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As a result of the ongoing disaster experience by Japan earlier in the month, it has been officially announced that the upcoming, “SM TOWN LIVE in Tokyo Special Edition” will be postponed until further notice. More »

Actress Park Han Byul, who is currently in a relationship with singer Se7en confessed to her double dating hobby and regime. Stating that she often enjoys outings with fellow actress Hwang Jung Eum along with SG Wannabe’s Kim Yong Joon, who too are also in a public relationship. More »

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa recently got slimmer and now has a V-line face. Recently, Yong Hwa attended their ‘First Step‘ press conference and he announced that he went on a diet for his group’s comeback. More »

With the ongoing support of Dream High, it was revealed that there will be a sequencing drama following the successful series scheduled for early 2012. With this in mind, to hype up further anticipation, KBS announced that they will be broadcasting a new reality show, “Survivor Audition” to document the process of searching for the new cast. More »

On March 22nd, singer Kim Tae Woo made a guest appearance on SBS’s “Strong Heart” where he shared his heartbreaking story involving solo singer, IU. More »

We just informed you guys that 4minute had announced their Korean comeback by opening up their website and releasing a music teaser. Now just like what any other group goes through while prepping for a comeback, concept photos have been released! Their album concept is called “STEAL 20“, representing the mature transformation that members will be going through once they enter their 20s. More »

Dal Shabet’s promotions have officially ended their activities for their album Supa Dupa Diva. March 12th was their last performance on MBC Music Core. Their ‘Supa Dipa Diva’ has a sweet concept and they have constantly been on the top rank in music sites and TV programs. The rookie girl group have been working hard on their album, broadcasting, entertainment programs, radio, magazines and music shows. More »

After leaving KISS-ME’s shocked after learning about the departure of members Kim Ki Bum and Alexander,U-KISS is ready to return! With new additions Hoon and AJ, the now nine-member group is gearing up for their official comeback with their fifth mini-album, “Bran New KISS“! A perfectly titled album, the album’s goal is to mark the fresh start of U-KISS with Hoon and AJ. More »

As many of you may know, Super Junior member Heechul recently suffered an injury to his face while performing at the Super Show 3 concert in Shanghai. A LED board was thrown towards him and unfortunately it hit him in the face leaving him with his head down while walking off-stage. Now the idol has tweeted about his scar leaving many fans shocked at his words. More »

Lately, there have been a lot of new girl groups such as INY and Chi Chi. Cube Entertainment created a new girl group called A Pink. They did poses for the 49th issue of HIGH CUT magazine photo shoot. The group’s average age is 17 and they reveal cute side of them with spring attire. They are wearing cute pink dress and skirts with laces and denim blouses. More »

Today’s video of the day, courtesy of gingermuff, features an english acoustic cover of DBSK’s “Keep Your Head Down.” A girl and boy duo, this cover does the original justice, right Cassies? More »

Singer-songwriter trio MATE recently made a comeback earlier this month with a digital single titled, ‘Transform.’ The trio made their last music program appearance on this week’s Mnet’s M SoundPlex with their track, ‘Take Me To The Sky.’ More »

Finally we see the day that all five members of f(x) appear together again! In the latest edition of ‘Marie Claire,’ we see all of f(x) participating in the photoshoot and we can confidently say that they’re now back! After member Amber left for the longest time due to her ankle injury, she’s finally a blonde! More »

Boy group BEAST has not only proved their immense popularity in Korea but in Japan as well. They recently released their debut Japanese album “SHOCK” and it looks like it’s extremely popular! The album has managed to make its way to 2nd place on the Oricon Weekly Chart. More »

From Rekuru: Known for his ballads, Tei has just revealed his Korean remake of “Firefly“, originally by Fukuyama Masaharu that was also one of his most recognized number one singles. Take a listen down below: More »

From Rekuru: 2NE1 is all set to feature on the cover of next month’s issue of NYLON JAPAN, a fashion magazine. More »

Netizens recently uploaded a picture of and JYJ’s Junsu and his cat, Leo together in order for them to compare some of their similarities. Netizens were quite shocked after viewing this photo because they really resembled each other in a lot of ways. From the picture above it seems that they both had a similar expressions and poses. More »

BEAST’s Lee Kikwang has recently been a hot topic due to his pictures before his debut. He was previously a back up dancer for Epik High! In the pictures, Kikwang looks different from his current image because he had long, wavy hair and angular face. It’s a different side of him that we haven’t seen before. Fans responded with comments such as “So cute,” “Even after peeling and peeling the layers, you’re still recognizable, you’re like an onion.” More »

Girl’s Day recently made a comeback just this past week with their song “Twinkle Twinkle.” Their funny music video which gave laughter to their fans as well as their great comeback stages were able to show their improvement as a group. More »

With ZE:A’s recent comeback, many of us have been jamming along with their new tracks. It’s no surprise comparisons would also start taking place between new songs, and older ones as well. Such is the case for ZE:A’s Be My Girl sounding quite similiar to American singer Mike Posner’s Cooler Than Me. Listen to these songs for yourself. More »

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