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After School’s UEE seems to be having great success in the acting world after having the main role in the drama ‘Birdie Buddy’ and a role in ‘You’re Beautiful’. Now she will make a surprise appearance on the SBS drama ‘My Girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox‘, which is currently rating very high. More »

After its been reported that another 3 members from After School to remake Orange Caramel’s Magic Girl MV, the filming of the parody has hit the Internet! On the latest episode of Playgirlz School, Gahee, Jungah and Jooyeon made a parody of the sub-group’s MV. More »

After School’s Gahee, JungAh and Jooyeon are going to be filming a remake of Orange Caramel’s Magic Girl MV. More »

Congratulations to user Sunxiahine for correctly guessing the previous Song Snippets game with After School’s Bekah and Raina covering Rihanna’s Please Don’t Stop the Music.The correct answer was Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) - Thank You. Playing Song Snippets is easy: Listen to a snippet of a song and post your guess in the comments below. The first person to guess correctly earns 100 EXP points. More »

After School’s UEE and actor Song Joong Ki have teamed up to star in Chum Churum’s Cool Soju CF campaign. Their promotions for this ad campaign will center around the motto, “Like the first time Cool.” More »

There’s no doubt that KPOP idols have what they would consider their “rivals” in the industry. After School’s Nana admits that there is a certain person that she sees as both her rival and role model. Keep reading for details! More »

Whether it changes your opinion or not, I think it’s pretty safe to say that people generally want to know if a celebrity has gotten plastic surgery. Well, it looks likes After School’s Nana is now under the eye of the public as some older pictures of her have been revealed, showing a very different looking Nana. More »

The underrated Korean girl group After School recently took a day out of their hectic lives to go hang out at Lotte World! Keep reading for more details! More »

On a soon-to-be-aired episode of the popular Korean television show Strong Heart, Pledis Entertainment artist Son Dam Bi revealed that she and After School leader Kahi like to get it on in the club… a secret club! Keep reading for more details! More »

Super rookie Gina also known as G.NA debuted with her hit song “I’ll back off so you can live” featuring BEAST’s Junhyung. Gina debuted only a month or so ago and she has already risen to the top of the Korean music industry. Gina displayed her modesty by saying, “I can’t be satisfied with only this,” “I still believe that I have a long way to go.” and constantly saying “Thank you. I will work hard.” More »

After School’s UEE recently shot photos for Yetts Fall 2010 campaign. UEE did a lot of magazine photoshoots in the past, but she never took this many photos before! All the After School and UEE fans out there, this might be a great chance to rediscover how GORGEOUS this girl is. This totally refutes the previous post about how fat UEE is because looking at these photos, she is nothing but SKINNY. More »

August is finally here, and it’s time for another roundup of this week’s tweets on Twitter from your favorite celebrities! More »

The After School sub-group Orange Caramel is finally putting an end to the promotions of their “Magic Girl” song. The girls said goodbye to their faithful (male) fans today on MBC Music Core. Keep reading to check it out! More »

After School is one of the hottest girl bands in Korea right now with eight beautiful ladies. Well, one lucky toddler got to meet the group and bask in the glory of these gorgeous ladies! Keep reading to check out the cuteness! More »

Newly debuted singerG.NA (Gina Choi) revealed previously that she was in a group called Five Girls with After School’s UEE, but she only disclosed recently that she almost joined UEE in After School! More »

The popular Korean girl group After School has recently had their lip-syncing secrets revealed for the entire world to see! A video was recently leaked on a recent episode of Play Girlz that shows the girls clearly lip-syncing. Don’t worry. It’s not what you think. Keep reading to relieve your anxiety! More »

After School’s Lizzy suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on a recent episode of After School’s Playgirlz. One I’m not surprised happened. When wakeboarding is involved, the chances of you losing your garments are pretty high. More »

I have no problem with the way After School’s UEE looks. Recently, however, she wore something that was just too unflattering on her body, which of course caught the eye of netizens who love to a.) state the obvious, and b.) be mean about it. More »

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon may be an ‘Invincible Youth’ due to his strong muscles and solid abs, but even he can’t help but pass out while filming on set. During a KBS ‘Invincible Youth’ preview that aired on July 30th, MBLAQ made a guest appearance on a tractor and showed off their dancing skills. However, Lee Joon suddenly lost consciousness and fainted, causing the filming crew to panic. More »

Even with phones apps and our constant need to go on the computer every hour or so, you’re bound to miss some Tweets on Twitter from your favorite celebrities! Well, I’m following a couple of idols myself, and every week I’ll try my best to pick out some especially cool Tweets for you guys! More »

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