Congratulations to user CROKORG for correctly guessing the previous Voice Snippets game with Big Bang’s G-Dragon. Voice Snippets is a blog game in which you listen to a voice snippet and post your guess of who the voice belongs to. The first person to guess correctly will receive 100 EXP points. More »

From Wirebot: Contrary to its uninviting name, Study Hall is a fun, quick flash game that’ll cure any case of boredom. Study Hall is very simple. There are four pencils, each a different color, that you rotate using the left and right arrow keys and a ball that you have to keep in the middle. Bounce the ball against the pencil that matches the color of the ball; that’s all there is to it. Bounce it against the wrong pencil and the pencil will shorten, making it easier for the ball to escape the box, but bouncing it against a shortened pencil correctly will make it longer again. When you’re spinning out of control, use the space bar to slow down. More »

From Rekuru:

It was only last year that Arashi member Aiba Masaki was appointed Field Navigator for the Gymnastics Japan Cup 2009 AND World Artistic Gymnastics Championships 2009. Well, once again, Aiba-chan will be the navigator for the 2010 Artistic Gymnastics world Championships! Congratulations Aiba!! He will be the official navigator for Fuji Television’s coverage of the championships, which will be held in the Netherlands. More »

Japanese pop singer Namie Amuro has recently been on her “namie amuro PAST < FUTURE tour 2010″ and gracing stages with her beautiful presence and voice. Well, it looks like the next concert stop in Tokyo is going to have to be postponed, because the singer has developed a bad case of chorditis! More »

MBLAQ members Mir and Thunder have recently got a chance to endorse a curry brand. The two members have their own versions. Thunder clicks and winks for his CF and Mir looks up and smiles while saying “Indeli.” Even if it was only 6 seconds of each of the boys, it was darn adorable. More »

… probably not, but an interesting report by a Japanese tabloid magazine has recently reported that the actress Fukada Kyoko and the singer Utada Hikaru are indeed “seeing each other.” What that means is totally up to you, though. Keep reading for the juicy details! More »

2AM’s Changmin recently uploaded his twitter with a picture of him when they was younger! And he was wearing a little marine outfit! So cute!! It looks just like him, I swear. More »

From Wirebot: Space is so vast that there are more than a gazillion stars out there. It wouldn’t matter if we plucked some of them right? Well Casual Space demands that it doesn’t, but there are strange creatures out there that think otherwise. More »

Singer Jay Park is in another magazine, this time he poses in Allure. Flaunting his hot body once more, Jay gives a strong impression while wearing boxing gear and posing topless. The concept was ‘Challenge to become a champion‘ and Jay Park matches it perfectly. More »

South Korea’s girl next door, Younha, recently released her comeback digital single, One Shot. Featuring a new badass rocker concept, Younha commented that she wanted to leave an impression on the Korean audience with this “experimental” style. Well, she’s finally back, because she recently made her official comeback on M! Countdown! More »

SNSD member Jessica seems to be enjoying the spotlight after releasing her solo song ‘Sweet Delight.’ Now there is a rumor that she has joined Twitter and has followed 2AM’s Jo Kwon, The Grace’s Dana and actress Park Min Young. Each of them are following her back. More »

Brown Eyed GirlsGa-In recently released her solo MV, “Irreversible.” It has been getting some good feedback, especially for her first solo adventure and also for the intense storyline. Here you can see a bit more of what went on while they filmed the MV. More »

Earlier this week, Korean rapper PSY released a new track from his upcoming fifth album, PSYFIVE. Well, as promised, he has released yet another track to tease fans! The song is called “THANK YOU” and features the flawless vocalist Seo In Young. More »

Congratulations to user Kamilla for correctly guessing the previous Video Still with Gummy - I’m Sorry. Below is the original video. More »

After going through some major changes, such as making Boram a leader and adding one more member, KPOP idol group T-ara is ready to make a comeback! More »

Recently in Seoul, South Korea, JYJ held their first “New Album Showcase Tour 2010.” During the interview, Yoochun revealed that he likes rookie KPOP group miss A. More »

Korean soloist Navi is famous for her powerful and smooth R&B-esque vocals. Well, the girl showed off her pipes recently on Park Myung Soo’s Date Radio, doing a cover of one of 2NE1’s newly released tracks, “It Hurts.” More »

The MR removing craze is back and this time Ga-In’s performance of ‘Irreversible‘ has been chosen to be MR removed. Fans are impressed by Ga-In’s vocals. She sings a majority of her lyrics combined with complicated dance moves, pretty amazing. More »

Today’s song of the day, courtesy of yayitsmercy, features BoAs feat. Miura Daichi “Possibility.” Track 11 off her 7th Japanese Album “Identity,” this collaboration has sweet voices singing about a breakup that shouldn’t have happened, showing their regret just with their line of “why did we say goodbye.” More »

Japan has done it again! Everyone all over the world has been experimenting with making robots, and Japan recently managed to come up with a fembot (HRP-4) that is capable of observing someone’s lips and imitating him/her. More »

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