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LOEN Entertainment has announced the comeback of Sunny Hill. More »

Brown Eyed Girls have had their hit-song “Abracadabra” reach Europe and appear on the big screen in the movie “Les Tuche“. Even though this happened last year, the information has been garnering attention in Korea recently. More »

In 2009, Brown Eyed Girls created a sensation through the KPOP world with their hit “Abracadabra“. Their famous ‘hip-swaying’ dance became insanely popular and the girls experienced a burst of fame. Sales were high for that album and fans absolutely loved it. The girls then went onto a long two year break and finally came back with “Sixth Sense“. More »

Brown Eyed Girls recently stopped by Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook and treated the audience to various performances! The girls performed their new songs “Hot Shot” and “Sixth Sense“, as well as their hit single, “Abracadabra“. More »

Recently, the Brown Eyed Girls were added to the mix of Kpop girl groups debuting in Japan and have now released a short preview of the Japanese version of Abracadabra. More »

Hold on tight, Japan, because a whole lot of K-pop girl power is headed your way next month! Brown Eyed Girls will join the girl group wave and attempt to break into the Japanese market with their hit ‘Abracadabra.’ Will they succeed? More »

The 2010 JYP Tour stopped by the heart of New York at the Roseland Ballroom this weekend for the first leg of its two-stop tour. I was lucky enough to be in attendance, so here’s a recap and overall reflection of my whole concert experience. More »

Ga-In recently uploaded pictures onto her Cyworld minihompy of herself holding onto numerous breeds of puppies! More »

This fanart of the Brown Eyed Girls is so adorable! The girls are all chibi-fied. I especially like the Narsha in this drawing. More »

The girl groups craze of 2009 has shown its lasting effects at the 7th Korean Music Awards, where the judges are known to be unbiased and based their decisions purely on talents. Brown Eyed Girls and SNSD, two of Kpop’s biggest girl groups, grabbed home some awards during that night. More »

It seems the Brown Eyed GirlsAbracadabra is still hot, evidenced by a recent video released from American Eagle. A few of their models were caught on tape doing the “saucy hip dance” and from the looks of it, they’re having fun! Way to spread the k-pop love. More »

In this first segment known as Music Video of the Day I present to you the Brown Eyed Girls! *Applauses in the background* This music video of theirs, titled My Style, dates back before their, I guess I can call it, “sexy stage” (in my mind, however, they were always sexy in their own way). More »

2008 had autotune up the American pie holes with T-Pain, and come 2009 it was forced up the yin yang for all Kpop. Yes, I’m looking at you, G-Dragon! (You’ve got wayyy too many Autotune tracks!) I understand that some songs benefit greatly and listeners marvel with wonder. But after awhile, you come to realize that it’s getting quite old and then there’s a thousand other ways to add effects with vocals without using autotune or melodyne. All songs in 2009 on the radio started to sound exactly the same, and they still do! More »

It appears the transformation is complete. After Abracadabra came out they have progressed towards a more radical and very extreme image. In this video Ga In is bathed in light, with her bangs flowing over to one side as she appears very angelic. Later on Ga In is then trapped into a water tank, suffocating due to lack of oxygen. More »

Hottie alert: Ga-In! I totally don’t care if she watches porn or not. More »

Will it be that hard to determine the top 5 A-pop songs? Not a chance. Boys are made of lice and girls are made of sugar and spice. (Huh, who took over my writing?!) The girl bands seem to pop up as if there was some girl band spawning factory, manufacturing them at an enormous rate equivalent to the breeding of bunnies. More »

Known as a soulful RnB group, Brown Eyed Girls comes back with an edge. The current trend is high energy, edgy dance mixes fused with hard hitting claps and a tight groove. Lady Gaga, 2ne1, Ava, 4minute, BoA and now Brown Eyed Girls etc. have all followed suit. More »

Abracadabra! The Brown Eyed Girls are back! And they are hotter than ever! Recently released are some of their new looks for this comeback album! Very stylish, very different from their previous album looks!

And their Abracadabra song is really good, nice beat and of course beautiful vocals. Check out more pretty pictures and the video after the cut! More »

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