Congratulations to user kpoplover1215 for correctly guessing the previous Video Still with Taeyang - I Need a Girl. For guessing within 10 minutes, she receives an EXP speed bonus of 25 points. Below is the original video. More »

Loyalty check, T-ara fans have you watched the pilot episode of T-ara’s Hello Baby yesterday? If not that’s, ok but you almost missed something you shouldn’t have. Don’t worry because we’re here to update you. More »

After School’s maknae, Lizzy appeared on a previous episode of SBS’s Running Man. There was a huge speculation that she might become a fixed member on the show. More »

- JYJ hit up NYC as the first stop of their epic US tour - an amazing compilation of videos and photos lets us see how fans fell in love all over again with these boys.

- Impressive features on the Samsung Nexus S makes it pretty drool-worth to want, now all we need is a release date

- Cute enough to…eat? Today’s Cute Creature Feature makes me want to take it home and keep forever instead.

- An easy, quick, and chic hairstyle look for 2011 comes to us as the “Double Hair Knot” - perfect it now, [be the first to] wear it later.

- More than enough titles are making their debut in this week’s batch of game releases.

- An interesting surprise leads to hearing an English version of Arashi’s “Mada Ue Wo” on the Disney Channel.

- Michelle Lane adds a collection of “Rope Jewelry” to her accessory line (not actually made of ropes).

- As part of the Holiday Gift Guide special, shop smart for the gadget lover on your list with these budget-friendly ideas on Ziggytek!

Yummy holiday food planning only makes me more hungry…but excited! - What was the highlight of your day? More »

After winning Superstar K2, Huh Gak has gone on to release the MV for his first track, Always. Fueled by an emotional story about a love triangle between Huh Gak, who acts as star Lee Si Young’s manager, and her boyfriend, Do Yesung, and backed by the singer’s powerful vocals that speak volumes about love and heartbreak, Always is definitely a good start for Huh Gak. More »

Here’s another giveaway reminder in case you missed all of the awesome new giveaways we’re offering these past few days! More »

Central Californians, save the date, Asian-American channel MYX will be hosting Loaded a concert extravaganza happening Thursday, Nov. 18 loaded with YouTube stars we all know and love including Michelle Martinez, Andrew Garcia, Timothy DelaGhetto, Summerbreeze, Joey Diamond, Erika David, JR Aquino, Lil Crazed and Miguel Santos. Czech out the video below: More »

Harry Potter fans, time to sharpen your Harry Potter knowledge — you’ll need it for the all new trivia pin game kicking off in honor of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Month. We’re throwing you 10 trivia questions, one a day. Just answer 7 of them correctly and you earn a Dumbledore pin (pictured), straight from the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie. This is your last shot at reaching 7! Unfortunately, that means if you missed the previous questions, you no longer have a chance at the pin. More »

This week is special for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but today is just as special because we’re announcing the 5 lucky winners of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Giveaway #1. They’ll each receive a prize bundle including a Harry Potter 7 t-shirt, hat and flash drive. Drum roll, please! More »

Having the first teaser of Taeyeon and The One’s collaboration single, ‘Like a Star” being released yesterday, the second preview has just been released creating more suspense among netizens. More »

Today’s song of the day, courtesy of lytoe, features Baby V.O.X’s “Why.” Going back to the 90s, this flamenco/tropical inspired track with smooth vocals is about asking their lover “why” their love has turned out the way it is. More »

Last month we launched a giveaway of a Beast Color Character Socks Set. That giveaway has since ended and now it’s time to announce the lucky winner. Drum roll, please: More »

From Wirebot: I’m not much of a fan for Pokemon cosplay and I usually wouldn’t even consider sharing any pictures of it but this particular cosplay of Misty was just too awesome to pass. More »

From Rekuru: Christmas is fast approaching and if you are having a hard time on finding gifts for your friends and relatives then you’re at the right place because here’s our Gift Guide to help you out. Don’t worry because these gifts are not just cute and lovely but they are budget friendly as well — everything’s under $20! More »

Kiseop (U-Kiss) has finally joined Twitter, which now means all the members have an account. More »

After the release of 4minute’s HyunAh and G.NA’s collab song, “Say You Love Me,” a few days ago, the MV teaser for the song has finally been released. Cube Entertainment stated, “We believe the rapper and singer will be able to complement each others’ strengths and weaknesses and show a great synergetic effect.” Check out the MV teaser below: More »

Congratulations to lytoe (again!) for correctly answering the previous Trivia question, “What was the reason why Shin Hye Sung had to stop all of his activities temporarily in 2009?” with He had a run in with the law and was found guilty of excessive gambling. For answering within 10 minutes, she receives an EXP speed bonus of 25 points! Playing Trivia is simple: Be the first person to answer the trivia question correctly and win 100 EXP points! Today’s trivia question is courtesy of me: More »

Korean actor Song Joong Ki has been reaching his high points lately mainly due to appearances in numerous shows and recently finishing up one of the popular dramas “SungKyunKwan Scandal.” He was a guest on a recent episode of “Entertainment Relay,” and he revealed a lot of stories when he was younger. More »

Everyone was expecting T-ara’s comeback this November but for some reason it was moved indefinitely. Now the wait is finally over because its official, T-ara’s comeback stage is all set to take place on the 3rd of December! More »

Calvin Chen is the second member of Fahrenheit to reach his 30’s. Celebrating his birthday on November 7th, his friends and fans made sure to make this an amazing one at that. While hosting his MTV show, Japan, Korea, Music Craze, A video announcement from JYJ popped up wishing Calvin a happy birthday, he was completely and utterly shocked! You can watch it below. More »

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