Famous Korean power couple, Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young, finally became parents after getting married on May 2nd of this year. They welcomed their first child on October 4th at Kangnam Hospital in Seoul. More »

From Girlybubble: Who would have thought leggings would return from the fashion graveyard to make such a bang? Not me, that’s for sure, yet I’ve also fallen victim to said fad. Enter these Print Leggings from women’s brand Beccgirl. The paint-splatter was what first drew my attention to them, and its originality was what made me happy to have gotten them. More »

Ningin Majority is a simple game. We ask a question, you guys answer it. The most popular answer, aka the majority answer, gets 25 EXP points for those that gave a majority answer. More »

It’s been more than a year since 2NE1 last made an appearance on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook. Well, the group recently made another appearance to promote their latest album To Anyone. More »

Idol group Big Bang and fictional cartoon creatures Smurfs have teamed up to endorse LG’s newest phone ‘Optimus One.’ The CF’s feature this insanely annoying yet addictive song that just sings ‘La la la la la la la, Optimus One’ all through the video. More »

U-KISS has without a doubt, kept their fans very happy today with their one after another teaser releases. Now, once again, they have released a teaser for their ‘Shut Up!’ MV More »

Comedian Wang Biho ultimately has his way with most pop stars in Korea. This time, he took on 2NE1 and joked about their comeback, their music and a few other things. Read on to hear his jokes. More »

From Girlybubble: I recently received this Oversized Knit Top courtesy of YesStyle, and I’m still having mixed feelings over it. Made by 59 Seconds, the color in the picture turned out to be much lighter than what the actual fabric hue was. Army Green, I should have seen this coming. More »

From Girlybubble: Cardigans, cardigans, cardigans. A wardrobe-must that I’ve been lacking for many years, and a layer of comfort that has long been anticipated. After receiving this Long-Sleeve Cardigan, courtesy of YesStyle, I mentally berated myself for not getting one sooner. Its soft cotton material and rich purple color make it easy and comfortable to wear…anywhere! More »

Goodbye to a Super September and hello October, home to Christopher Columbus day, Leif Erikson Day, and who can forget, Halloween! This week was about finishing a great month and starting another great month so let’s start by congratulating outnumbered team Jo Kwon on their fantastic 5-1 win against team Heechul. Another congratulations must be awarded to team Tiffany for a massive 6-1 win against team Lee Joon. More »

From Swandiary: Results for last week’s Let Me In pin game are in! The film closed in at a 86% Rottentomatoes score, which is an amazing score! The consensus states, “Similar to the original in all the right ways — but with enough changes to stand on its own — Let Me In is the rare Hollywood remake that doesn’t add insult to inspiration.” Let’s give it up for the winners of this pin game. More »

From Rekuru: Big-time Johnny’s Entertainment group Arashi is back in the music scene with yet another single! Dear Snow will be used as the theme song for Arashi member Ninomiya’s newest movie, Ohoku. More »

As the last episode of My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox came out, I am sure a lot of you guys wondered what happened,right? Well, read below for the highlights of the last episode: (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT) More »

From Ziggytek: Results for The Social Network Pin game are in! The film closed in at a 97% Rottentomatoes score, boy are the critics in love! More »

A little known fact about Japanese pop music queen Ayumi Hamasaki is that she dropped out of high school back during her student days. Although it’s always been a point that anti-fans have pointed out, it looks like Ayumi just got fed up when a follower brought it up on Twitter! More »

Update no. 3 of KPOP Idol-Off match, with Sungmin (Super Junior) vs. Nickhun (2PM). Team Nichkhun is holding down the lead with a score of 5-2. Don’t get too comfortable — there’s still time in the match for things to turn around for Team Sungmin. Read on for the full details. More »

It was reported that Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-In would go solo and to do so, she even went to Australian to film for her music video. There has not been much news about Ga-In’s solo promotions but just recently, Inkigayo released a teaser for Ga-In’s solo. There is also a audio preview included in the teaser. More »

Idol group U-KISS has just recently officially released the full audio for all the songs excluding ‘Before Yesterday‘ in their new fourth mini-album ‘Break Time‘. The teasers for the songs were just released hours ago and to make fans happy, they quickly follow up with full releases. Check out the songs below. More »

0You’ve seen miss A member Min’s bad girl photos on Myspace already but the recent past photos have attracted even more attention from fans. The photo shows a younger and sexier Min with long brown hair and a voluptuous body. Min has not shown her fans this kind of sexiness before and people who have seen the photo are very impressed. More »

Idol group 2NE1 was recently a guest on KBS show ‘Win Win‘ and during their interview, the four girls described the process in which a male has to go through in order to officially date a member of 2NE1. The process includes four steps and each of them are quite terrifying. More »

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