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From Girlybubble: The San Diego Comic Con has been pretty much everywhere in the news this past week with so many big entertainment companies looking to promote their shows, games, what have you. But not enough attention was paid to the cute people and costumes there! In an effort to change that, I sifted through almost tons of photos and found 15 that pass my cuteness threshold. So enjoy!~ More »

It’s SoHee’s b-day one month ago today! She turned 17. Wow she’s young… Well she looks like she’s having fun in this photo and she looks so adorably cute as always.

I thought this was good story. Our favorite Ninja Assassin, Rain, was playing soccer with actual Manchester United players and some other kids from a local charity. That’s one interesting way to promote your upcoming movie.

From Girlybubble: I don’t know if I would wear this around, but this snowbunny print handbag is undeniably super cute! It’s from the Harajuku Lover’s line - the same one that Gwen Stefani created shortly after she kidnapped four Japanese girls to be her backup dancers - that features a rainbow koosh ball charm and pink, nylon straps. The snowbunnies are actually the Harajuku Girls in snowbunny outfits. The cost is $78 US so it’s a bit pricey. But it’s something I wouldn’t mind having in my possession ^^ More »

From Girlybubble: I’m not much of a morning person. If coffee was never found, I don’t think I’ll be able to wake up. But if I had my coffee and tea served in these cute Japanese mugs, I think I would look forward to my mornings. Cuteness just makes the day a little brighter after all! More »

From Girlybubble: What do you get the person who has the cutest things? Well I bet that person doesn’t have this kawaii soap dispenser! Unless she got it before it sold out. Yes, my cute-seeking readers, I can’t seem to find anywhere online that sells these kawaii, pink soap dispenser with a little pink cute version of Sponge Bob inside. If you can find them let me know, because I have a friend that would die for something like this! More »

From Girlybubble: I was never one to get too crazy with my nails. I think it’s because I was always kinda clumsy and would break my name on something or would cut gashes in my ex-boyfriends. What I liked about nail art is that there’s so many things you can do. You can see so many creative little things in this small Japanese collection: fruits, teddy bears, and of course Hello Kitty. All this goes to show that Japan just makes everything cuter!~ More »

How many of you don’t know the star of the hit kdrama, Coffee Prince, Yoon Eun Hye? She’s going to be the leading lady of another soon to be hit kdrama, My Fair Lady. With that honor comes a Korean Vogue shoot which she is totally rocking!

From Girlybubble: I’m having a hard time imaging the possible uses? Is there a strip bar somewhere in Japan where the strippers wear theses? Are there people with actual Hello Kitty fetishes? I really can’t imagine… Hello Kitty race cars, Hello Kitty beers, even Hello Kitty condoms, but this? To each their own I guess… More »

Seems like forever since I’ve done one of these. After getting a copy of FT Island’s new album (thanks Hoc!), I’m starting to fall in love with their voice. Yes this summer is being dominated by girl bands, but ladies, you need to check these guys out if you haven’t already!

From Girlybubble: I can already foresee this being a regular series. Our Asian fanatics readers would recognize these oh so pretty boys from the popular KPOP group SHINee. (For some reason I feel like watching Twilight right now.) I don’t know if it’s the hair, the pose, the face, or the fact that they’re all cuddling in bed together, but I’m very drawn to this photo. With all of that in the photo and their naturally light skin, my brain is interpreting them as angels. And maybe there are. Vogue really has the best photographers in the world. More »

From Girlybubble: Free stuff alert! Someone was kind enough to upload these adorable little Japanese Kokeshi doll vectors for people to use. Their kimonos are so cute aren’t they? Vectors are cooler than normal images because you can resize them indefinitely and it won’t look pixelated. If anyone uses these in a website or an artwork please let me know! You can download them from Vecteezy. More »

From Girlybubble: Lately I’ve had such a craving for desserts. This always happens to me around the summer. But as you all probably know desserts can be a hassle to make. I definitely can’t stand being in a hot kitchen during the summer. So I spent last night looking for some easy to make desserts that are also light and pretty to look at. Pretty food just tastes better, everyone knows that!

Japan has amazingly cute desserts. Like anmitsu, or desserts made with agar jelly, ice cream and fruits. [Recipe]

More »

Being an idol sure has its perks! 4Minute, for example, gets to be ambassadors to some obscure convention where they get to play with what’s quite possibly the world’s cutest stuff animals. Given that they’re cute themselves and it’s like cute heaven!

From Girlybubble: I’ve been kinda on this search for the next laptop of mine. My old Dell is a few years old now and it’s only fitting that I get something super kawaii to go with my new job of blogging for Girlybubble. Sanrio, slave driver of the Hello Kitty trademark, does not disappoint. A simple Google search shows at least six variations of a Hello Kitty laptop! Each seem to be around $1500 hundred and only sold in limited numbers. This feels like an impulse buy so I guess I’ll wait till Girlybubble becomes more popular… More photos after the jump.More »

From Girlybubble: AKB48 is this JPOP band that has 48 female members! It’s more accurate to say that they’re three groups in one with each having 16 members. 16 x 3 = 48. Each group is designated Team A, Team K, and Team B. Hence the name AKB48. That isn’t the interesting part. This idol group also does theater shows once a week. I kid you not! And of course their poster is sooooo kawaii! Youtube videos after the jump. More »

Rain is still alive and doing well even though he decided to turn down Megan Fox. Still don’t know what he was thinking about Megan Fox. If she asked me out I would say yes and I’m not a lesbian! Ok that’s another story. Let’s focus on photos of Rain at the Asia Dream Concert. And don’t forget to check out my Girlybubble stuff if you’re into cute, girly things ^^

From GirlyBubble: Pandas have never been a lucky group of bears. This picture demonstrates why. They’re still soooooooo OMG cute tho ^_^ More »

I think I’m going to dedicate today’s favorites to hot guys. Or at least half of this post anyway. We’ll start with 2PM and their new robin hood looks. The photo isn’t related to the story much, but you might want to click through and see a short video of 2PM dancing with 4minute. Not sure who decided to match these two chronological-themed groups together but the new name of the combine group is 2:04 pm. ^^

Netbooks are all the rage right now. This is especially true of designer netbooks. I’ve seen Vienna Tam work with HP to produce some as promo from her fashion line. I’ve seen artists and athletes come out with their own design. Naturally, Japanese companies are going to get in on this and make the most adorable and cutest ones - like this Rilakkuma (relax bear) model. And it could be all yours for about $800 US!

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