Update no. 2 of MLG: Harry Potter Edition! Team Ravenclaw is holding down the lead at 4 with Team Gryffindor trailing behind at 3. They’re both out for blood. I don’t blame them given the new slew of Harry Potter prizes that are at stake. Read on for a score break down: More »

Music Core is back with a great show full of awesome performances! This time it featured SNSD’s hot stage, 2NE1’s goodbye stage, comeback stage of KARA, BEAST and Orange Caramel, and some more exciting performances. Check them out and enjoy the show! More »

Congratulations to user kpoplover88 for correctly guessing the previous Video Still with Lee Hyori - Mr. Big. For guessing within 10 minutes, they receive an EXP speed bonus of 25 points. Below is the original video. More »

We all know that K-pop is rapidly spreading globally like an epidemic. Some Ukrainian neitizens recently noticed that the MV for Ukrainian group Time and Glass closely resembled Big Bang’s MV for their Japanese single, ‘Tell Me Goodbye,’ which was released back in May. More »

Harry Potter fans, we challenged you to 10 trivia questions in honor of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Month, the last being: “One line in the international trailer of the 5th movie is never said in the actual film. What is the line and who says it?” The answer: Dumbledore’s line “Don’t fight him, Harry, you can’t win.” More »

SNSD’s kid leader, Taeyeon has been receiving much attention for her recent solo release of “Like a Star” featuring The One. She has been recognized for her powerful vocals in the past however she is still recognized as a ‘typical idol.’ More »

After rocking the KPOP world with their triple threat promotions, the fierce and powerful girl group 2NE1 slowed things down with their followup track, “It Hurts.” Showing a softer and more emotional side, the girls showed off their vocals capabilities and captivated the hearts of fans. Well, looks like a lot of fans are going to be “hurting” soon, because the 2NE1 promotions are coming to an end! More »

From Rekuru: It was recently showed that dogs know the meaning of domestic violence in Japan. A dog by the name of Momo absolutely detests violence in her household. Whenever she thinks a fight is about to break out, she steps in, or rather jumps in, to break things up. More »

Big Bang recently attended a “High High” MV Party and among all the clubbing going on, one thing stole all the attention. What exactly? The new hairstyles of rappers G-Dragon and T.O.P.! GD recently was seen with red hair, but that was quickly changed as you’ll see in these photos… More »

Actor Lee Minho has recently released his new CF for Cantata Coffee that is sure to leave you wanting some coffee. Check it out the CF below: More »

On the 20th November, 4minute member Hyuna was featured on Won Bin’s stage, “I love you and I love you” on the recent episode of Music Core. This song was originally performed by Miryo from Brown Eyed Girls. During the performance, Hyuna began to slow down as she began to forget the lyrics. Embarrassed, she continue on with a smile on her face. More »

Korean rock band Buzz has returned this month after several years of absence in the Korean pop scene with brand new vocalist, Na Yool. During a recent interview, the group and agency talked about the noobie and his wholehearted admiration for former singer Min Kyung Hoon. More »

A couple of weeks ago SHINee announced that they would be holding their first solo concert on December 18th and 19th. The date and venue has now been changed because of high interest that fans have been showing for the concert. More »

Today’s photo of the day, courtesy of victoriaa, features SHINee’s maknae Taemin and his reaction to ice cream. Depicting a mini story from asking the flavor to actually getting the ice cream, his cute and funny expressions along the storyline make this “as sweet as icecream.” More »

2PM is set to make their official Japanese debut in their December 8th showcase, “2PM 1ST CONTACT IN JAPAN,” but already they have taken over one of Japan’s most well known mobile downloading sites, Recochoku. More »

After having their first appearance on KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’ in August 2009, Song Joong Ki and Seo Hyo Rim had their last broadcast of MC-ing Music Bank on the evening of November 19th. They have been MC-ing the show for 1 year and 3 months where they were able to increase their bond and bring laughs to the viewers. More »

Congratulations to user randomkpoplover for correctly guessing the previous Video Still with BEAST - Soom. For guessing within 10 minutes, they receive an EXP speed bonus of 25 points. Below is the original video. More »

After their last single, “Sign,” was released more than a year ago, Brown Eyed Girls’ fans have anxiously been awaiting a comeback. Well all you BEG fans can scream for joy since it was recently announced the girls will be making a comeback in January 2011. More »

Today’s song of the day, courtesy of skygel_02, features Jaejuboy’s “Kyul.” With mellow sounds giving a soothing tropical feel and smooth vocals, this is a great song to relax to and enjoy on a warm sunny day. More »

The most recent magazine published by Yonsei University’s LGBT club called “Come Together “ recently held a poll to find out who was the most popular girl idol on their campus. More »

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