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After seeing pictures of Super Junior, DBSK, and SNSD for W Korea and Vogue, it’s time to see SM’s maknae groups shine in the two magazines! More »

2PM’s Taecyeon recently shared a hilarious image of his fellow members that had fans bursting in laughter. On June 21st, the idol wrote on his me2day, “Hands Up’ starts now. Take in this embarrassing picture and please love ‘Hands Up’.“ He added, “I might get beaten by my members for uploading this.” The screencap shows the 2PM members frozen in the air with awkward expressions on their faces. More »

Block B is finally back with their first ever mini-album, “New Kids on the Block“! They’ve released music video teasers, concept photos, and were faced with a little adversity having the mini-album slapped with a 19+ rating (that thankfully was pulled off). Finally, the full music video for the title track “Tell Them” has been unleashed! More »

Netizens have recently brought attention to Super Junior Heechul’s “manner hands” and are praising him for his superb manners. A post titled “Manner hands Kim Heechul, selcas show his caring nature“, which featured some pictures Heechul shared through his Twitter, has been receiving much love from netizens. In the photos, Heechul is seen posing with Shim Eunkyung, Kim Wansun, KARA’s Jiyoung, and Kim Saerom, and in each picture, he was careful not to touch the other person’s shoulder out of respect for their personal space. More »

Today’s song of the day, courtesy of VLeenSasta, features the Dream High cast singing “Dream High.” The main track from Korean drama “Dream High,” this catchy track goes well with the messege of achieving high dreams. More »

When partying on Jeju Island with friends, Kim Hyun Joong was ‘kidnapped’, or so he claimed on the recent episode of Strong Heart. More »

The KPOP world, though overflowing with releases and appearances by our favorite idols, has been cast into the darkness once more. The lead singer of female group Iris, Lee Eun Mi left this world on June 19th after being murdered by her ex-boyfriend. More »

4minute’s HyunA previously revealed that she would be making her comeback as a solo artist once 4minute concluded their first album promotions. On June 22nd, Cube Entertainment confirmed that she will be making a comeback with a new mini-album next month! More »

During the recording for the fifth episode of “Immortal Song 2,” F.T. Island’s lead vocalist Lee Hong Ki performed with his fellow group members. The challenge this time was to re-interpret songs by Min Hye Kyung, and instead of using the band the program provides, Lee Hong Ki decided he would rather perform with his group members. Kwon Jae Young PD stated, “F.T. Island performed for Lee Hong Ki. F.T. Island’s members wanted to play for their main vocalist themselves, and decided to make special appearances. The response of the audience was also very good.” More »

After being away from the music scene for a year and a month, 8eight has finally released their latest mini-album titled “8eight.” This time, the group decided to take a more upbeat route for their title track, “Covering Those Lips.” It was revealed that Producer Bang Shihyuk had helped them for this mini-album. More »

BEAST has been selected to sing an image song for the Japanese-U.S. collaborative film, “Shanghai“! On June 21st, Japanese media outlets reported that BEAST was confirmed to sing “Fiction” for “Shanghai”, which will premier in Japan on August 20th. The film’s cast includes John Cusack, Gong Li, Chow Yun-Fat, and Watanabe Ken. More »

2NE1’s Dara continues to excite fans as she promotes the group’s upcoming return to the music scene. Earlier today, it was revealed that Dara had specially prepared an event for fans prior to their official promotions for “I Am The Best.” More »

Today’s video of the day, courtesy of black_angel, features BEAST vs bugs. This video shows three scenarios where the members encounter bugs and their reactions are just priceless! Cute, right?

More »

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk announced his temporary leave from Strong Heart a few months ago to focus on Super Junior-M’s activities in Taiwan. Well, he’s since completed those activities and returned to the show! Eunhyuk participated in the recording of the episode on June 16th and it was broadcasted on the 21st. More »

Japanese Hottests, get ready to put your hands up! After just releasing their second full length album, “Hands Up“, it’s been announced that 2PM will be releasing a Japanese version! Due to the explosive popularity and reception from the album, they gave fans the surprise announcement through their official website. More »

Seems like Changmin and Jinwoon were pretty bored or just wanted to have some fun. The two members from ballad group 2AM decided to sing their boss’ song “I have a Girlfriend”. More »

SM Entertainment family buddies Kim Heechul from Super Junior and Kim Jungmo from TRAX recently formed project duo M&D and unleashed their first digital song, “Close Ur Mouth”, which was written, composed and arranged by the two themselves. And to think that it would stop at that. Nope, the music video will be released on June 23rd! More »

It has been an incredibly long time since we last heard about girl group Brown Eyed Girls. They created a wave that involved the ever-so-sexy hip-swaying with their hit “Abracadabra” back in 2009. In early 2011, the girls were busy with their separate activities as well as their activities in Japan. There were rumors about their fourth Korean album being released in March, which were, obviously, untrue. BEG’s comeback was scheduled for this month but unfortunately it was pushed back. Now the date has been confirmed once and for all regarding BEG’s return to the music scene! More »

What’s this? Someone tried to kidnap Kim Hyun Joong?! No way! But apparently, the singer will reveal how he was ‘kidnapped’ on tonight’s episode of Strong Heart. More »

Korean male group SHINee recently performed in London at Abbey Road, made famous by The Beatles, and over 800 fans from all over Europe gathered to catch a glimpse of the group. The fans came with handmade posters, and sung to songs by the group while waiting for their appearance. Reports claimed that some dedicated fans even waited outside for up to 8 hours just to see the boys of SHINee. More »

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