T-ara’s Hyomin left the worrying message of “Should I be gone?“ on her Cyworld minihomepage. Although the question “없어… 질까? (eobseojilkka?)” can also mean “Should it be gone?” or “Should it (she/he) disappear?” fans have speculated that the message is in reference to Hyomin disappearing herself. More »

After having already released the cover for her upcoming solo mini-album as well as her first teaser image (pictured above), a second teaser photo of After School’s leader Kahi has now been revealed by her company, Pledis Entertainment. Check out the photo below: More »

Whilst making an appearance on KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together 3‘ on February 10th, f(x)’s Sulli mentioned her very first love - also known as her bodyguard! More »

Congratulations to our previous One Sentence Summary winner, tkitesy who submitted, “Pizza toppings meets musical extravagance.” One Sentence Summary is similar to Caption This blog games, except instead of photos, your task is to do it with videos. Best one sentence summary wins 100 EXP. More »

2B Entertainment has announced their plans on pressing charges against former members of B2Y, Nara and Seoyeon for their immoral and scandalous acts. More »

Super Junior’s Chinese subgroup, Super Junior-M has announced their comeback with 太完美 (Too Perfect)! This morning in Taiwan, teaser images of Super Junior-M’s comeback were revealed on their official website, and boy are they looking better than ever! More »

- The match details for the MLG: Idol Heartthrob-Off are out, so let the games begin!

- Hairstyles ideas for you guys to sport on Valentine’s Day, ranging from a mellow, casual day to a nice look for a fancy night out.

- These 10 eligible celeb bachelors will make you swoon as you go through the list, good thing they’re all single!

- Cute Valentine’s Day chocolates that would be so “sweet” to receive and of course, delicious to eat too.

- Head to T-Mobile to get in on the sweet deal that all smartphones are free this weekend!

- An upcoming game, Homefront, decides to make a change to the game by removing the direct reference to Kim Jong Il.

- A cute and delicious treat in the form of this sweet teddy bear ice cream cone.

- The HTC Freestyle will debut in time for V-Day at a pretty nice price point to boot.

- Do you agree with these picks for male baby faced idols? If anything, at least it’s adorable eye candy.

- A new PV release from RADWIMPS for “Kyoshinsho” is slower-paced but very emotionally powerful.

- So many good movies in the running for Best Picture - I’m sure you guys have seen at least one on the list, so don’t forget to vote for the most deserving one to win!

Drama breaks are so needed after doing readings all day - What was the highlight of your day? More »

In an episode of KBS2TV’s “Happy Together 3,” the members of DBSK revealed information about Shinee’s leader, Onew. They said that Onew had grown a lot for the past 2 years and 3 months since DBSK had been on break. They said that whenever they saw Onew before he would always be too shy to approach them and say hi, but now he would directly go to them addressed them as “hyung” whenver they meet. More »

Today’s song of the day, courtesy of Rusukawaii, features Teen Top’s “Supa Luv.” Track 2 from their “Transform” Album, this catchy track summarizes as, “your love plus my love supa luv.” More »

Congratulations to user foolishmia for correctly guessing the previous Song Snippets game with K’s Only Human. Playing Song Snippets is easy: Listen to a snippet of a song and post your guess in the comments below. The first person to guess correctly earns 100 EXP points. More »

In last week’s F’ing Giveaway Poll a majority voted for GD&TOP’s High High Album as the next giveaway. This week, let us know which prizes we should give out in our next F’ing Giveaway contest by choosing an item from the list below. More »

Here’s another giveaway reminder in case you missed all of the awesome new giveaways we’re offering these past few days! More »

The singer and actress, Kan Min Kyung has been getting praised by a lot of people due to her natural beauty. Seeing a compilation of her photos from when she was younger and now, you will be able to see that she really looks pretty since she was young. More »

After a hilarious teaser featuring 2AM’s Changmin, 8Eight’s Lee Hyun has released yet another MV teaser for his upcoming title track, “You Are the Best of My Life.” Although there is a conspicuous absence of Changmin from this teaser (I loved evil hobo Changmin), 4Minute’s Nam Ji Hyun and gagwoman Jung Juri have stepped in to bring their own brand of insanity into the latest teaser. Check it out! More »

Update no. 1 of the MLG: Idol Heartthrob-Off Edition Match, with Jaejoong vs. Donghae vs. Taeyang vs. U-Know. More »

Team Lychee is sitting pretty on top of the Mixr Legions ice cream cone with 95 points. They are followed by the ever rich flavor of Mango and Green Tea with 61 and 53 respectively. Green Tea was quite the beneficiary of the Mystery Box in the past 24 hours. Every team won at least one of the battleground sites yesterday, so there’s a lot more parity among the Legions which is great. The scores are still very close and with 3 weeks or so left, there’s plenty of time for anyone to win. More »

Today’s video of the day, courtesy of brettchoi, features Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon and Taeyang’s dance practice video. Synchronizing to a hip hop beat, how did they do? More »

On an interview, 2PM’s Taecyeon was asked of who his ideal type was. He replied, “I don’t really have a specific person. I just like a woman who can take care of herself and me at the same time.” Because his answer was too general, he was insisted to name a woman. More »

After innumerable delays, much to the disappointment to fans, Kahi’s debut is finally fast approaching. The charismatic leader of After School just revealed a MV teaser for her debut track, “Come Back, You Bad Person.” This is definitely one of the most anticipated debuts, so you don’t want to miss it! More »

All idols need a little love and although they have their fans, it just might not be enough. Sometimes in our dreams, we like to think that we ourselves look the best with our bias, however, we can all agree that if one of our bias and another idol look cute together, we would be more happy for them and even begin to worship them. In fact, we’d be ecstatic, right guys? If you got to play matchmaker for this year’s Valentine’s Day, which idols do you think you would pair up? Well if you want an idea, check out these 10 idol couples that are like matches made in heaven! More »

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