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Shrink got a bad Rottentomatoes score which is a surprise to me. It has a decent cast of Kevin Spacey and Mark Webber and the IMDB score is 7.6. Without seeing it, I pegged this movie as one of those artsy, intellectual type – the ones that critics go for. I’m not sure what the disparity is, but 21% is the score. More »

G-Force didn’t turn out to be a good movie. Though a lot of you expected it to be good judging by your guesses. Remember, movies that appeals to the masses tend to not appeal to the critics. Rottentomatoes only gave it 18%. That’s um…higher than I expected to be quite honest. We’ve had quite a string of bad movies for pin games lately. More »

Rain’s highly anticipated (or not) movie, Ninja Assassin has released a trailer and I must say that it looks awesome despite of some doubts I had before. More »

China’s J.A. Media Group and Bruce Lee’s family will present the world with a trilogy biopic on Bruce Lee.

The films will be produced by Li Chen and executive produced by Manfred Wong. The only actor that is known to star in the movie so far is Tony Leung Ka-Fai as Bruce Lee’s father. Zhang Yimou is reported to be the director of this three part biopic and the first movie will have an initial investment of approximately $7.3 million. More »

I’m sure you guys know about the upcoming movie, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Some of you are excited to see the movie and some of you are dreading it for various reasons. I just hope the movie turns out as great as the released ‘poster’ picture on the left. More »

Good news for Twihards that happen to dig manga and graphic novels: This week a sketch from the Official Twilight graphic novel series leaked. Yen Press along with Stephenie Meyer have given artist Young Kim their blessings to create the Official Twilight graphic novel series. No word yet on a release date, but you can view more sketches in the July 17 issue of EW Magazine. Personally, I’d much rather have my Edward Cullen in celluloid form (or real life, whichever I can get), but he doesn’t look bad as a sketch: More »

At the strong urging of Missy Kim, we’re going to have a G-Force movie pin game. Regular movie goers have probably seen the awesome trailer. Regular Girlybubble readers might have also read Missy Kim’s ecstatic endorsement of the movie. I didn’t learn until recently that there is an Asian connection - albeit small one - to warrant this pin game. That small connection is James Huang who plays Agent #2. Good enough for me! More »

The Shrink movie, starring Kevin Spacey and Mark Webber, comes out in limited release next Friday. Mei Melancon, and her seemingly perfect facial symmetry, will be playing the part of Miyu in Shrink. Some of you might remember her as Psylocke in the X-Men 3 movie. It’s kinda a stretch for a movie pin game, but we haven’t had one awhile. More »

The new remake of the Karate Kid movie stars Jackie Chan as the beloved character Mr. Miyagi and Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s son if you didn’t know) filling the role of his student, Daniel LaRusso. More »

You’re Vanessa Hudgens. In an attempt to let the public forget you took nude pictures of yourself, you’re often snapped by the paps coming to or from the gym, with your mom or with Zac Efron, your equally beautiful, squeaky clean boyfriend. You also just graduated from Disney’s High School Musical. What do you do next with your career? More »

Originally released on DVD back in 2002, the Escaflowne movie is basically a retelling of the original 26 episode series into a 98 minute time slot. More »

You know we thought Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs was a bad movie. When I wrote up the pin game results for that it was at 35% and has been steadily climbing to 44% now. Not the case for Blood: The Last Vampire. When I first wrote up this pin game it was at 29%. On Weds when the contest ended, it was at 25% (see screenshot). At the time of this writing it’s at 18%. More »

From the people who brought you Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police, Robo-Geisha looks promising to bring you tons of gore, unique fighting scenes, and a strange story. More »

NCM Fathom and Bandai Entertainment teams up to bring you the English dub of Eureka Seven- Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers to select movie theaters for one day only. More »

Jordan Nagai’s Up movie has grossed $264 million in the US since its release five weeks ago. Well, it’s a Pixar movie so that’s not much of a surprise. Then I was thinking, that’s a pretty high number for an Asian lead and if it was possible that Jordan Nagai, an 8-year-old kid and first time actor could be the top grossing Asian actor in the United States!! More »

Blood: The Last Vampire is set to come out in limited release on July 10th and a wide release on July 17th across the US. Ningin has covered this anime remake quite a bit since it debut in Japan during May. Based on the initial reviews on Rottentomatoes and IMDB, the movie hasn’t been critically accepted but the fans of the anime seem to like it. But it’s an Asian movie, with lots of Asian actors, and based on an Asian movie. In other words, it’s time for a movie pin game! More »

JAPAN CUTS returns for the third year in a row! Known for being the only large-scale annual Japanese film festival in North America, JAPAN CUTS brings Japan’s newest films to New York City with 27 screenings, 18 premiere films, 7 special guests, and 2 parties. Presented by Japan Society from June 30-July 12, JAPAN CUTS is chock full of exclusive Q&As with filmmakers, special events and more. Films screened between July 1-5 are co-presented with the New York Asian Film Festival and the awesome team at Subway Cinema. More »

THE LAST AIRBENDER teaser trailer is now out… The only action I got out of this is muttering “Ang ain’t white” to myself. Other than that, this trailer’s a real yawner. I see more impressive martial arts from 1970s movies on TV during Sunday afternoons. Someone might say it’s just the teaser trailer and not a whole fight scene, but the teaser trailer is supposed to get me excited, right? And this really doesn’t. More »

Today’s the big day — opening nite for the New York Asian Film Festival! Kicking off 2009 will be WRITTEN BY from writer/director Wai Ka-fai, who will be live in and in person all the way from Hong Kong tonight. The rumors are true that Lau Ching-wan has canceled his appearances in New York City due to fear of swine flu. (Yes. Really.) Tonight’s screening is sold out at the IFC Center, so please stop messaging for help buying tickets. I can’t help you. No one can now. But Wai Ka-fai will be attendance at all three screening of WRITTEN BY. Speaking of which, we have our NYAFF ticket winners! More »

In New York City, it’s that time of the year again. When birds are singing, Central Park is abuzz, drunk people wander around the Lower East Side all nite long, and it’s time for Asian films! Subway Cinema is once again throwing the New York Asian Film Festival with a monster schedule this year. (Check it here.) To sweeten up the summer even more, Subway Cinema and Ningin are combining forces to give out TWELVE free tickets to (almost) any screening of the NYAFF. How do you win? Easy. Follow these instructions and no one gets hurt: More »

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