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Is Wang JiHye allergic to Kim Jaejoong’s kiss? No, not exactly. Well she IS allergic to is milk, however. And sharing a milk kiss with Jaejoong was something she didn’t know she needed to do until she read the script. About this kiss she stated ““In last episodes of the drama, I had a sweet milk kiss with Kim Jaejoong. But in reality, it was really difficult because I have an allergy to milk. After receiving and reading the script, I was horrified of the fact that my lips must touch milk. But I steeled my heart for the acting.” More »

On October 13th, photos of SNSD’s YoonA on the filming set of upcoming drama, “Love Rain“, was uploaded to an online community site under the title, “YoonA at the Love Rain Filming Set”. More »

JYJ’s Jaejoong had once again proved his popularity! He donated his personal accessories on a charity auction held by SBS along with the other ‘Protect the Boss‘ cast members who also donated some stuffs. More »

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon uploaded the picture above through his Twitter account along with the message, “Still in Junrado Naju. Haven’t been able to eat any of Naju’s famous ox-tail soup or a single pear. Still filming.” More »

Recently, an online survey was conducted on a Russian Korean drama site, which asked users who their favorite actor of all time was.

More »

It’s no surprise that Choi Ji Woo and Bae Yong Joon are still Japans reigning Hallyu Royalty. After the premiere of Winter Sonata in Korea, Japan caught wind and a Hallyu King and Queen were crowned. Surprisingly, even after the onslaught of rising stars and handfuls of rivals the two have continued to retain their titles. This really is no surprise seeing the popularity of their drama and the chemistry of the two onscreen. This personally has been one of my first and absolute favorite dramas! I’m not surprised they continue to hold these titles, since they keep on churning out amazing pieces of work. More »

Actress Song Hye Kyo proved to public that she is a natural beauty. She revealed photos of herself from her childhood in an interview that aired on SBS’s ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘. More »

In a clever way to promote Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis’ Friends With Benefits,’ an online poll was conducted via popular portal site Nate. More »

Today’s GIF of the Day, courtesy of xsandy2005, features Go Mi Nam from KDrama “You’re Beautiful” holding her nose up into that resembling a pig. Hwang Tae Kyung, without knowing the reason behind it, is scared half to death by that sudden face when he turns around in his chair to see Mi Nam. Love this drama, haha! More »

The all-time favorite drama in 2009 was SBS’s ‘You’re Beautiful‘. Recently members of the fictional group A.N.JELL got together and snapped a picture together. However, Jang Geun Suk was not present. More »

Here comes the bride…and Teukie!!! Leeteuk is getting married and of course, the Super Junior members are invited! Super Junior’s Sungmin graciously posted pictures of the invitation and wrote about it on his blog too! More »

There is always a risk in everything you do, when you least expected it. Actor Kim Jae Won had been recently involved in a motorcycle accident during the filming for MBC’s upcoming drama, ‘I’m a Flower Too‘. He was then rushed to the emergency room by an ambulance. More »

Park Min Young recently attended the ‘Man Of Glory‘ production report conference at Seoul’s Imperial Palace Hotel. But when asked about her new boyfriend, Lee Min Ho. More »

You’re My Pet will be a Korean adaptation of the highly popular series Kimi Wa Petto and has been pegged for a November release. After a trailer of the series was revealed last month, the series now comes back with two new posters of us to look at. More »

In the previous episode, we were left with Ji Hyeon looking back at Eun Sol in the delivery truck. What happens next? [SPOILER ALERT!] More »

MBLAQ’s super hilarious member Lee Joon is now officially diving into the world of acting once again as he (or you know, his company) had just taken a new role in SBS’s new drama “Fly Again“! More »

In the previous episode, we were left with Ji Hyeon telling Eun Sol they should take a break in their relationship. What happens next? [SPOILER ALERT!] More »

Did you watch Protect the Boss? Did you love it just as much as I did? Curious what made this drama so so popular with viewers? Well an article on allkpop recently came out giving their reasons why they think Protect the Boss was so popular. There were many reasons, and not one of these reasons were just shallow comments such as ‘Oh Kim JaeJoong was the best’ or ‘Park JiSung was just so handsome and funny’. More »

Poll Question of the Week is a weekly feature on Ningin where we will be polling all of you to see who you would choose for each scenario! Sometimes you will be able to choose between a couple of people, sometimes within a group, and other times between groups! More »

Actress, Lee Da Hae who acted in MBC’s hit drama, ‘Miss Ripley‘ recently guested on KBS’s ‘Entertainment Weekly‘ revealed that she wants to work with INFINITE on her next drama. More »

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