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The sixth match of KPOP Idol-Off 3 was a fierce battle between 4 idols: D.O vs. Amber vs. Dongwoo vs. Taeyeon. Awesome KPOP album and poster prizes courtesy of KpopHeaven were at stake. Let’s find out which team won. More »

In a few hours, at the stroke of midnight, we’ll begin the eighth match of Kpop Idol-Off Season 3! We’ve divided teams equally among all the sign-ups, trying our best to give preference to people’s first choices. Ready to see which Kpop Idol you’ll be representing? More »

Are we ready for some Kpop Idol Off!? The next match will feature D.O (EXO-K) vs. Amber (f(x)) vs. Dongwoo (INFINITE) vs. Taeyeon (SNSD). Which idol are you going to represent? Read on for the details on how to sign up! More »

f(x)’s Amber has gotten herself a Weibo account! And she wants you to follow her, so like Super Junior M’s Henry, our favorite llama is singing a song…the “Follow My Weibo” song with her friends…and Henry. More »

Just last week, it was announced by clothing brand SPAO that f(x) would be joining Super Junior as the new endorsers for its Fall 2012 campaign. More »

f(x)’s Victoria, Luna and Amber may be preparing for their Japanese promotions, they recently made an appearance through a photoshoot for Chinese online media company, SINA. More »

Looks like Super Junior will be teaming up with some new ladies for the upcoming SPAO photoshoot. More »

Have nothing better to do for the weekend? Then perhaps you may want to join f(x)’s Amber, who has been ‘chillaxing’ with Victoria and Krystal. More »

SBS‘ “To The Beautiful You” has started and f(x)’s Luna is cheering on Sulli and SHINee’s Minho through her me2day! More »

It’s a difficult question! A question that could change your life! And f(x)’s Amber just can’t decide…milk tea or lemon tea? More »

f(x)’s Amber is super excited about BoA’s “Only One” physical album release! So excited that she thought the album released a day earlier than expected! Oops. hehehe. More »

M! Countdown has shared an amusing clip featuring Super Junior’s evil maknae Kyuhyun and f(x)’s tomboy Amber. More »

f(x)’s Amber recently signed herself up for Twitter and gained many followers within a few hours. She has been updating quite regularly and has shared a new selca that features the group’s vocalist Luna. More »

There are many ways to break the ice when forming a new group or team…some do ice breakers, some hang out, some chat… In f(x)’s case…they fart. More »

One lucky fan has managed to get a picture with f(x)’s Amber in what appears to be backstage of a music show, but look who decided to pop in on the fun. More »

f(x)’s Amber is known for being a tomboy and sporting her short do…, but have you ever wondered what Amber would look like with long hair? Well…here’s an idea! More »

f(x) recently appeared on Mnet’s “The Beatles Code 2” and revealed that they ride public transportation…and for Amber, she rides it quite frequently. More »

Sometimes being the first person to arrive at a party is a bit awkward…and it looks like Super Junior’s Eunhyuk had that same feeling when he was the first to arrive at SNSD’s Seohyun’s 22nd birthday party. More »

Bring on the weird concepts, SM. Super Junior is set to release 6th album Sexy, Free & Single on July 1st, and just like the previous day, SM has gifted fans with not one but two teasers, this time with Yesung. More »

f(x) recently made their return to the music scene with second mini-album Electric Shock and the ladies posed for an adorable selca during MV shooting. More »

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