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From Rekuru: You’ve seen the PV preview for SKE48’s title track, “Banzai Venus” (you should watch it if you haven’t), but the stream of teasers aren’t over yet–the girls have yet another PV preview for you, this time for “Dareka no Sei ni wa Shinai“, which will be available in their “Regular Edition B” CD. Take a look! More »

From Rekuru: Singer/songwriter Immi, who is known to be an electronic artist, recently revealed a demo version of her song, “KNOCKOUT“, via her Twitter. More »

From Rekuru: Even if you weren’t previously aware, you’ve probably caught on by now that pop-rock Kamiki Aya will be coming out with a new mini-album called “EVILÄLIVE“. Since the release is planned for March 9, now would also be a good time to check out the newly revealed covers, tracklist, and the title track’s PV to see if Kamiki’s upcoming work is up your alley. More »

From Rekuru: Although we have to wait another month for SKE48‘ upcoming single, “Banzai Venus“, to hit the shelves, the girls have been kind to reveal a preview of the energetic PV for the title track. Check it out–you don’t want to miss the sight of around 1000 fans and extras dancing along to the upbeat song. More »

From Rekuru: A few days ago, a preview of visual kei band Kagrra’s PV for “Chigiri” was released. The song is off their farewell album, “Hyakki Kenran”. Since this is quite possibly the last PV they will ever produce (unless there’s a surprise release), you should savor the newly released full PV as much as you can. More »

From Rekuru: Namie Amuro’s recently filmed a CM for “Coca Cola Zero” titled “WILD RACE“, which is appropriate since it shows her atop a motorcycle laying waste to a bunch of robotic foes, also on motorcycles. The commercial features Amuro’s song, “Wonder Woman feat. AI & Anna Tsuchiya“, which will be released in her upcoming collaboration album. Look for that on March 23 and the full commerical on February 14, but in the meantime, check out a preview of the CM and some behind-the-scene footage. More »

From Rekuru: After nearly a year, momo, the 14-year-old with a lot of names (Kawakami Momoko/Momonaki/Momo) will release her fourth single, which just happens to be the song she will make her major debut with. You can preview the track, “Daisuki da yo”, through a segment of a radio broadcast that was recently aired. More »

Who doesn’t enjoy a good romantic song whether it be about relationships, love or heart-break? Here is a list of 10 romantic Asian songs that I think fit into Valentine’s Day. They might not all be about great relationships but they do talk about love. In no particular order. More »

From Rekuru: Singer aiko will be releasing her first compilation albums in stores on February 23. Not only will it include all her hit songs, but the album will also contain a couple new tracks. On the first press of “Matome I” and “Matome II,” she announced that her new song, “Radio,” will be added to her ‘best-of’ albums. More »

From Rekuru: This is just disgusting. A man was arrested in Japan on suspicion of indecent assault after inappropriately touching high school girls while posing as a scout for AKB48. Koichi Matsuo, 28, is accused of fondling an 18 year old high school girl in a bathroom in a public park. He allegedly approached the girl who was walking alone on a nearby street asking if she wanted to be a member of AKB48. She was put off by his attitude, and so he said “If you reject what I’m saying, I’ll have to be firm about it,” and took her forcefully to the bathroom. He has admitted to these accusations. More »

From Rekuru: Kuroyume is on their road back to their long-awaited return, and they have just created their official YouTube channel. They have already released two videos. The first is of the two members having a photoshoot, and the second is of the two practicing. Be sure to check out the two videos and suscribe to their channel. Check their channel here! More »

From Rekuru: The title says it all: KAT-TUN will have another song, titled “WHITE,” for you all to listen to soon enough. While the song will be featured in an upcoming “SOFINA Whitening Lotion” CM, the band itself will unfortunately not be making an appearance. But that’s okay, because it’s been said that “WHITE” will have “a very cool tune and lyrics.” As long as the song is good, right? More »

From Rekuru: DIVA , one of AKB48’s many sub-units, contributed a catchy dance number song for Type-B of AKB48’s upcoming single, “Sakura no Ki ni Narou“. Although the neither the song nor PV have been officially released, there is a low quality version being spread around the internet. Check it out if you don’t mind a bit of blurriness and can’t wait until the February 16 release date. More »

From Rekuru: Girl singer Nishino Kana’s last stage of her first nation hall tour, titled “Kanayan Tour 2011~Summer~“, has recently been revealed. She will be holding the live concert at Nippon Budokan on the 8th of September. The tour starts on July 29th at Toda City Cultural Hall, with a total of 16 stages. More »

With a lot of artists in Asian entertainment, sometimes we cannot keep track of who is releasing what and when. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most anticipated releases in this week. The title of each release links to you to YesAsia for more information or for preorder, because YesAsia is of course the best and most convenient place to order Asian entertainment online. More »

The girls earlier returned to Japan on February 3rd to continue their Japanese promotions. Despite the ongoing dispute, the girls of KARA seem happy as ever and luckily enough we have proof. During their recording for their new drama, URAKARA, Tokyo TV’s live broadcast of ‘7 Star Bratch’ revealed behind-the-scenes footage of the members. More »

Fuji TV has recently unveiled KARA’s plane seating on their recent flight to Japan on the 3rd. KARA’s seating plan has since become a hot topic amongst fans. More »

Despite Kara having to face some problems they were still able to release their new CF into Japan’s airwaves. Kara teamed up together with Japan’s aesthetics company, TBC to headline their campaign, “Kirei wa, TBC kara” (“Beauty comes from TBC”). The word “Kara” means from. It was also placed in the slogan in to further promote Kara as spokespersons. More »

Today’s song of the day, courtesy of kpoplover1215, features Alice Nine’s “Stargazer.” A rock-dance song, the repetitive phrase “starlight” makes this a recommended catchy track to check out below. More »

Big Bang will be heading to Japan for their tour on May. According to a report in Sankei Sports, Big Bang will be releasing their new Japanese track on April and will be starting their tour on May 10 and 11 at Osaka followed by Tokyo from May 13 to 15 and lastly at Nagoya on May 17 and 18. More »

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