From Rekuru: Imoto Ayaka, a well known comedian best known for her drawn-in heavy dark thick eyebrows, just recently traveled to Las Vegas to show viewers back in Japan what a “drive-thru” wedding is. I have never seen one before either, nor do I know how they work. But thanks to Imoto-san, we will get a little insider view of the process, won’t we? You can watch it here More »

The Onew vs. Eunhyuk KPOP Idol-Off match has recently concluded, with Team Onew claiming victory. Now it’s time to announce the random winner of the SHINee - Vol. 2 Lucifer Album (Vers. B). Drum roll, please! More »

The results for the KPOP Idol-Off EXP Bets: Onew (SHINee) vs. Eunhyuk (Super Junio) are in! More »

From Wirebot: Patience is a virtue. A virtue that 27 year old Makoto Sekiguchi doesn’t have. Sekiguchi uploaded images of unrevealed Pokemon from the new Pokemon Black & White game on the Internet on Sept. 1, two weeks before they were supposed to be released, and has now been arrested for it, charged with copyright infringement. More »

Idol group BEAST are coming back again with their fourth mini-album ‘Lights Go On Again.’ The boys have already released the first audio teaser for their title track ‘Beautiful‘ and now they are back again with their second audio teaser. This time, the audio teaser features more vocal previews, Junhyung rapping is included! More »

Curiosity arose after a segment on 2NE1TV aired in September, where the audience saw Bom crying as she visited her Aunt’s grave stone back in the States. The heart felt episode left many of her fans curious to why her Aunt’s death affected her so. Park Bom was a guest on strong heart which she took the occasion to describe her relationship with her aunt. More »

KPOP rapper Outsider recently unveiled the music video for his title track “Protagonist.” After the official release of his third album couple weeks ago, fans who are amazed at the speed of his lyrics were so anticipated that they all quickly pre-ordered his album. More »

On November 3rd, KARA officially became the faces of au Smart Sports Run & Walk through their first CF. To help promote au Smart Sports Run & Walk, KARA has now released the 2nd version of their “Jumping” MV or as I like to call it the Cheerleader version. More »

SS501 member Park Jungmin updated his Facebook page with a whole album full of photos with him at the gym pumping his guns. It was revealed that he lost 10kg for his upcoming come back. More »

Today’s photo of the day, courtesy of Alteil, features a pie chart of how Pokemon isn’t childish. A trip down memory lane, especially to the 90s generation, these were the childhood days when all of the Pokemon trading cards, tv series, video games, etc., were released one after the other. Ah, good times. Below is the theme song to refresh that nostalgia. More »

From Wirebot:

I know it’s not quite Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanza/whatever-you-celebrate yet, but the holiday season has definitely begun. What better way to entertain all your friends and relatives than with some amazingly designed (and equally tasting) sugar cookies in the shape of everyones favorite Pokemon, Pikachu! Don’t forget to save a couple for Santa! More »

KARA who has been away from Korea for the last couple of months, due to Japanese promotions, has finally released their comeback pictures for their upcoming Korean mini album, “Jumping.” More »

Korean Actor Song Joong Ki and actress Kim Byul have come together to be the faces of Fujifilm’s newest polaroid camera, ‘INSTAX.’ The INSTAX is captioned, ‘The only story of ours in this world.’ Song Joong Ki and Kim Byul become a couple and Joong Ki surprises Byul with a room full of polaroids of her. More »

During a recording of Happy Together, it was revealed that 2PM member Taecyeon’s personality changes when women are around. In the words of Nichkhun, “If women are around, Taecyeon becomes bright and cheery all of a sudden, and overacts.” More »

SNSD has been successful with their Japanese promotions, their Japanese singles “Gee” and “Genie” has received a lot of love from their Japanese fans and from their International fans as well. Their success has marked another great achievement in their career and to share their hallyu experience they met with some reporters recently to share their Japanese experience, views and opinions with their huge success and on becoming the new Hallyu Leaders. More »

Today’s song of the day, courtesy of kpoplover1215, features KAT-TUN’s “Real Face.” Marking the debut single of the group, this song is a mix of pop and rock that, with its catchy bass and drums background, tries to make the “west side, east side, put your hands up!” Although Jin Akanishi is no longer in the group as of 2010, fans can reminiscent back to their debut days with the song below. More »

On this week’s episode of SBS’s Strong Heart, 2NE1’s Sandara Park explained her honest feelings toward fellow YG family member, Big Bang’s Taeyang. More »

Recently BEAST revealed that they will be releasing their 4th mini album,“Lights Go On Again“ on November 9th. Well now a teaser for their upcoming title track,”BEAUTIFUL“, has been released. More »

While the company is not mentioning Co-Ed specifically for safety purposes, we already know that a Co-Ed member was accused of extortion and rape from a female netizen. Now, the agency has come out stating that they will be taking legal action against ‘unfounded’ allegations. More »

- A+ A+ Get in on this AUTOGRAPHED Y album by MBLAQ - hurry up and enter before it’s too late!

- Find quick entertainment in Qrossfire, which also received a better than average review score.

- AILI has just released a PV for her new single, “Memories Again” with m-flo’s Verbal - they sound really great!

- Wanting some pearly whites for a decent price and without having to visit the dentist? Check out if the Dentist’s Teeth Whiter is for you and your to-be perfect smile.

- Personalized Hello Kitty cards and calenders are available for a pretty sweet deal.

- Definitely something I haven’t seen before, the 8Pen Android keyboard takes typing to its own level.

- It almost looks like they were styled from the same closet (though it is a cute dress), but there can only be one winner - who wore it better, Kim or Ciara?

Being productive and finishing early - What was the highlight of your day? More »

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