Recently, Choi Siwon attended the press conference for their upcoming drama, Athena at the Seoul Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel. Along with the other cast members of Athena, Jung Woo Sung, Soo Ae, Cha Seung Won, Lee Ji Ah, Yoo Dong Geun and Kim Min Jong. More »

Congratulations to nessa5646 for correctly answering the previous Trivia question, “How old was Super Junior’s Kyuhyun when he first recorded his Christmas carols for his church?” with 8 years old. For answering within 10 minutes, she receives an EXP speed bonus of 25 points! Playing Trivia is simple: Be the first person to answer the trivia question correctly and win 100 EXP points! Today’s trivia question is courtesy of me: More »

Rising star Charice Pempengco displays her powerful vocal skills once again! She’s been gaining popularity ever since she guest starred on Glee (and totally did Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” justice) and this time her explosive voice was used to cover a piece of Christina Aguilera’s part in the new movie Burlesque on Billboard Live Q&A. More »

In the December issue of W Korea Magazine, SNSD are featured to model a wide range of winter fashion looks. More »

Popular YG stars Taeyang and Se7en recently uploaded some videos to their Youtube channel to reach out to their international fans. In their videos, they speak in English, asking for Youtube channel subscriptions so that they can interact with their fans more. Check out these clips! More »

FNC Media recently announced that CN Blue and FT Island have launched their own brand of bags titled ‘CEMULA‘. They’re essentially trendy backpacks, messenger bags and the like aimed at the teenage and 20s demographic. More »

After releasing their album earlier today, T-ara is back with a new music video for their mini-album’s title track, “Yayaya.” The song was produced by hit maker E-TRIBE that features a catchy rhythm along with refreshing lyrics. More »

Congratulations to user lytoe for correctly guessing the previous Voice Snippets game with 4Minute’s Hyunah. For guessing within 10 minutes, she receives an EXP speed bonus of 25 points. Voice Snippets is a blog game in which you listen to a voice snippet and post your guess of who the voice belongs to. The first person to guess correctly will receive 100 EXP points.

More »

After waiting for couple of weeks, T-ara reveals their new mini-album, “Vol. Two: TEMPTASTIC.” The wait definitely paid off because the audio tracks are sensational! More »

This week’s Weekly YesAsia Giveaway is of a You’re Beautiful Mini Pig Rabbit Doll courtesy of YesAsia. Entering is pretty easy, and here’s why: More »

Sub-unit group of After School, Orange Caramel have been working hard with their promotions of their latest track ‘A~ing♡.’ A music video for the song was released around 2 weeks ago and now the girls are back with another release. This time, these three ladies have revealed the dance version for the music video. More »

The hyped up collaboration concert with all members under JYP’s wing, JYP Nation will be held on December 24th. During Christmas Eve, so it only seems right that a little holiday spirit is added into this performance. They have now released a cute Christmas caroling song entitled, This Christmas. Take a listen. More »

From Girlybubble:

‘Tis the season to bundle up lest you want to come down with a nasty cold, but take it from me, there will still be those times when you just want to wear something that lets your skin breathe a little, like after a particularly heavy workout. Or you might find yourself in an exceedingly overheated room. Who knows? In circumstances like these (or you can just save the camisole for summer use/layer it under something else) when you’d rather bare more skin, 59 Second’s Twist Strap Tank Top from YesStyle is the perfect choice, because it allows you to do so in a stylish way. More »

Who’s feeling lucky today? Tiffany (SNSD) vs. Donghae (Super Junior). Who wants to win 100 EXP? More »

The new Pokemon anime arc, Pokemon Best Wishes, is off to a great start. With the eleventh episode of the arc on the horizon, some exciting news for Pokemon fans has just been revealed! The title of the next Pokemon movie has just been announced! More »

After School’s winter comeback date is revealed with the release of their album cover, titled “Happy Pledis” with the first single to be a song called “Love Love Love.” Play Girlz (and the male fans too) can finally mark their calenders for December 7, which is when we can expect this single to drop. More »

After revealing the music video for a song called “Why Are You Being Like This?,” many T-ara fans have been speculating that the track would be the title song. Wrong. T-ara has just revealed the title of their title track to be “Yayaya.” More »

Here’s another giveaway reminder in case you missed all of the awesome new giveaways we’re offering these past few days! More »

Congratulations to user chocolatecream for correctly guessing the previous Video Still with Super Junior - It’s You. For guessing within 10 minutes, they receive an EXP speed bonus of 25 points. Below is the original video. More »

If you thought the Black Eyed Peas ‘The E.N.D.’ album was the end, you should only know it’s really just The Beginning. Okay, not really since they’ve been around for ages. But, my point is, their new album is available in stores today. Here’s a music video for The Time (Dirty Bit), a track off The Beginning: More »

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