While SNSD’s Japanese promotions are in full swing, SM Entertainment recently updated the girls’ homepage with a few concept photos, plus a really short audio teaser to their comeback Korean single. Take a look below! More »

Listen up, JYJ fans! We’re giving away one JYJ - The Beginning Album to one lucky person. Entering to win is super simple — read one for the details: More »

From Rekuru: Famous Japanese actor Mukai Osamu revealed through his blog that he was going to start shooting for another movie on. He recently finished filming his part in “Paradise Kiss,” (one of the most anticipated Japanese movies) and it will be released spring of 2011. More »

Today’s photo of the day, courtesy of mmsamii, features an asian baby awaiting a phone call from his toy phone. The caption in Tagalog roughly translates to English as, “Bad day, my babe takes forever replying!” With cute chubby features and a determined facial expression, hope he gets what he’s waiting for soon! More »

Last week we launched an F’n Giveaway of U-Kiss’ Break Time Album. That giveaway has since ended and now it’s time to announce the lucky winner. Drum roll, please. More »

Recently, 2NE1’s Sandara Park uploaded a picture of herself and the other 3 members of 2NE1 wearing their newly designed 2NE1 hoodies. Sandara, being the me2day queen we know, took some time to upload the picture with her other members. I can already guess hundreds and thousands of Blackjacks already adding this hoodie to their Christmas lists. I personally love the hoodie as well and wouldn’t mind having one for myself. More »

The ladies of miss A are currently promoting their latest single “Breathe” (not to be mistaken with B2ST’s “Breath”) and recently were on Sukira Radio to get that single some air-play. While on the show, singer Suzy revealed that she would like to get closer to SHINee’s Taemin. Uh, girl, get in line. More »

2PM recently came back with their album ‘Still 2PM‘ and it has been climbing various music charts. 2PM’s music video for ‘I’ll Be Back‘ has also been very popular and fans are digging the treadmill dance. Now 2PM personally teaches the I’ll be back dance to you so you can learn it easily. More »

Congratulations to parkhaeri for correctly answering the previous Trivia question, “Why did Super Junior’s Eunhyuk stop making appearances on Star King?” with He stopped making appearances on Star King in order to improve on his dancing. For answering within 10 minutes, she receives an EXP speed bonus of 25 points! Playing Trivia is simple: Be the first person to answer the trivia question correctly and win 100 EXP points! Today’s trivia question is courtesy of karens2: More »

On the recent episode of Inkigayo, SHINee took hold of the number one spot with their latest single “Hello.” After the show, the boys took time to share a few words of gratitude to their fans. More »

With a lot of artists in Asian entertainment, sometimes we cannot keep track of who is releasing what and when. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most anticipated releases in this week. The title of each release links to you to YesAsia for more information or for preorder, because YesAsia is of course the best and most convenient place to order Asian entertainment online. More »

With his comeback just right around the corner, Korean rapper PSY is diligently working hard to impress fans after a four year hiatus from the music industry. Now working with the wonderful and fierce people over at YG Entertainment, this comeback is sure to create a splash! A teaser for the title track, “Right Now,” has just been revealed! More »

Korea’s fastest rapper Outsider has announced that there will be a rapping duo under his label, Blockbuster Records. The two rappers, Jibang and Deffinite, are his friends and he says that they will not disappoint with their delivery. Outsider states that the duo will debut in November. More »

Today’s video of the day, courtesy of kuroii, features Dixie Flatlines feat. Megurie Luka “Just Be Friends.” A catchy elecro pop track, although cheery and colorful, the lyrics are about a love that is dissapitating and the couple thinking “It’s time to say goodbye.” More »

Some adorable past photos of Wonder Girls members Sohee and former member Sunmi have been revealed. The two girls are making adorable faces and it really shows their innocence. More »

Congratulations to user Hikaru97 for correctly guessing the previous Video Still with T.O.P - Turn It Up. Below is the original video. More »

Kaba Modern, who a lot of you might recognize from the US dance show “America’s Best Dance Crew” recently participated in the dance showcase Enkore, dancing to some fantastic tunes, and ending their performance with none other than 2NE1’s ‘Can’t Nobody.’ Check it out! More »

SNSD member Jessica has recently attracted a large amount of attention and has been praised for her legs. Former Fin.KL member Ok Ju Hyun updated her personal Twitter account with a picture of Jessica in a store. Jessica was sporting a casual look with a top and cardigan, flats and shorts that showed her gorgeous legs. More »

More SM love is being revealed through photos with Chinese sport brand Eithtoo’s new pictures featuring part of the SM family- SHINee, f(x) and Zhang Liyin after the Eithtoo clip and making of CF was revealed. More »

At 2PM’s recent Galaxy U Mini Concert one lucky fan was able to receive a special surprise from Wooyoung….a kiss on the forehead! At the concert 6 random fans were chosen from the audience and got the opportunity to go up on to the stage. The six fans, according to fan accounts, were then able to spin a wheel with the members of 2PM’s faces on it. The lucky fan that spun Wooyoung was able to receive a kiss on the forehead from him. More »

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