or plain human, I really think it’s time that we see a vampire of Asian descent. So far, most major Hollywood vamps have been of the European variety. More »

From Rekuru:

As Kamikaze Girls (Tetsuya Nakashima, 2004) [orig. "Shimotsuma Story," based on the excellent book by Novala Takemoto] opens, its heroine Momoko, wearing a frilly dress while speeding along on a motor scooter, is struck by an oncoming produce truck. The End. But to understand how things came to this pass, it’s necessary to back up a little–to Rococo-era France. More »

Japanese cosmetics pioneer Shu Uemura has once said, “Beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin.” I may not be a beauty expert, but I respond with, “Beauty web sites start with Ningin specials dedicated to Asian beauty because Ningin is a community of beautiful people.” Obviously, Mr. Uemura is more of the wordsmith when it comes to beauty. As of today, our newest Mixr sibling site FlauntMe, will be your one-stop destination for all things related to beauty, regardless of what color you are. To celebrate FlauntMe’s launch, we’ve got a lot of fun blog posts dedicated to Asian beauty planned! More »

From Girlybubble: I knew nothing good would’ve ever come out of a Paris Hilton endorsement of Hello Kitty. To me it was trouble from the beginning. Now that Hello Kitty’s recently turned 35, I feel as if she’s quickly approaching some sort of almost-mid-life crisis. For starters, she was recently snapped up by papz with an exposed heart-shaped nipple. Let’s not even start with the Hello Kitty nipple tassles. What’s next Hello Kitty, rehab? A sex tape? More »

From Rekuru:

When it comes down to it, a title can make or break an anime. You may not think so at first but when trying to find a new anime to watch amidst a sea of titles, an interesting sounding title can be more than enough reason to check it out. Of course, a bad title can do quite the opposite. Imagine how well recieved Cowboy Bebop would have been had it been called Super Happy Bounty Hunter Time! So with that in mind, I present five anime who’s titles can only be described as ill-conceived. More »

Policemen in Nagoya, Japan have found a way to catch purse snatchers without involving innocent bystanders: by cross dressing as women. More »

From Rekuru:

This isn’t the place to discuss being a foreigner in Japan: a quick search will turn up a million blogs (possibly even my own) started up by foreign exchange students, drifters and playboys who discovered to their amazement that (gasp!) the experience is pretty strange. I’m more interested in how Japanese view foreigners, and–supporting my thesis that it is a great way to learn about Japan–anime provides some striking examples. More »

From Rekuru:

Disclaimer: I had hoped to do a write-up for this restaurant but due to time (and especially budgetary constraints) that was not to be. Despite that, I’ve decided to go ahead with the article to give everyone a head’s up on an interesting restaurant to check out if you’re ever in the NYC area. More »

From Girlybubble: A recent trip to Youtube suggests that someone has actually taken what I try to explain often here, and turned it into a Youtube tutorial, called How To Be Kawaii. If you’ve just caught on, “kawaii” (ka-why-ee) is basically the Japanese word for cute. My first reaction in watching this is, can you really teach a person how to be cute? More »

From Girlybubble: Not to be confused with Jpop singer Hiromi Sato, artist Hiromi Sato makes some of the cutest, most girly, illustrated artwork I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, due to my lack of Japanese knowledge, there isn’t much I could find about her background. What you can discern from her illustrations is that she creates art that appeals to simple childhood fantasy. For me, it seems like everything that was great about my childhood is represented in a lot of her illustrations. More »

In the West we often don’t view tofu eaters very well. Probably due to a deep distrust of people who won’t eat a chicken wing when offered one. The East on the other hand has no problems with people eating tofu. It’s just part of the usual diet. But recently certain tofu makers are trying to break out of the soggy tofu mold that they’ve put themselves in by making tofu more ‘manly.’ More »

One of my first experiences in Japan was visiting a public bathroom at my local university. After a long flight I felt the very strong urge to spend some quality time alone, sitting in deep thought about my journey to Asia. I didn’t spend all that much time thinking before I become increasingly aware of the sound of running water coming from my stall. While very relaxing in itself, I became overly paranoid that the high tech toilet would erupt on me. More »

From Wirebot:

Welcome back to another exciting installment of Games You’ve Probably Never Heard Of. This week (in honor of the release of Ninja Assassin) we take a look at some horrible ninja, assassin, and samurai games, from the world of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. More »

Trying to be a ninja without ninja supplies? If you are about to go shopping for ninja items, check this out! You’ll be thankful. More »

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