The YG Life countdown has finally reached the zero mark this week and with that, YG Entertainment has unveiled 4 big announcements pertaining to Big Bang. Yes, we have a comeback date, but also three other dates for solo material and even a tracklist! It’s about flippin’ time! More »

Update no. 1 of KPOP Idol-Off match, with Nichkhun (2PM) vs. Siwon (Super Junior). Team Nickhun is in the lead 5-2. Read on for the full details. More »

Wonder Girls have been gaining much needed popularity in Hong Kong. With their upcoming concert on the 17th, Wonder Girls are scheduled to hold a fan signing event on the 29th November. This exclusive event will be reserved for fans with pre-ordered tickets. More »

We reported earlier that, during the MBC College Music Festival , sexy icon, Lee Hyori made a surprise appearance on Beast’s stage. The event was held on the 26th November in the Nuri Hall, Duksung Women’s University, Ssangmun, Dobong District. More »

Congratulations to user blueberrypop for correctly guessing the previous Baby Pictures with Hyung Joon from SS501. The first person to correctly guess a celebrity from their baby picture receives a whopping 100 EXP points. To play, leave a guess in the comments below. More »

Sunday Brunch, an underappreciated KPOP artist, uploaded a video of them covering Miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl.” The video has received over 50,000 clicks on various UCC sites. Their version is acoustic, and their vocals are outstanding! She sings “Worth 10 Wons,” which is a ballad. I have never heard of Sunday Brunch before this cover, and while researching her, I found out that she wrote Miss A’s “Breathe” as well as f(x)’s “Sorry” from their NU ABO mini album. Check the video out below! More »

Sometimes I look at all the KPOP girl groups that are in the industry today and think to myself, “If only I could pick out a couple of my favorites and stick them in my own girl group.” Well, after contemplating the members that I would actually choose, I have narrowed down my selection to five very talented ladies. I present to you, my KPOP Dream Team! More »

Another successful week of Ningin Music Charts and I present to you the Top 10 Songs of the Week (11/21 - 11/27). Ningin Music Charts’ Top 10 Songs of the Week are determined from songs that received the most amount of Ningin Music Charts submissions from last week’s Ningin Music Charts submissions announcement. Here we go with the top 10 songs of the week, ranked in order of popularity: More »

Congratulations to our previous Caption This winner kpoplover1215 who submitted, “Gi kwang, this is your conscience speaking…you will buy junghyun new shoes and a new phoneeee.” Playing Caption This is easy: Submit your own caption of the featured photo in the comments below. The creator of the caption we like the most earns 100 EXP points. More »

A list for the top ten money makers in the Taiwanese music industry has just been released, and, not surprisingly, we find that the king of CPOP, Jay Chou, has topped the charts and edged out all other competition! More »

SBS drama “Secret Garden” starring Korean actors Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won aired not too long ago, and it has been gaining a lot of popularity fast due to their charms. On November 10th, they held a press conference, and Ha Ji Won appeared wearing a dress from Preen Pre-Fall 2010 collection. She completed her outfit with a pair of ankle boots. More »

It was earlier reported that, f(x)’s maknae, Krystal fainted during her group’s performance at the Lotte Concert on the 27th. SME released a statement confirming that Krystal is recovering fine and fainted due to the poor condition that day. More »

From Rekuru: Ashita no Joe” was originally a manga series by Tetsuya Chiba and Asao Takamori which ran from 1968 to 1973. It was later made into anime series and movie. This boxing movie stars Yamashita Tomohisa from NEWS, Teruyuki Kagawa, and Yusuke Iseya. More »

From Rekuru: Japanese visual kei band, the GazettE, recently released their single “Red” back in September, and just releasing one didn’t seem enough for them because they are coming back with another single “PLEDGE,” which will be released on December 15th. More »

From Rekuru: The Arashi wave has hit Peru. Really. Recently, the Peruvian Network Television did a special report about Asia pop music. And guess what group they focused on - Arashi! Yaaay! More »

From Rekuru: R&B;Daichi Miura is mostly known for his strong choreography, but now he’s changing up the gears to release his first ballad track called “Lullaby.” This was announced not too long ago, and everyone has been expecting this song to be released ASAP. All the waiting is over because the PV for this song has finally been released! More »

Congratulations to user kpoplover1215 for correctly guessing the previous Voice Snippets game with Fahrenheit’s Jiro Wang. Voice Snippets is a blog game in which you listen to a voice snippet and post your guess of who the voice belongs to. The first person to guess correctly will receive 100 EXP points. More », which is a large Chinese portal site, has revealed pictures of Kangta’s new Chinese drama of him with the female lead. Fans say that he has gained weight and that he looks like an ajusshi now, which they say is nothing like the thin pretty boy he was a few months ago. More »

Rain was invited to perform at the closing ceremony of the Asian Games at Guangzhou this week. In a huge stadium, watch Rain do his thing to his hits “Rainism“, “Hip Song” and “Friends.” More »

Music lovers, it’s time to kick off the brand new week with new Ningin Music Charts submissions! The basic idea behind Ningin Music Charts is to give you guys a system to vote on songs that you like and tally up all the songs at the end of every week. We’ll start the tally for this week in this post and the results will go up next Sunday. Here’s the full details: More »

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