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The members of NU’EST recently took part in a press conference, for the release of their second mini album ‘Hello‘, where they revealed their ideal types.

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NU’EST is back with their second mini-album “Hello“, and during their press conference honestly talked about their rivalry with idol group B.A.P., who is also making a comeback this week! More »

Rookie group NU’EST will be making their official comeback on February 13th, and after seeing some tearful teasers from leader JR and maknae Ren, it’s time for the rest of the members to show off their own anguished looks. More »

NU’EST’s Baekho and Ren have joined their labelmates After School’s UEE and Jooyeon in KBS‘ “Jeon Woo Chi” to make their official drama debut. More »

NU’EST have reached their 300th day since their debut, and Baekho is thanking fans on his me2day for all of their love and support! More »

It appears that NU’EST’s Baekho doesn’t want to be outdone by fellow member Ren. More »

NU’EST’s Baekho might want to look out as member Ren appears to be challenging him for social media posts. More »

Ever the chipper and happy guy, NU’EST’s Baekho will make you laugh once more with his funny and adorable message. More »

NU’EST’s Baekho wants a certain member to pay attention to him as he’s not feeling the love at the moment. More »

NU’EST’s Baekho shared his pensive thoughts on December 31st, 2012, the last day of the year. More »

This past Christmas marked a special and blessed event for the CEO of Pledis Entertainment. More »

The 2012 holiday season is drawing fast to a close but you don’t want it to end just yet! After all, you really would like to spend the holidays with your favorite KPOP idols during the holidays, wouldn’t you? Yes, I know you would. I know I would! So without further ado, let’s see which idols you’d want to spend the holidays with! More »

South Korea got hit with its first snow of the season earlier this week and a certain tiger was quite excited about it. More »

ㄴ.ㅇ.ㅅ.ㅌ.s have been waiting patiently for their favorite group to return and it seems that NU’EST is fast approaching a comeback. More »

Rookie boy group NU’EST is currently in Malaysia for a special event with fans. More »

It seems that the CEO of Pledis was the ‘recipient’ of NU’EST’s Baekho’s and Ren’s pepero as the two members posted separate messages of thanks on their respective SNS accounts. More »

November 11th marks Pepero Day in Korea and NU’EST’s leader JR was quite excited for the day, seeing how this is the first time he’s celebrated it as a group. More »

Boy group NU’EST recently departed for Australia to not only meet with fans but to judge the 2012 K-POP Cover Dance Festival. More »

NU’EST has safely returned to Korea after performing in Japan at the Tokyo Dome for K-Dream Live Concert. More »

NU’EST successfully performed as the opening act for K-Dream Live Concert. More »

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