From Rekuru: Not too long ago, I blogged about JPOP princess Ayumi Hamasaki producing the leader of AAA Urata Naoya’s solo single. The radio rip version of the song “Dream ON” has been released to the world. Can wait to listen to it? Read below. More »

From Rekuru: Japanese multi-idol Fukuda Saki will be coming back with her 8th single titled, ‘Snow Rain‘. Prior to the single release on December 8th, Fukuda Saki has unleashed the full PV for the track and it features a gloomy snowfall accompanied by a beautiful voice. More »

After seeing a highly successful release of their first full-length album, YG Entertainment’s 2NE1 is looking to start conquering the rest of the world! Rumors of the girls’ ventures into the English-speaking world have already been flying around, and to top that news, it’s just been confirmed that the girls have signed a contract with Universal Records in the Philippines and will be releasing their albums there! More »

Can’t get enough of the KPOP Idol-Off matches? This coming match we’ll be pitting G-Dragon (Big Bang) vs. Taeyeon (SNSD). For matches in this round, we’re up-ing the stakes by including a prize of a KPOP album rewarded to a random eligible player after the conclusion of each match.This 5-day flash game match will determine which idol has the most passionate fans! Read on for participation details. More »

Ahh, fancams. I can’t imagine life without them. Sure, their audio quality and visuals aren’t up to par with professionally released videos (professionals would probably be out of jobs if they were), but they do help to make waiting for these professionally released products more bearable. A fancam from a recent Music Core performance boasting the full entirety of S.M. THE BALLAD’s ‘Hot Times‘ has been circulating the net, no doubt to the excitement of fans anticipating the album release in a few days. And hey, the quality’s not bad at all! More »

Some worrying news have come across f(x) fans as it was reported that maknae Krystal had fainted during their performance at the Lotte Duty-free Store Family Concert on the 27th. More »

SHINee’s Minho has finished shooting his 1 episode drama for KBS titled ‘Pianist.’ Plenty of buzz circulated that Minho would participate in a kiss scene, and after photos of said scene were revealed, fans went absolutely wild. Now, that very kiss scene has made it’s way onto the internet. Watch! More »

Congratulations to user agent00dragon for correctly guessing the previous Video Still with TVXQ - My Destiny. Below is the original video. More »

The Jo Kwon vs. Kyuhyun Idol-Off match has recently concluded, with Team Kyuhyun claiming victory. Now it’s time to announce the random winner of the Hwanhee H- Hour Album courtesy of YesAsia. Drum roll, please! More »

The new Korean show, “Oh! My School,” which is hilarious by the way, created interest with their latest episode, where it had a scene of SHINee’s Minho lying on a bed, trying to hide his body. Apparently, he was trying to change his shirt under the blanket, but Super Junior’s Eunhyuk attempted to remove the blanket, but failed the first try. As they they say if you fail, just try, try again. More »

After the recent artillery attack on South Korea by North Korea, the members of T-ara decided to donate 20 million won, or about 20,000 dollars, for the defense of the recently attacked Yeonpyeong Island. More »

Seo In Gook has released his music video for “Take,” his cover of “Take on Me” by A-ha. The cover is adorable, and I really do love it and his voice. The music video is adorable too. It’s a more modern version of the original, and it, of course, gets bonus points for starring So Ji Sub (and Jung So Min.) How adorable is In Gook when he is wearing those glasses and playing the keyboard! Anyway, check out his version and the original below!! Seo In Gook version: More »

Finally with Aaron Yan confirming a release date, it seems that everything is coming together quite nicely. Aaron and Calvin Chen’s upcoming Taiwanese drama will air on December 19th on FTV, it will also begin broadcasting on December 25th on the GTV station as well. As if we didn’t already have enough anticipation building towards this drama, two trailers have now been released off of FTV’s official youtube channel. Take a look. More »

YES! I’m back with another Korean lesson for you guys! Since I am super biased towards Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, why not show you another cute clip of him? This one is from Super Junior’s mini-drama series that was aired a long time ago pretty much right after Kyuhyun joined the group. I couldn’t bear myself watching this show because I heard that his acting was pretty bad (sorry Kyuhyun T^T). However, this short clip shows Kyuhyun singing (and kind of dancing) “Three Bears.” It’s one of the Korean songs for children! I used to sing this a lot when I was little, so watching his version of the song made me reminisce. Check it out below! More »

It was reported last month that Mike He will star in upcoming Taiwanese drama Mei Yue Jia You with Cyndi Wang, and now he is also in preparation for another drama as well! Well, I say the more the merrier when it comes to Mike He! Being that he is my all-time favorite actor, I just can’t get enough! But in this case I would say that I got a little too much. A trailer has now been unveiled for his newest drama, Sunny Happiness, and what I mean by being too much is that the trailer is thirty minutes long! More »

One of Super Junior’s lead vocalists Ryeowook is known for his particular singing voice and for being rail-thin. Well, one of his past photo has surfaced revealing a rather chubby Ryeowook, leaving many fans with their mouths wide open. Take a look! More »

A recent photo of Taemin was released and has been circulating around various community threads. In the photo you can clearly see, Shinee’s adorable maknae having a hair-do while reading. But what is he reading? More »

Seems like we left you puzzled after our previous Voice Snippets game. The correct answer was Kara’s Park Gyuri. Voice Snippets is a blog game in which you listen to a voice snippet and post your guess of who the voice belongs to. The first person to guess correctly will receive 100 EXP points. More »

After being absent for two years in the acting business, Joe Cheng (It Started with a Kiss) is back in a new Taiwanese drama starring along side singer and award winning actress Amber Kuo. Channel X (or National Hero) will be different from typical romance dramas, focusing more on an action, thriller storyline, with the theme coming from the tagline “To find out the truth, what are you willing to sacrifice?” A few trailers have been released already, because not even done filming and this is already set to broadcast on December 5th! Amazing. With such a long wait for Love Buffet, it’s such a shock to hear a drama coming out so soon. More »

In a world of synthesized music and pop “idols,” real talent is somewhat of a rarity in the KPOP music industry. There are, however, some notable gems that continue to shine through with their vocal prowess. Well, it looks like three of these ladies are finally getting some more attention in a vocal competition on MBC’s Flower Bouquet! More »

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