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Actress Bai Ling has quite the reputation for being a Hollywood trainwreck. Or, in other words — a hot mess. She was recently photographed at an event looking decent and covered up. For those of you not familiar with Bai Ling’s fashion, here’s a typical Bai Ling outfit: More »

The hapless victims of Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan can never seem to catch a break. First, their homes in the village were destroyed by Typhoon Morakot. Then, they were visited by the queen of crazies Bai Ling. Villagers, it’s time to slaughter some chicken to appease the local deities. They are probably pissed that you forgot their birthdays. A visit from the crazy is the ultimate sign that you have pissed them off badly. More »

Nicole Richie is tearing her hair out or eating a dozen of Krispy Kreme’s glazed donuts right now. Bitch is probably upset because she just got words that crazy ass  Bai Ling could be her stepmom anytime soon. Yes, some reliable source revealed that crazy Bai and Lionel Richie were on a romantic date at the Viceroy in Santa Monica last week. More »

April 25 marks my one year anniversary of blogging for Ningin.  In this past year, I had blogged 128 entries, and used the word ‘bitch’, ‘bitches’ or ‘bitching’ 105 times. I had also used words like ‘peen’, ‘ho’, ’slut’ or ‘crazy ass’ over a hundred times collectively. If you think my writing is vulgar, try talking to me. Even Drano cannot clean this dirty mouth of mine. You can ask my poor mom about that. She has tried doing that for years but to no avail.

More »

I bet that’s what multi-talented Oscar worthy actress Bai Ling has in her tiny little mind whatever she shows up at an event that has nothing to do with her and poses for the paparazzi.  Bitch thinks she’s hot shit. In fact, she would tell you that had it not been for her talented acting skills, she would be strutting her stuff on the fashion runway and became the highest paid model in the world.  Gisele Bundchen should feel lucky that she chose acting instead. More »

Guys, meet Bobby Trendy, undeniably the biggest Asian freak show. Bitch seems really serious about the famewhore game and would pull out all stop to get the attention of the pappers. Just look at that damn outfit! I bet even Bai Ling would think twice about wearing this. This ensemble is a train wreck and that poor tortured dog he’s holding knows it.  Poor embarrassed pooch has to turn away from the camera and is contemplating a suicide to escape this mess! More »

Ok I have to admit it. I am a fan of the The Home Shopping Network. I don’t give a shit about the products sold there, but I find the people who tout the products (as well as the hosts) highly entertaining. Trust me, there’s no better drunk entertainment than to watch that crazy ass Paula Abdul tout her jewelry collection while on a vicodin high. More »

It feels like 6℉ here in NYC today, but my heart is feeling the warmth, since my favorite bitch of all bitches Bai Ling is back in the news. Yes, bitch was spotted making out with hatchetface Mickey Rourke at the Chateau Marmont in LA the other night. The two were going at it pretty hard, and our Asian ho probably gave fish jerky face here a solid hand job.

I was not planning to watch the Oscars this year, but now I will, since the degree of the red carpet freakshow-ness has been kicked up a notch with Bai Ling potentially making an appearance with her flavor of the month, the soon-to-be Best Actor nominee Mickey Rourke (for The Wrestler). I love this union! It takes a lot of courage to wake up next to Mickey every morning, but I have no doubt that our bitch can stomach it. She has seen worse.

Ok, please mark this under I-Bet-It-Hurts-More-Than-Getting-My-Balls-Kicked, some 39 year-old Thai woman named Kanchana Kaetkaew, who is also known as the “Scorpion Queen“, has set a Guinness World record by putting a scorpion in her mouth for over two minutes. Her royal Scorpionida-highness carried out this weird feat in Pattaya and was assisted by her husband, Bunathawee Siengwong. Interestingly, her hubby is known as the “Centipede King“. The two were married in a haunted house on 2006. Hmm, wanna take a guess at what food items they served their guests at their wedding reception? I bet this was the liquor of the evening. More »

Aw.. who knew the ultimate Asian Freakshow could talk politics? Bai Ling attended the opening of “Third Eye Blonde” last week and had to show off her tiger tattoo in front of the camera. The reporter then asked her who should be the president. She first said that she’s not familiar with the two candidates (I bet she doesn’t even know what their names are) and said the president would need to have “a bigger heart, a kinder soul and a pure intention”. She’s not sure if either candidate has these qualities. Wow, who knew Bai Ling could give her answer with such common sense!? I always thought she could only speak slut language.

She went on to say that she should run for president. If she was president, she would “demolish all the countries.” Bitch thinks countries creates war and boundaries. Bai oh Bai, do you not know that you cannot run for prez since you were not born here? Maybe you can try and seduce two-thirds of all the old geezers in the Senate and House of Rep. and have them amend the right of who can run for President. If this is amended, I would very much like to see a Bai Ling/Tila Tequila ticket. Together they will outslut the opposite party and wear practically nothing at the Presidential debates. You know the first thing they will do upon winning the election is to legalize prostitution. They have to take care of their friends there. More »

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