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From Rekuru: After releasing the single, “Wasureta Kunakute“ earlier this year, pop singer Maria has announced that she will be releasing a new single called “Good bye Good day“ on January 26, 2011. More »

From Rekuru: AKB48’s sub unit, French Kiss consisting of Kuramochi Asuka, Kashiwagi Yuki, and Takajo Aki has previously announced that they would be releasing their 2nd single “If” for January 19. Now the preview for their PV “If” was announced through Mezamashi TV. More »

From Rekuru: When members of T-ara and Supernova (or Choshinsei) released a collaboration named TTL (Time To Love) last year, the response was explosive–the song not only gained many fans, but it managed to top Korean music charts. It turns out Japanese artist Tamaki Nami was also a big fan of TTL, so much that her newest single, Missing You~Time To Love~ is actually a cover of it in Japanese. As Choshinsei and Nami actually happens to be under the same music label, she was able to convince members Kwangsu, Jihyuk, and Geonil to rap in her own version. More »

From Rekuru: If you are a Youtube subscriber of Apple Girl Kim Yeo Hee, then you would’ve noticed that she uploaded a new video on December 22nd on her personal account. Singing a cover for Utada Hikaru’s “First Love,” check out how she did below! More »

It’s been a while since popular trio JYJ separated from their former company SM Entertainment. For a year and a half, it was as if the fans were put on an out of control roller coaster ride - sometimes it seemed like everything would be perfect again, then article would appear talking about a new lawsuit against JYJ, then their English album The Beginning was released and all the US fans were excited to finally see their idols on stage in home country, but then they couldn’t get their working visas and the management had a problem with venues - let’s stop there; I could go on and on and on about the injustices SM Entertainment did to DBSK and their fans. More »

From Rekuru: After news of Ayumi Hamasaki producing AAAs leader Urata Naoya solo single came about, after keeping her fans and AAA fans waiting, the song and PV have finally been unveiled! More »

From Rekuru: It was recently revealed that Kuriyama Chiaki would be singing the theme song for the manga adopted to an anime “LEVEL E.“ Although the series doesn’t start until January 10 and the single doesn’t release until January 26, fans anticipating this can now catch a feel for it below as the PV has just been released! More »

As 2010 is coming to a close, we’re calling the best of the best, the record-breakers, and the crowd favorites to Ningin’s End of the Year Awards! And the nominees for Best Artist are… More »

Forgive me for making this extraordinarily Korean-pop-centric, but as it is the one thing I know best in Asian pop, you’ll have to bear with me. It has been a momentous year for Korean pop, at least, though there have been extreme strides made in Japanese pop and Chinese pop. Keep reading for some of the biggest moments. More »

From Rekuru: S/mileage, a group consisting of four former Hello! Pro Egg members, recently released a radio rip of the full preview of their single, “Shortcut“. Check it out below!: More »

From Rekuru: Singer and song writer YUI recently unveiled the track list and cover of her newest double A single, “It’s My Life / Your Heaven” which will be released on January 26, 2011. More »

You know you’ve made it big when the adult film industry takes your on stage persona and, well, does dirty things with it. Recently, a Japanese adult video company revealed their take on Girls Generation’s “Genie” concept with their own set of female actresses wearing marine outfits. More »

From Rekuru: We’ve previously posted about Ohmomo Miyoko stating via Twitter that her ex-husband had an affair with Kuniko Asagi . On December 22nd, Asagi Kuniko admitted that she really dated Ohmomo Miyoko’s Ex-Husband, Yamaji Toru even before their divorce. More »

From Rekuru: Tomomi Itano, of AKB48, has released her solo song, “Dear J,” and the PV preview. Well, I guess she didn’t release it since it was linked via radio rip, but her fans are still happy. The song itself seems very techno-y to me. I like her voice, and the song is pretty catchy. The PV is very like Namie Amuro, and it kind of bothers me. In the preview, you see all these boy fans, so it’s safe to assume the single will sell well. Check out the song and preview below! More »

From Rekuru: TOKYO GIRL’S STYLE, a five member group created by Avex Trax made a statement previously that they would be unveiling their 5th single, “Love like candy floss” on February 9th. What’s fascinating is that, it’s actually a cover of SweetS originally way back in 2004. Check out the PV below: More »

From Rekuru: Berryz Koubou, a Hello!Project group, will make their first United States appearance at Sakura-Con this year. The event will be held at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center in Seattle for April 22nd-24th in 2011, so those of you that can should attend! Some of these girls started as back-up dancers for W, a subunit of Morning Musume, and some were in some units with Morning Musume members. Now the girls are their own group and trying hard to get out of Morning Musume’s shadow. I haven’t heard a lot about this group, but I hope with their appearance they can receive more love in the future! More »

From Rekuru: “Uta-Net”,the biggest site in Japan for lyrics recently released their yearly rankings of the most searched song lyrics this 2010. Check out the results below: More »

From Rekuru: Kobukuro, a pop duo previously announced that they will release their new single, “Blue Bird” on February 16, 2011. More »

From Rekuru: JASMINE, an R&B;artist will be releasing her 6th single on February 2,2011. She went all the way to New York just to be able to work with Grammy-winning producing team Stargate. Her newest single, ONE is the result of their great collaboration. More »

From Rekuru: It was reported previously that Remioroman would be releasing a single called “Your Song” in January. This time they revealed the details on the release More »

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