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From Rekuru: flumpool’s upcoming album, “Fantasia of Life Stripe,” is set to drop on January 26, and they’re released a rather ingenuous CM in order to promote it. Check it out! More »

From Rekuru: Rock band SuG has recently released their their newest single, “Crazy Bunny Coaster,” along with their PV for the track. The video features a fun amusement park theme with wild roller coasters and weird rides so check it out below! More »

From Rekuru: Vidoll, a visual-kei band, is breaking up in May. The news broke one day before their latest album, “BEST,” was released. The members say that their musical perspectives is what led them to the disbanding. Vocalist Jui has since announced that he will be going solo and has gained popularity in the US and Europe, dubbing him “the next Gackt.” Too bad for the group. I’m sorry to say that there will never be another Gackt. More »

From Rekuru: V-last will be releasing their newest single come January 26th, until then they have released a short preview for their PV Taishou Nenrei 15 Sai Miman (対象年齢15歳未満). Check it out below. More »

From Rekuru: It hasn’t been too long since reporters got a

Having only recently revealing he will be releasing his first solo Japanese Album after signing with Avex Entertainment, details of SS501′s Kim Hyung Joon’s March album have now been revealed as well. More »

From Rekuru: YUI’s back with another music video!! Your Heaven - check it out below! More »

From Rekuru: AKB48’s sub group, Watarirouka Hashiritai, is set to release their newest single Valentine Kiss come February 2nd. They have already released their PV, check it out below. More »

From Rekuru: Idol group, AKB48 officially announced that they have formed a new unit named “Not Yet” consisting of members Ohshima Yuko, Kitahara Rie, Sashihara Rino, and Yokoyama Yui. They are scheduled to release the debut single, “Shumatsu Not yet” on March 16th. More »

Today’s song of the day, courtesy of swtgrllubzyooh, features JYJ’s “With You Always.” The first track off their “The…” album, the beautiful instrumental sounds combine nicely with their soothing vocals, creating a perfect emotional ballad. More »

From Rekuru: Never thought it could be done right? Especially Transformers since it requires so much work. You have to be able to transform from car to robot, and when a person is wearing it, you have to make it so that it’s easy for the human to fold into a car shape of the costume. But these guys really pulled it off well, don’t you think? More »

From Rekuru: Yamashita Tomohisa performed “Hadakanbo” on Arashi TV’s program, Music Station last January 21th. Fans went crazy because this was his first time performing this song live after officially releasing the song which happened two days ago. More »

From Rekuru: AKB48 member Itano Tomomi’s title song for her debut single, “Dear J,” has already been released and well-received by fans, but the singer isn’t quite done yet! The single is set to drop in three different versions (Type-A, Type-B, and Type-C), each of which will feature a different follow-up song (”Tunnel,” “Stay By My Side,” and “Thank You” respectively). Previews of these songs have hit the net, so check them out! More »

After having announced that 4minute will be releasing their first release of 2011, “Why,” on March 2nd, a preview of their song has now been released via their official Japanese website. More »

4minute has announced that they will be releasing a song titled “Why” on March 2 and will be the theme song for the TV Asahi drama, “Akutou~Juuhanzai Sousahan.” More »

From Rekuru: Recochoku asked its users to vote on which song bests encourages students to do better in their studies. The winners of the poll has been announced. Check it out! More »

From Rekuru: I have to say, I am in love with this Visual Kei jrock group. Alice Nine is a great band with a really unique voice. And, the guitarist and the lead singer are very very pretty. Ok, they are all pretty. Especially their hair. And especially in this new music video of theirs - Gemini. More »

From Rekuru: Doesn’t March 2nd seem awfully far off in the future? It may be an agonizing wait until the day Koda Kumi’s upcoming album, “Dejavu,” is set to drop, but fans might take comfort in knowing that they can now see previews of three of the upcoming promotional videos for said album. Hopefully the full versions will come out before March 2 too, eh? More »

From Rekuru: My favorite Japanese actress - Horikita Maki. She’s one of the best, and guess what? She’ll be starring in Fuji TV’s Kakashi - Drama Special! This drama is based off a 1977 song by the singer Masashi Sada. Apparently, it’s not the first time that one of his works was made into a drama. Which means, that this drama special will be superb. Right right? More »

From Rekuru: Visual-kei band, VIDOLL has recently announced that they will disband this May due to the members each having different opinions in music with different ideas for the future. Some members will be running a ranch or a bar, and Jui, the band’s vocalist will start his own solo career. The members don’t think this is a bad thing, they actually think it’s a positive disbandment so they have asked their fans to watch over the members. More »

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