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From Rekuru: In the beginning of the month, mini released a video for her digital single, “Two of Us“. Turns out said video was only a preview. So yes, there is in fact more and the singer has recently followed up with the release of the full video. Enjoy! More »

From Rekuru: Girl group AKB48 is busy preparing for the release of their full original album on April 6th. A total sixteen songs will be in this upcoming album including their popular hits like “Heavy Rotation”, “Beginner”, and “Chance no Junban”. More »

From Rekuru: Kuraki Mai’s “1000 Mankai no Kiss” will be released on March 9. Seems like a while, but the singer recently released a PV preview to hopefully tide you over until then. Enjoy! More »

From Rekuru: Not again! With the news about AKB48’s Oku Manami leaving the group, it seems that another member will withdraw from the AKB family. 10th generation research student, Kanazawa Yuuki decided to depart from the group but before that she left a message to her fans. More »

2NE1 signed with Avex back in October, and come the springtime this year they will be debuting with the Japanese version to their hit song, Go Away! More »

From Rekuru: It’s been officially announced via AKB48’s Official Blog that Oku Manami will graduate soon from the group. She left a message for her fans who supported her ’till the now. It read, More »

From Rekuru: VERBAL’s first ever solo album, “VISIONAIR“, is coming out next month on March 16! Are you excited? Even if you already are, avex wants to hype you up even more and they have a surefire proven way to do so (like all other recording companies)–release a teaser! Without further ado, check out the preview for “Some Other Place feat. Drake“, a song off the upcoming album. More »

It was recently announced through a press conference that starting March 29th, Supernova will begin teaching Korean through their new show “Korean Lessons Through the Television,” twice a week on ‘NHK.’ More »

From Rekuru: After unveiling their PV for “Ichinen Nikagetsu Hatsuka“, BRIGHT already has their sights set on yet another release. The song, “LOVE ~Aru Ai no Katachi~” was composed by Saeki youthK and features lyrics written by Kitajima Rei. It’s currently uncertain as to whether or not the new song will be released a single. But let’s not worry about the little details–check out the newly released preview! More »

From Rekuru: Team Z consists of older members from different groups such as AKB48, SDN48 and SKE48. Their song “Koi no Onawa” has just been released! More »

From Rekuru: Rock band THE BAWDIES has just announced that they will be making a collaboration with no other than pop diva Al for their upcoming single, “LOVE YOU NEED YOU feat. AI” which is to be released on March 30th. More »

From Rekuru: Kiryu’s alter-ego group, MY DRAGON, has followed up their recent release of “Nijigen Complex” this month with a wacky PV that features the members dressed up in…pretty crazy costumes. Well, in general, the PV is pretty crazy. Scratch the “pretty” in the last sentence. Oh, just watch the video–you’ll see what I mean. More »

From Rekuru: After around two years of waiting, fans are now excited for CROSSFAITH’s return! CROSSFAITH will be releasing their upcoming album “The Dream The Space” on April 20th. Moreover, they will have their American debut on March 29th. The group has already performed at “Loud Park” together with foreign artists and now it’s time for them to step up and make it into the market overseas. More »

With a lot of artists in Asian entertainment, sometimes we cannot keep track of who is releasing what and when. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most anticipated releases in this week. The title of each release links to you to YesAsia for more information or for preorder, because YesAsia is of course the best and most convenient place to order Asian entertainment online. More »

From Rekuru: Boy band KAT-TUN will be releasing a new song for KANEBO’s new CM. This new song will be titled, “WHITE“. As from the title itself, it will be used in promoting KANEBO’s new whitening products. The song is said to have a lively melody with some backing vocals. More »

From Rekuru: Idol group Arashi, recently released a radio rip of their new song “Boom” “Boom”. “Boom” “Boom” is the third track on their upcoming single, “Lotus” which is to set to be released on the 23rd. More »

From Rekuru: It has been reported that Eita’s father committed suicide on Feburary 16th. There was also a note that was left behind by his father that read, “Eita, you will be the chief mourner and I’m sorry for troubling you”. More »

From Rekuru:

Arashi has finally released the music video for their new song Lotus - which is also the theme song to member Aiba’s new drama. Finally, I’ve been waiting for this music video for so long! One because it’s the theme song for my favorite member’s drama. And, ever since they released the full song, I’ve been obsessed with it. The choreography is amazing - I especially love they way they entered in the beginning. More »

From Rekuru:

For those of you who simply can’t wait until March 23 for °C-ute’s upcoming album to come out, I bear good news (as you can guess from the title)! The members seem to have taken pity on you and recently played two tracks from “Chou WONDERFUL!” in full on their radio show. Aren’t they simply wonderful? Check out songs “Sanban Hoomu San Ryoume” and “Chou WONDERFUL!” via radio rips below! More »

After announcing that After School was collaborating with famous JPOP singer Namie Amuro for their Japanese debut, fans were put into excitement mode. Then, a few days later the PV teaser for “Make It Happen” was released. Now, the full PV has been released and it’s great! More »

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