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From Rekuru: Starting January 17th, we will be seeing the Visual Kei band Versailles in a midnight mini drama called “Onegai Kanaete Versailles“.The lead of the drama is no other than Koike Rina, and she will be playing as Fukurokojo Rin, a poor yet beautiful girl. More »

From Rekuru: On February 2nd, AKB48’s sub-unit Watarirouka Hashiritai will be launching their 7th single. It has been reported that the single will actually be a cover of Kokusho Sayuri’s “Valentine Kiss” way back in 1986. More »

From Rekuru: Many celebrities danced to Kara’s “Mister” but recently, actor Miura Haruma was filmed at the Super Handsome Live 2010 event shaking his butt off!. Check out the video below! More »

We’ve already heard part of the Japanese version of Yunho and Changmin’s “Keep Your Head Down” due to a recently released PV teaser. Who’s ready for some more HoMin goodness in Japanese? If you mentally (or verbally) replied “me” to that question, be sure to check out the preview of the DBSK duo’s “MAXIMUM” in Japanese! More »

In a recent poll on a Japanese mobile ranking service, “NTT docomo – Mina no Koe,” fans were asked to rank who was the most beautiful girl group of all time, regardless of them being active or disbanded. The South Korean idol group “Shoujo Jidai” (SNSD) was able to snatch away first place with majority of the votes, just above fellow group “KARA.” More »

From Rekuru: Looking to kick off the new year with KAT-TUN? Not a problem. The group stars in a brand new CM for “Logtomo,” a social networking site, which starting airing on the first day of the new year! More »

From Rekuru: Japanese adult movie actress Maria Ozawa or Miyabi has been under the radar of a militant group of Islamic defenders these past few days. The actress was shouted out, had her movie posters ripped up and burnt and was even threatened to be kidnapped. More »

From Rekuru: R&B;artists So’Fly will start with a new work for their theme “Believe”. Before anything else, they will be releasing a new single titled “iBLIEVE~hoshi ni negai wo” that is scheduled to be released on February 23rd. Like their last single, this will be all about the keyword “Believe”. At the same time, member GIORGIO “13″ CANCEMI (MC) is preparing for an event called “GIRLZ & BOYZ vol.3” that will held in Shibuya. So far, the guest list includes So’Fly and NERDHEAD, so stay tuned for more information about the guest list! More »

From Rekuru: Scheduled to premiere on January 11th (inheriting the time slot of “Freeter”), this upcoming drama called “CONTROL” stars two famous actors, Matsushita Nao and Fujiki Naohito. Teaser clip has been released, and watch it below! More »

From Rekuru: Boy Band, Hey!Say! JUMP held their first 2011 live concert in Yokohama Arenalast January 2. Performing third year in a row in the venue, the concert was said to be part of their live tour, “Hey!Say! JUMP ‘Arigatou’~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~ WINTER CONCERT 2010~2011“. Their live tour was able to expand from 3 cities with 16 stages. More »

From Rekuru: J-Pop idol group Arashi was invited to this special event for the second time, and on top of that, they acted as hosts! They had a huge honor to perform their own special medley just for the 61st Kohaku Uta Gassen. More »

We’ve already gotten the full MV for the Korean version of Yunho and Changmin’s title track Keep Your Head Down, but we’re still waiting on a video for the Japanese version (as well as the full audio). Judging from the recently released PV teaser, the video’s going to feature the same footage as the Korean version, but take a look at it anyway to get a few listens to the song in Japanese. More »

From Rekuru: Japanese pop diva, Ayumi Hamasaki married an Austrian actor, Manuel Schwarz on January 1, 2011.The announcement was posted on her exclusive fan site,”TeamAyu” on January 2nd. She wrote: “On January 1st 2011, I registered my marriage at a tiny chapel in America. My partner is Many who is known as ‘Danna-han’ (= hubby). I would say he became my ‘Last angel’.More »

From Rekuru: Just last November, it was reported that the talent/model Natsukawa Jun had an engagement with his boyfriend and in New Years Eve she revealed through her blog that she registered her marriage officially. More »

With a lot of artists in Asian entertainment, sometimes we cannot keep track of who is releasing what and when. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most anticipated releases in this week. The title of each release links to you to YesAsia for more information or for preorder, because YesAsia is of course the best and most convenient place to order Asian entertainment online. More »

It was only yesterday that the full audio for the latest DBSK track ‘Keep Your Head Down.’ Now the duo is back with yet another release and this time it is the full music video for the song. With special effects and thrilling scenes, the boys just continue to flaunt their sexiness. More »

From Rekuru: It was recently reported in the gossip magazine “Friday” that Mukai Osamu was in a relationship with Tsubaki Kotono , and on December 31 Mukai Osamu made a blog entry denying the rumor. More »

From Rekuru: Exile has recently announced their five big projects this 2011. More »

From Rekuru: L’Arc-en-Ciel will celebrate their 20th anniversary this 2011 and to mark the special occasion they revealed three special announcements. More »

From Rekuru: There was a speculation that spread recently that Morning Musume’s 9th Generation members would be Kanon, Ikuta Erina, and Sayashi Riho and one member of the Hello! Project Eggs, Fukumura Mizuki. It was confirmed not too long ago that they are indeed the four new members. More »

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