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f(x)’s Amber and miss A’s Jia are known for their close friendship and the two displayed that once more as Jia went to pay Amber a visit during her group’s comeback stage. More »

It looks like f(x) has gained a new member. In a concept way, that is. More »

And the last batch of f(x)’s concept photos have arrived! We’ve already seen concept photos for Krystal, Victoria, and Sulli but the time has come for us to see Luna and Amber’s transformations for ‘Electric Shock‘. More »

f(x) will be returning to the music scene on June 10th with mini-album Electric Shock and the girls continue to do a job well done by ’shocking’ fans with their new album concept. More »

On June 5th, it was announced, that f(x) would be making a return on June 10th with mini-album Electric Shock and after shocking fans with their weird concept picture (animal masks, but it’s SM, so what’s new?), the girls continue to tease fans by not showing their faces. More »

Well time certainly has flown! It’s been 1000 days since f(x)’s debut and Amber is celebrating on her me2day! More »

With the goal of expanding outside of South Korea, companies no longer look for just star potentials in their home country but have grown to accept those of other nationalities. Nevertheless, appearance is still an important factor More »

MBC’s Korean Music Wave concert passed in San Francisco and it gave old friends chances to meet up. Several of the Invincible Youth family were able to get together. More »

Earlier this year, SHINee’s Jonghyun, Key, and Minho traveled to China with f(x)’s Sulli and Amber to shoot for the summer 2012 collection for Eithoo. More »

Last year, to the sadness of many fans, After School’s Bekah formally announced her withdrawal from the group and ‘graduated’ so she could return to Hawaii to practice her graphic designs skills. More »

f(x)’s Amber is the next idol to congratulate TaeTiSeo on their debut with a quick photo. More »

On April 30th, a showcase for SMTOWN’s upcoming movie I AM was held and most of the SMTOWN artists gathered together for a fun little reunion. The official Twitter for the movie has been slowly releasing pictures of the SMTOWN artists together and now, we get to see SHINee’s Key and f(x)’s Amber together for a picture. More »

f(x)’s Amber may have had to leave Invincible Youth 2 to focus on her group’s impending comeback (to be determined still), but she’s been out and about quite a bit, enjoying her free time before she has to buckle down. More »

f(x)’s Amber has been hanging out with friends quite recently and a new picture of her hanging out has been posted. More »

Fans should be happy that so many pictures of f(x)’s Amber have been surfacing, and her latest photo will have you craning your neck 90 degrees. More »

It’s always fun to see what idols looked like when they were younger and guess what? f(x)’s Amber has shared that joy with fans as she uploaded an adorable baby picture of a certain someone. More »

It’s no secret that miss A’s Min and f(x)’s Amber are good friends and the two have hung out once more, following their adorable picture in the shoe store. More »

A few weeks ago, f(x)’s Amber departed Invincible Youth 2 to prepare for her group’s upcoming comeback (date not finalized yet), but it looks like she has found time to hang out with friends. More »

LG has decided to use SM artists for their latest products and we now have Super Junior and f(x) promoting LG Optimus’s newest phone, the L3. More »

f(x)’s Amber is known for her chill and laidback attitude and personality, which has won her the love and support of fans as well as friendships with many idols. More »

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